Diane looked in the mirror and was amazed at the change.  She’d ordered the nanosuit on a whim and when it had arrived she’d left it in the box all week, until finally she’d opened it tonight now that the work week was over.

She had pulled it on over her aging skin, it covered virtually all of her tattoos, though it didn’t cover the multiple piercings on her face but that was expected before she’d activated it.

The first thing she’d done was take a few years off her age.  Well if she was honest, more than a few and she’d gone for over half her age in the first go.  Then she’d done a few other things and saved the settings so she could recall them at a later time.

She figured she could go all out and selected a clean slate to start with, removing all of her tattoos, piercings.

Now, looking in the mirror, she hardly recognized the face staring back at her.  It was so… clean… flawless… perfect.  She smiled and touched  it, hardly able to believe the change.  It felt almost unreal and after a few minutes she reached down and picked up the controller again.

Scrolling through the options, she heard her boyfriend slam the door as he came home from work and a smile crossed her face as an option appeared on screen, “Nightie, night, dolly.” which had a picture of a beautiful woman in a lace nightie beside it.

She already looked like a doll in comparison to just a few minutes ago, why not give Dave a surprise?

She pushed the purchase button and started walking towards the bed in the next room as she confirmed the purchase.

She sat down on the edge of the bed as the nanosuit flowed up over her head once more and she felt it start to work, reshaping her body once more.

But this time it was different, her body stiffened and she fell backwards as she felt her legs come up off the floor and extend straight out.  The nanosuit also felt different against her skin, almost like it had become even slicker than it had.

Diane started to panic just as she felt the nanosuit seep in to her mind and it’s blackness consumed her.

Dave walked in to the bedroom, tired from a long week of work and looking to collapse on to the bed for a quick nap before dinner.  Instead, laying on the bed was a plastic woman, dressed in a frilly nightgown, a small controller beside her.

Dave walked over and picked up the controller and read the message on the display, “Thank you for puchasing ‘Nightie, night, dolly.’, enjoy your time as a mindless sex doll for your partner!”

Dave looked down at Diane, her huge inflated tits, long blond hair and plastic sheen caused his dick to twitch.

‘I wonder if she knew what she was selecting?’ he though to himself before unbuckling his belt and freeing his hardening shaft from his underwear.

‘I’ll have to remember to ask her.’  he thought as he smiled and pushed her back on to the bed before climbing on top of her and squeezing her tits, her plastic skin squeaking under his hands.