Jenny stood at the end of the hallway that lead to her bedroom and looked over at Jim.  She knew he’d heard her come out, her heels had clattered against the hardwood floor and echoed throughout her house.  No, she corrected herself, it wasn’t her house anymore, not since she’d signed the paperwork the transfered everything over to Jim last week.

She fought it as long as she could, he should get up so they could go without her having to say anything!  But she knew he would sit there, watching TV until she spoke and finally she gave in.

“Uhmmm… like Jimmy, I’m totally ready to go!” she squeaked out with her, now, too high of voice.

He turned towards her and she smiled and wiggled her ass and tits as his eyes landed on her.  When she saw his smile, her pussy moistened of its own accord and inwardly she cursed him.

She didn’t know what he’d done to her, but six weeks ago she’d been the CEO of her own startup and he’d been a nobody in the IT department.  Now here she was dressed up like some kind of stripper waiting to go in to the office and take her place at her desk as his secretary!

They didn’t even call them secretaries anymore but he’d gotten a custom nameplate made for her, “Miss Jenny Tolin, Secretary to the CEO”.

And she could hardly stand to think of the meeting when she’d promoted him to CEO, stepping down herself and then him offering the secretary job to her right in front of all the staff.

And that was another thing, the staff.  They’d all just gone along with it!  All the women had started dressing sluttier and the men seemed to be treating them more and more like sluts as the days had gone by.

Just the other day she’d gone in to the girls room to freshen up her makeup and there Becky was, bent over the bathroom counter with Keven pounding her pussy for all he was worth.  How was she supposed to fix her makeup with them sprawled out all over the counter!?!

Jim finally stood up and walked over to her, wrapping his arm around her waist and placing his hand firmly on her ass.  She let out a little squeak of pleasure and wiggled her ass as she fought it with every inch of her will power.

But whatever he’d done had trapped her inside of her own body and it responded to is every whim in just the way he wanted it to.

They walked out to her, no, his car and got in.  They drove down the freeway and Jim leaned his seat back a bit, Jenny’s body knew exactly what to do and leaned over and unzipped his pants.

Her head bobbed up and down on his cock for the rest of the trip on the freeway and she swallowed his load just as they exited it.  She quickly cleaned him up and then flipped down the sun visor and re-applied her makeup.

They pulled in to the reserved parking spot and then entered the building, they were in early as usual and she took her seat and started to do her work.  Work might have been the wrong word for it, but the dildo that was attached to the seat that she was rocking her hips to slide in and out of her pussy seemed like the most important thing for her to be doing at her desk while she watch her computer’s screen save.

She lost track of time but when her phone rang, Jim was on the other end, “Come in here Jenny, time to take some dick-tation.” he said.

“Oh, like right way sir!” Jenny said, finally something that her body and her could both agree on, just how much she loved taking dick-tation.

She licked her lips and headed in to the CEO’s office the single purpose the only thing going around and around in her mind as she dropped to her knees in front of Jimmy.