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Lisa walked in to the home billiards room and looked around, few people had ever been invited here and fewer still managed to leave with their cash.  She wasn’t here to play pool, this was strictly business.

It had been six weeks since she’d picked up Lacey and things had been going well, Lisa was no longer strutting around in skimpy outfits, that’s what Lacey was for.  Business was good, they never lingered anywhere for long and never took enough from any one person to cause problems and so they had it pretty good.

Of course that had been until last week, when their mark turned out to be more than he appeared.  Once he’d recovered from Lacey’s tender lips, he’d tracked them down and invited them to his home.  The mansion that they were now in the basement of.

He’d found Lisa alone in the hotel room, Lacey was out on a “date” and wouldn’t be back for a while, which had given them a chance to talk.  It turned out he wasn’t mad, he was interested.  Lacey seemed too good to be true and he wanted to know if it was an act or not.

Lisa had immediately seen the opportunity, even though things were going well, Lacey was starting to wear on Lisa’s nerves so perhaps she could kill two birds with one stone and get a nice retirement bonus while she dumped Lacey in to someone else’s lap.

They’d talked for a bit more and he had explained what he wanted and she’d assured him she could deliver it.

So here they were, Lacey was just a few steps behind her, dressed from head to toe in purple transparent latex, a pool cue held out in front of her.

“So Mr. Donaldson, is she what you expected?” Lisa asked.

He looked her over and then walked around Lacey while she stood perfectly still.  He ran his hand over her ass and then up her stomach to her tits, squeezing one of them as she didn’t make a move.

“She seems perfect so far.” he said and took the cue from her hands.

Lacey dropped to her knees, spread her legs, grabbed her hands behind her back, opened her mouth wide and tilted her head back slightly.  She held that position as he reached down and then inserted the butt of cue in to her mouth.  She wrapped her lips tightly around it and started to suck it in and out.

After a few minutes he pulled the cue out and she once more opened her mouth and took her position.  He turned to Lisa and she extended her hand to him, dropping a round object in to his hand.

He rolled the black sphere in his hand for a moment and then lowered it down to her lips, she spread her mouth as wide as it would go and took the ball in to her mouth.  As soon as it was there she brought her knees together, turned her ass towards him, pushed it up in the air and presented her naked pussy to him as she lowered her head right down to the floor.

“It seemed a little small?” he asked.

“I didn’t have quite enough time to stretch her jaw enough to take a real 8-ball, but I’m sure you can work on that.”

“Yes, I’m sure I can.  Everything else is as I requested it?”


“A pleasure doing business with you then.  You’ll find your payment upstairs by the door.” he said and wave her out of the room.

Lisa smiled as she heard the zipper of his pants come down.  Training Lacey over the last week had been more fun than she had expected.  She hadn’t been able to use another dose of the drug on her as it could only be used once so instead she’d simply used the preexisting conditioning to remold her to Mr. Donaldson’s specifications.

She heard the muted moan come from around the 8-ball in Lacey’s mouth as he plunged in to her raised bottom.  Lisa had accomplished what she had set out to do, Lacey wouldn’t be competition to her anymore, not that that really mattered as Lisa was no longer in that line of work.

No, she was retired from that life, but she was pretty sure she had found what she wanted to do in her retirement, now all she had to do was find her next project.