Cassidy touched her lower lip and recognition sparkled in her eyes, “Jim…. what’s going on.” she managed to say softly as she looked down at her half naked body.

She looked back up and saw Jim’s smiling face as he approached her.

“Don’t you remember?” he asked.

She blinked, her mind foggy and full of confusion.

“Remember… what?” she replied as he stopped right in front of her, she looked up in to his eyes and felt a chill run down her spine.

“Think back Cassidy, back to the weight loss tapes.”

Cassidy scrunched her forehead and tried to recall, yes she’d been listening to some subliminal weight loss tapes a while ago.  But was it days?  Weeks? Months?

She tried harder to remember and seemed to recall being a bit overweight and flat chested.

She looked down at her cleavage, “But… but… my…”, she stuttered out.

“You remember going to the doctor don’t you?”

She looked back up at Jim and a sudden memory flashed in her mind.  She was at the doctors office, Jim was holding her hand and she was asking the doctor how large of implants she could get.

A wave of pleasure followed the chill down her spine and came to rest in her pussy, she let out a small gasp from between her lips.

“That’s right, remember how much work you put in to your body, how it feels to be perfect.”

Cassidy closed her eyes and the pleasure burst forth from her pussy and engulfed her whole body as she moaned at the intensity of it.

“That’s right, remember what you wanted to be?  What you begged me to make you?”

She almost crested at the sound of his voice, but her mind raced forward, remembering how she had been kneeling at his feet, looking up in to his eyes.

She felt him take her face in his hands and she opened her eyes once more.

“A… a… mindless sex doll.” she gasped, “Your mindless sex doll!” she managed to get out before the orgasm rocked her and her eyes rolled back in to her head.

Jim watched Cassidy succumb to the subliminal programming once more as the orgasm washed over her.

He loved watching her eyes go blank again every time she managed to regain a little bit of her old self, he especially liked it when he was there to see it in person.

Of course if he hadn’t been there, she would have found her phone and recorded a “message for prosperity if she didn’t manage to get out”.  It would have started off like all the others, a description of being confused and without any memory.  Then slowly she’d remember the changes, her fingers would have found her pussy and by the time she remembered asking him to be his, her orgasm would take away any thought of anything else.

He liked those times as well, after all he could replay those as many times as he liked.  But there was still nothing quite like feeling her whole body quiver in his hands as she became nothing more than a sex doll once more.