‘Stephi… no, she had to fight it, her name was Stephanie!’ she thought as she looked in to the mirror.

Her hair was up in a bun to keep it out of the way as she had applied her makeup after her shower and now she had picked up her phone and focused it on her reflection.

She grabbed her wrist with her other hand and tried to pull her hand down and place the phone back on the counter but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t manage to do it.

She looked up and smiled as she clicked the screen and took the photo.

She lost control of both hands as she took her phone in her hands and started to type the message for the text, “Is this ok Master?”

She hit send and waited.  It seemed like an eternity until the bing sounded and the response arrived.  It sent a chill down her spine and her pussy moistened against her will as she read it.

“Very slutty, perfect.”

A small orgasm washed over her as the praise from her Master registered in her mind and she lost all control for a moment, a giggle escaping her lips as the curled in to a vapid smile.

She set the phone down and walked in to her bedroom, a closet full of nice, conservative clothing was waiting her but the small, sparkely dress laid out on the bed was the only thing her body would put on.

She finished putting it on, went back in to the bathroom and let her hair down, making sure every strand was perfect before walking to her front door.

She stood there, perfectly still until the doorbell rang and then she opened the door and almost lost her balance as the massive orgasm washed over her as her Master stood in front of her, a smile across his lips.

When the orgasm finally receded, there was no thought of resistance left, Stephi was ready for her Master and carefully knelled down in front of him.