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Karen, or ‘K’ as she now thought of herself, sat in the passengers seat and batter her fake eyelashes as she let out a small giggle as James’ hand snaked down between her thighs.

Of course she spread her legs, pushed her tits out and through her head back as a the giggle was followed up with a moan as she gave him full access to her body.

His fingers brushed up against her pussy lips and her hands found her large fake tits, squeezing them under the outfit that barely contained them.

“Perfect K, nice and wet.” he said as his hand moved away and K’s whole body slumped, disappointed the attention was over.

K liked being called perfect, James had done so much work on her to make her that way over the last several months and she was proud she had done it for him.  The blonde hair, the lip injections, the breast implants, the butt implants and all the workouts to get her waist down to the perfect size for him.

Before closing her legs, her own fingers dipped in to her moist pussy and she sucked on them with her over inflated lips.  Finally she pulled her fingers out with a pop and a giggle before straightening herself up again.

“So, hum, like where are we going again?” she managed to get out before the thought escaped her again.

“Don’t worry K, we’re going somewhere fun.” he responded.

“Oh!  I like, totally like fun!” she said before she devolved in to a fit of giggles.

A while later they pulled up to a large house and he lead her in to it.

He held his arm around her waist, his hand on her firm ass, as they walked in to a large study where an older man was sitting behind a desk.

“James, so good to see you.”

“Always a pleasure Mr. Tomlin.” James responded.

“And this must be K?” the older man said.

K immediately perked up and smiled, “Like hi!  I’m K! *giggle*”

The man came from behind the desk and approached them, James held out his hand and then gave Mr. Tomlin a small bottle of liquid.

“So just apply this and that’s it?”

“Pretty, much.  Well of course, you’ll have to give her a good fucking each day for the first week or so.  After that you should be able to go at your own pace.”

K looked confused at James, her wide vacant eyes had a tint of fear in them.

He just smiled at her and everything seemed so much better.

“Now K, this is the nice gentleman I told you about, I expect you to do everything he wants.  Understood?”

“Hummm, like totally!” she chirped back.

James walked out of the study and she smiled at Mr. Tomlin as he popped the top from the bottle of liquid and placed a few drops of it in to his hand.  After re-closing the bottle, her rubbed his hands together and then reached forward and took her face in to them.

A sudden warmth flooded over her and she pushed forward, her plump lips meeting his, her tongue pushed in to his mouth as she pressed her body up against his.

When he finally broke it, he twisted her around and she immediately pushed her ass back in to his crotch as he pulled her dress down and his hands grabbed hold of her tits.  The warmth burst forth from her chest and she slide up and down his crotch with her ass, her mind lost in the need to feel his touch on her body.

He guided her over to the coach, pushed her over the arm of it and exposed her dripping wet pussy before burying himself in to it.

James heard the sounds of passion coming from behind the study doors and nodded to himself.  He’d like K quite a lot, but in the end it was time to move on and with the new VP of R&D at the company looking into his division, he was able to kill two birds with one stone.

In a week, she wouldn’t even remember his name and Mr. Tomlin would have a perfect fuck toy to use as he pleased.