Damit, why had she come back here again?  She knew she had a gambling problem an the casino was the last place she should be.

Denise pulled the leaver again and watched the wheels spin, stopping one at a time, making no matches on her play line.

She slapped the machine and let out a huff before going to her purse again.

“Excuse me miss, perhaps you should take a break?”

Denise looked up at the manager, a middle aged man with no distinguishing features and tried to smile.

“Oh, thanks for asking, but I’m ok.” she reassured him.

He pulled up the chair beside her and sat down, “Look, I’ve seen you here every night this week and you haven’t won nearly what you’ve spent.  The casino is always concerned for it’s guests, if you want help, just let me know.” he said and handed her his card.

“Thanks… Billy.” she said reading his name from the card as he left.

Denise pulled one last time and watched the wheels bust out on her again.

She checked her wallet and realized she had no money left, not even cab fare.  She dug in to her purse looking for anything but only came up with Billy’s business card from earlier.

She frowned and pulled out her phone and dialed his number.

A few minutes later she was in his office, laying out her sob story hoping he could help somehow.

“Well Denise, I can’t give you money, but I can offer you some work, one of the girls called in sick and we could really use the help.  We could pay you in cash tonight of course.”

She didn’t really want a job, she already had one, but one shift to cover her cab fare wouldn’t kill her so she agreed.

Denise stood beside the machine, her hand on the leaver, wearing the skimpy outfit the casino had provided.  She’d expected them to put her on the floor serving drinks or something but instead they’d taken her to the VIP area and set her down beside the machine.

All she had to do was pull the leaver when someone put money in the machine and smile, which she could do as it was almost like she was playing the machine and that was a lot of fun.

The music played from the machine all night long and at first it had seemed odd for some reason, it almost gave her a headache.  After a while though it sounded better than any of the other machines she’d played at the casino and she really got in to the spirit of it.

By the end of the night she was actually sad to go home, though she’d urned more in tips that night than she had a her low paying job all week.

Denise woke up the next day with a splitting headache, she rolled over and looked at her phone and groaned.  She texted her manager and called in sick to work and went back to sleep.

It was a nearly 3pm when she woke back up, and only then because her phone was ringing.

“Hello…” she managed to mumble out.

“Hi Denise, it’s Billy.” Denise heard across the phone, but she heard something else, a pleasant melody that immediately relived the headache that had been with her all day.

“Oh, hi Billy, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted another shift at the casino.  We have another call in, if your interested?”

Denise jumped up from her bed, remembering she’d called in sick and she could use the extra cash, “Sure, I’d love too.” she replied.

“Great can you be here for 6?”

“No problem, see you then.”

Denise pulled the leaver and felt the music of the spinning wheels flow through her all the way down to her pussy and smiled and then giggled at the man standing in front of her.

He held up a chip and held it up vertically in front of her between tow of his fingers, she leaned in to him a bit and used her forearms to push her breast together even more than the bra was doing already.  It was a new trick she’d learned from watching some of the other girls in the VIP area, she parted her lips a bit, looked to one side and he placed it between her breasts.  She let out another giggle, placed her finger on her lip and then looked down at the chip.  She opened her eyes wide, parted her lips even more and said, “Oh my, how did THAT get there?” before fishing the chip out and giving another giggle.

The night went quickly and by the end she’d made up her mind to track down Billy and see if she could pick up some more shifts.

Denise leaned back against the wall, pushing her hips out as far as she could, threaded her fingers through her hair and closed her eyes.  She’d been working at the casino for a week after quiting her old job and she’d learned a lot, but this trick was the latest that one of the other girls and shown her.

The man had held out the chip in the palm of his hand, lower down than before the other tick and she followed what she had been told to do.

A moment after she had closed her eyes she felt his fingers pull her bikini bottom down and the chip push up against her slit.  He slid it between her outer lips and left it there, putting her bikini bottoms back over it.

She bit her lower lip and snaked her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her hand over it and pushing the chip all the way it as she let out a low moan as spinning wheels danced behind her eyes.

They stopped and she pushed herself away from the wall, smiled at the man and said, “Thanks of playing baby, better luck next time. *giggle*”

Denise smiled and watched the man walk away, she wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but the other girl had been insistent that it was important to say it so she had.

And she had to admit it seemed to work, she had lots of repeat players that night.

Denise watched the patrons float around the VIP area as she finished up her last shift of the week.  She’d been in the VIP area for two weeks and she was amazed at how much she was making.

She was just about to walk away from her machine when a man walked up and inserted a bill.  She smiled and pulled the leaver, letting the wheels spin and spin as the machine made it’s happy noise that was in perfect sync with the buzzing in her pussy.

She pulled it several more times for him and on the fifth pull he won a jackpot, the machine came to life and coins clanked down on to the trough.  Denise’s eyes lit up and a small orgasm came over her as she bounced up and down, giggling like a school girl.

The man grabbed a bucket from beside the machine and started scooping up the coins in to it.  Part way through he stopped as he held up a gold chip that was unlike the other coins coming from the machine and smiled.

Denise’s eyes locked on to the chip as he held it between his teeth, scooping the last of the coins in to the bucket.  He placed the bucket on the chair in front of the machine and stood up, taking the gold chip from his teeth he held it on his palm in front of her.

She fell back, reluctant to close her eyes and take them off the chip, she did anyway and she felt his fingers pull her bikini bottom down and the golden chip push up against her slit before her bikini bottoms back over it.

She bit her lower lip and snaked her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her hand over it and pushing the chip all the way it as she let out a low moan as spinning wheels danced behind her eyes.

They stopped on identical gold chips and she pushed herself away from the wall, smiled at the man and said, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner! *giggle*” as she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and fished her stiff member out and took it between her lips.

He was soon cumming down her throat and she swallowed every last drop.  It had been so long since she had been a winner and the taste of victory sweat and salty at the same time.

Her own orgasm came over her as she realized that this would be only the first of many winners she’d get to congratulate on the casino’s behalf.