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Tara walked towards the plan as she felt the wind pick up and raise her skirt.  She was sure she’d just flashed someone a perfect view of her ass, but it was far from the most embarrassing thing she’d done undercover.  She stopped and smoothed the short skirt down as best as she could, waiting to make sure the wind didn’t pick back up before continuing to the plane.

She wanted so badly to just drop everything, fly over to the waiting jet and pound The Count in to a bloody pulp, but laws were laws and The High Huntress couldn’t very well just go around breaking them.  While she didn’t understand why the government had granted him diplomatic immunity, that didn’t mean she hand to just stand by and watch him flaunt the laws either.

No, she’d donned the wig and ridicules outfit and even the more outrageous shoes to get on The Count’s plane so she could get inside the shield protecting his island fortress and end his reign of terror once and for all.

She’d found a small loop hole in the laws, it turned out that the shield extended far beyond the territorial waters of his island nation so she could take him in to custody as soon as they passed through it and deliver him to the World Court as long as he didn’t get to his island.  She’d have to leave him in the water for a while so that she could disable the shield generator, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Tara walked up the stairs of the plane and started to make ready for the flight, moments later The Count entered the plane and barked out an order to get in the air as soon as possible.

Tara watched The Count open his satchel and pull out the small remote control for the shield.  She’d tried to get it several times during the flight, but The Count had guarded it well and she’d failed but not been caught.

They were just a few minutes from the shield and she kept a careful eye on the control, maybe a little too careful as she didn’t notice it was being pointed straight at her.

She watch him press the button, two lances of energy surged out from it and struck her, one square in the chest, the other in her head.  She felt the energy course through her as her body spasmed, her wig flying from her head.

She fought as hard as she could be slowly she felt consciousness slipping from her.  Just before the darkness consumed her, she saw The Count’s smiling face looking down at her, “Ah, High Huntress, it is a pleasure to welcome you to my small island nation.  I’m sure you will not find your stay very pleasant I’m afraid.”

She didn’t hear the energy stop or anything else until well after the plane landed.