Beatrix held up the phone and snapped a selfie, the flash making her blink several times and ruining the picture.  She deselected the flash and took another, this time getting it right.  She looked at the result, her plastic baton almost looked like it was resting between her tits and she smiled at the thought of it sliding up and down between the over inflated beach balls that were stuck to her chest.

She shook her head and managed to get the image out of her mind, focusing instead on her assignment.  It had taken so long to gain the trust of the escort agency and she’d changed so much to get it, she couldn’t blow it now that her big break was finally here.

Beatrix set the phone down and double, triple, checked her makeup as she leaned in, the small strips of double stick tape doing all they could to hold the shiny outfit to her tits.  The tape pulled at her nipples and they somehow managed to harden even more until she couldn’t take it any more and she pulled back from the mirror, relieving the stress on her nipples but not the stiffness in them.

As she fiddled with her ‘uniform’ her mind drifted back to over a year ago when she’d been given the undercover assignment.  The top crime family in the city was untouchable, they were incredibly careful but they had one weakness.  They ran an upscale escort service and were known to “sample” the best talent repeatedly.  Her job was to infiltrate the service and get close to Paul, the mid-brother of the family.

She’d spent the first few months desperately trying to get in with the other girls she knew had Paul as a client, but her muscular frame, small chest and simple style made that impossible.  They all wore heavy makeup, skimpy outfits and had large implants.  She remembered thinking that they looked like real sluts at first, but when she overheard Suzi, one of Paul’s girls, talking about how much he liked her “look”, Beatrix knew she’d have to make some changes to break the case.

And she was determined to break it, an undercover sting of this size would make her career, get her promoted to detective faster than anyone before her and put her in the public eye.  If she played her cards right she knew she could be the police commissioner within 5 years.

So she’d done the only thing she could think of, she waited until she managed to get Suzi alone and she’d broken down crying.  One of the unwritten rules in the escort service was that the girls looked out for each other and none of them would ignore a sobbing sister in need.  Beatrix had been right and Suzi and quickly put an arm around her and tried to comfort her.

Minutes later, after Beatrix laid out a fake story about desperate to keep working at the agency and a bad night with one of the customers, Suzi was promising to help in any way she could.  The first thing Suzi had done was take her back to Suzi’s room and help her apply a fresh coat of makeup.  Beatrix had never been very proficient with makeup, but Suzi was an expert and wielded the brushes and pencils like knives and soon Beatrix was staring back at a whole new person.

Even more than that though, Beatrix felt “better” somehow.  She hadn’t really been crying or unhappy, but after Suzi had finished her entire body seemed to be tingling and a smile was spread across her lips.

The rest of the day seemed to just fly by and before she knew it she was at home, masturbating to the image of Suzi standing beside her, her newly painted face staring back from the mirror and Suzi whispering something in to her ear.

The next few weeks had seemed to be a blur, she could hardly remember the number of times Suzi had applied her makeup for her, but eventually she started doing it herself, though Suzi was always there to supervise to make sure she got it just right.

By that time they were spending a lot of time together, including going to the gym.  The first time they’d gone, Beatrix had gone straight to the weights and Suzi had been horrified.  Suzi had dragged her right over to the yoga class and then the stationary bikes.  She hadn’t gone to the weights since and her once muscular frame had softened, leaving behind a well toned, but much weaker body.

And then there were the shopping trips, Suzi had introduced Beatrix to a whole world she didn’t know about and soon she had replaced her entire wardrobe.

Suzi had been showing her other things too, things the clients like and as Beatrix learned, she rose up the ranks in the service, getting ever closer to her goal.

Of course she’d had to do things she wasn’t comfortable with at first.  The department had made it clear that what she did with the John’s wasn’t any of their business, but she had assumed some sex would be required.  Blowjobs and missionary had been her plan, but Suze had introduced her to all kinds of other positions and acts.  Each time she tried something new with a client, she moved just a little bit closer to her goal and she knew it.

After three months of having Suzi help her, she’d become one of the most in demand girls at the agency.  As well, she’d become Suzi’s best friend and while Suzi never let slip any secrets about Paul, Beatrix continued to let Suzi improve her look to try and get Paul’s attention.

The day Suzi asked Beatrix to come to the doctor with her Beatrix had eagerly agreed, Suzi had done so much for her and she wanted to repay her in any way she could.  When they’d arrived, Beatrix was surprised to find Suzi’s doctors appointment was with a plastic surgeon.  When they finally saw the doctor Suzi asked about “upgrading” her implants and Beatrix’s jaw almost fell to the ground.  But something else happened too, her pussy started to tingle and a pleasant excitement washed over her.

When the doctor examined Susi’s, already, large implants, he discussed several options and just when Beatrix thought they were done, Suzi had asked him what he thought about Beatrix’s chest.

Another wave of pleasure washed over her and before she could get her bearings again, she found herself naked from the waist up and the doctor examining her small, pert breasts.  Just as she was about to say something, Suzi reached out and squeezed one of her exposed mounds and all thoughts left her mind.  She half remembered saying yes to several questions that Suzi posed to her, but that didn’t matter as wave after wave of pleasure emanated from her breast that Suzi was still squeezing.

That had lead to her first set of implants that the doctor had put in just two weeks after that.  Suzi had insisted Beatrix stay with her until she recovered.  Suzi had been the perfect nurse, tending to her every need and following the doctors instructions perfectly, including the 4 times a day massage of her new breasts.

Those massages had been like heaven, second only to the time Suzi had spent applying her makeup each day.  When Beatrix had returned to work, she’d been so busy that she was turning clients away and increasing her rates.  Suzi had once again been a life saver when she’d shown Beatrix how to give a proper titty fuck, now that she had enough tits to give one of course and when Suzi asked her to join her with a client for a duo session she’d eagerly agreed.

It was a few days after the amazing session with Suzi that Beatrix knew she had finally made progress on the case.  Paul had walked by her in the hallway and instead of just passing her by like every other time, he made eye contact with her.  Well, eye contact would be exaggerating a bit, his eyes made contact with her tits, but that was more than she’d gotten before.

She’d gone right to Suzi, finding her engaged with a client she had done the only thing she could think of and joined in so that Suzi would be finished sooner.  That had turned out to be a mistake though as the man enjoyed watching the two of them make out, Beatrix eating out Suzi’s pussy and finally Suzi using a strap on to fuck Beatrix for nearly 30 minutes.

Once he’d left though, Beatrix begged Suzi to help her more and promised to do everything Suzi wanted.  Suzi gave a half smile half smirk, placed a hand on top of Beatrix’s head and guided her back down to her pussy.

Over the next few weeks, Beatrix moved in with Suzi and Suzi started teaching her all she needed to learn.  Of course there were several more trips to the plastic surgeon, Paul like is girls to look fake and plastic and Beatrix needed a lot of work before she’d be ready for him.  Two more sets of implants, lip injections, raising her cheek bones and sculpting her waist were all painful but each time Suzi took care of her.

Finally, just a week ago, Paul had spotted her by in the hall and pulled her aside.  He’d grabbed her ass, pulled her in close and whispered dirty little ideas to her and her knees had almost buckled right there in the hallway.

When she’d checked her schedule for next week, his name was on it and she’d gone right to Suzi and gushed about how happy she was.  Then she’d made Suzi just as happy by dropping down between her legs and getting to work.

But Suzi had been even more helpful over the last few days, she’d told her exactly how to dress and act for her appointment with Paul and so here she was, standing in front of the mirror with Paul just on the other side of the door.

Her phone went off and she picked it up, a message from Suzi had arrived, “Looking good Officer Trixy!”

Trixy almost started to type a reply but it was time to go and so she set her phone down and opened the door.  Standing beside the best was Paul.

“Excuse me sir, I’m Officer Trixy, can I as you a few questions?” she said as she walked up to him.

“Of course Officer, anything you like.”

“Well sir,” she said pulling her baton and cuffs out from her belt, “I was wondering if you would like to put these cuffs on me before or after you push my baton between my giant jugs of justice?” a wicked smile coming across her lips.

“Oh, before Office, most certainly before.” he said, taking both the baton and cuffs from her hands.

She turned around a placed her hand behind her back, Paul snapped the cuffs around them and then she turned around again.

“Oh very well done sir, I won’t be able to escape with these in place.”

“No, no you wont.” he replied and pushed the baton up between her giant fake tits from below, she tilted her head down and lick the top of it as it approached her lips.

He grabbed her shoulders and twisted her around, then pushed her down on to the bed, the baton still firmly logged between her tits.  He found the zipper for her crotch and pulled it down and all the way around to the front, his hand rubbing against her wet pussy.

“Oh, sir, please be careful!” she said and let out a moan as his fingers returned to her pussy and pushed roughly in to her slit.

“Now Officer Trixy, your a public servant, I expect you to serve and obey as you swore an oath to.” he said, sliding his fingers out and raising them up to land a hard slap on her ass.

“Oh god yes!” she cried out, the pleasure flooding her brain more important than anything he was saying.

She felt his hard dick push up against her we opening and her hips bucked to try and get him inside of her.  When he did slide in the pleasure was like nothing she’d ever felt before.  It was like a thousand orgasm going off but somehow she knew it was nothing in comparison to what was to still to come.

“Tell me Officer Beatrix, do you remember why you are here?”

Beatrix managed to get her head above the haze of pleasure, “Yes… I…” she hesitated, needing to answer but desperate to keep her cover even with all the revelations of the last months flooding in to her mind.  She’d been Trixy for so long she’d managed to somehow lose herself, Trixy had taken over and now here Beatrix was, being fucked by the man she was sent do spy on.  Looking back she could clearly see what Suzi had done, drugging her with the makeup, changing her behaviour and remaking her in to what Paul wanted.

Another hard smack landed her her ass and she let out a gasp, “I’m here to take you down!” she blurted out after the gasp without thinking.

“That’s right, big bad Officer Beatrix, who was sent undercover to trap me is spread out on the bed in front of me with my cock buried in her pussy.” he said, pushing in deep.

A moan escaped Beatrix’s lips as the pleasure washed over her again.

“Just a big titted whore who dressed up in a sexy little police officers uniform, wiggled her ass out here, let me cuff her hands behind her back and push her down on to the bed so I could fuck her any way I wanted to.  Isn’t that right Officer Beatrix?”

Beatrix tried desperately to say no, but his continued assault on her pussy left her only able to beg for more, “Yes… yes… fuck me!” she called out.

Another had slap on her ass almost sent her over the edge but something stopped her.

“Can’t quite get there Officer Beatrix?  All you have to do is tell me who you really are and I’ll let you cum.”

Beatrix rocked back against him as hard as she could, but her orgasm was just out of reach, “I’m Officer Beatrix, I’m here to arrest you.” she said half heartedly.

Another smack landed on her ass, “Really, is that who you really are?”

Beatrix fought as hard as she could, “I… I… I’m Officer… Officer… Trixy.”  She managed to get out as another smack landed on her ass.

“I’m Officer Trixy!  Your big titted whore who dresses up in a sexy uniform so you can fuck me any way you want!” she cried out as the flood of pleasure overwhelmed her resistance and Trixy crashed back in to her mind, pushing everything else out.

Trixy felt Paul cum in her pussy and her own orgasm followed his, she had been right, the orgasm was like staring directly in to the sun.  It burned away everything that wasn’t important, everything that wasn’t Officer Trixy and bathed her in a warmth like she had never experienced before.