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Lisa looked around the room and was disappointed, she’d expected a higher class of gentleman to be in attendance and so she’d dressed up for the occasion.  Well, dressed up and dressed down at the same time really, the skimpy black dress which was more lingerie, along with the silk see through gloves and stockings left little to the imagination but it was classy and she expected to draw the majority of the attention.

She’d been to several of these VIP singles billiards parties, it was usually rich men looking for trophy wives that she could take advantage of.  Of course that wasn’t how it had turned out, not only was the party filled with low class men, they were all focused on the blond with the big tits on the other side of the room.

Lisa took another sip of her martini and put the pool cue back in its rack, there was no point staying any longer so she set her drink down and started to walk out.

Just as she passed by the table with the attention stealing blonde on it, she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her over.

“Like hi!  I’m Lacey!” the blonde said and tried to give Lisa a hug.  She just managed to fend Lacey off and was going to leave but Lacey’s hand was still firmly on her arm.

“Ugh… Lisa… could you let go please?”

“Oh come on Lisa, us girls have to stick together!” Lacey said as her eyes darted over to one of the men that seemed to be paying the most attention to her.

Lisa understood, she’d had the same thing happen many times, a guy unable to take a hint.  Lisa smiled, “Well I guess I could stay a little longer.”.

Lisa checked her watch, Lacey seemed to be able to to talk nonstop and it had been hours since she’d first been pulled over in to the conversation.  The men around her didn’t seem to be saying much, but they nodded their heads between stealing looks at Lacey’s cleavage.  She’d tried several times to get Lacey to leave, the stalker was still hanging tight and didn’t look to be in a hurry so it was better that they just left.  But Lacey was apparently unstoppable once she started talking and so she was still there.

Finally Lisa had had enough, she used her thumb to unleash the pin hidden in her ring and slide her hand gengly behind Lacey, holding it just above her round bottom.

“Lacey, why don’t we let these gentlemen play some pool while we freshen up?” she managed to get in edge wise.

“What?  Do you guys want to play pool?” she asked the gathered crowd.

They all shook the heads and quickly said no, before Lacey could say anything else, Lisa pressed her hand firmly against Lacey’s ass and she let out a startled squeak.  It was followed by her eyes dropping and Lacey nearly collapsing in to Lisa’s arms.

“Oh my Lacey, I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink.  If you’ll excuse use gentlemen for a bit, we’ll go get freshened up.

Several offered to help, by Lisa waved them off and guided Lacey in to the bathroom and leaned her against the wall.  Lisa grabbed her purse and started to go through it, she was surprised to find the tools of her own trade.  A few knockout pills along with a few other ways to render a mark unconscious.

“Lacey, why were you here tonight?” Lisa asked.

“Gonna find a rich guy to rob.” Lacey responded as if she was far away.

Lisa leaned in and checked Lacey’s pupils, they were fully dilated, which meant the drug had taken full effect.  She’d use to use the same technique as Lacey, knock out her mark and then take their cash, but she’d gotten lucky a few months ago.  Her mark had turned out to be a scientist that was himself looking for a mark to test his new drug on.  He’d tried to spike her drink but she had spotted his clumsy attempt and switch hers with his.

Under the influence of his own drug he’s spilled everything.  How it opened a person to suggestion, how those suggestions would become the persons new reality and how it left no trace behind afterwards.  It only lasted a few minutes, but that was more than long enough to make him believe he would do anything for her and supply her with all of the drug she needed.

Lisa turned back to Lacey, she didn’t like competition, but maybe this would turn out to be a good thing.

“Listen carefully Lacey, we’re going to be the best of friends from now on…”

Lacey’s eyes glazed over as Lisa spoke.