Kristen rubbed her temples and tried to figure out what was going on.

Where was she?

Why was she half naked?

How had her tits gotten so large?

What was with the sparkling watch and bangles?

She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to think, what was the last thing she remembered?

She’d been assigned to the Ellison account, to handle their internal legal requirements.

Yes, that was it.  She’d meet with David, the son of the owner and he’d been quite charming if not quite her type.  The meeting had gone well, only the reflection of the light from his watch had been a distraction.  It sparkles and danced across her eyes throughout the meeting and she seemed to recall the meeting ending but she could still hear his voice for some reason.

He’d walked over and sat down beside her, wrapping something around her wrist.

She opened her eyes and looked down at the jewel encrusted watch, he’d given it to her.

She twisted her wrist slightly and the jewels sparkled in her eyes and she let out a small sigh as she felt a wash of calmness come over her.

A small smile crossed her lips as the memory came back to her, he’d spoken softly, but with such command as she stared at the sparkling watch, just like she was now.

She tried to recall what he’d said, it was a complement of some kind.

“Your a good girl.”, the words came to her and pleasure washed over her, both then and now.

Yes!  That’s what he’d said, she was a good girl!

“Good girls obey.”  She mouthed the words as a small bolt of electricity ran up her spin and burst in to her mind.  A gasp escaped her lips as it did.

“Good girls are horny.”  She whispered as her right hand moved down to her pussy and her fingers found her eager sex waiting.  The fingers on her other hand found her hard nipple and gave it a squeeze.

“Good girls are sexy dolls.”  The words came more confidently from her lips as she focused on the watch, it’s sparkling jewels dancing in her eyes.

“Good girls are obedient, horny, blank sex dolls.”  She called out as her orgasm overcame her and her head flung back, her eyes rolling back as her mind was overcome with pure bliss and was emptied of all thoughts once more.