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Adrianna woke up and rose from the large bed, she was stiff but seemed to be intact.  She looked around the room and found it to be an ultra modern design, with a set of stairs leading down from the bed to an open area with several stools and a bar on one side.  On the other side was a couch and a chair in front of a television set mounted on the wall.

She looked over to the side of the bed and found a large closet and frowned.  She looked down at her naked body and knew something was wrong but couldn’t for the life of her put her finger on it.

She walked over to the closet and opened it, it was filled with clothing of all kinds.  She flipped through a few of outfits until she found one she liked and put it on.  The latex was difficult to get smooth and it took her a while to apply the polish, but when she was satisfied, she walked down the stairs, her heels clicking on them as she did.

She looked around and tried to remember how she’d gotten her.  Her memory seemed to be split, she was sure she had arrived in Spain to break up a human trafficking ring and had been captured by them, but she was also sure she worked for the head of the ring in his brothel in Spain.

She shook her head to try and clear it before walking over to the bar.  On the wall hung a long leather strap, she took it in her latex covered hands and stepped back, letting the play out.  There was something about this that was important, she was sure of it.

As she tried to figure it out, the door opened and a man walked in.  She turned her head towards him, cocked her hip and place her free hand on her hip and frowned, it was the head of the human trafficking ring and she didn’t quite know what to do.

A small voice in her head wanted to rush over and subdue him, arrest him, make him pay for his crimes.

But something else held her still.

“I see you have found something comfortable to wear?” he said with a smirk.

“I… yes.” she managed to get out.

He walked over to the wall and plucked the end of the strap from it, “And you have found this a well?” he said as he moved towards her.

“Yes… but… I…”

“Are confused?  Yes?”


“That’s because you are holding it the wrong way.” he said as he placed the end he was holding around her neck and secured it with a clasp she hadn’t noticed on it earlier.

A sudden wave of euphoria washed over her and she parted her lips and let out a sigh of contentment.

“Now, hand me the other end.”

A smile crossed her lips as she handed her leash to him.  A small orgasm ran up her spine as he took it from her.

He wound it up until there were only a few inches left, his hand just in front of her chin, and lead her over to the stools.  He sat down on one, spread his legs and tugged her downwards, letting the leash play out as she sank to the floor.

Her lips found his hardening shaft below his pants and her fingers quickly unzipped his fly and pulled both his pants and underwear around his ankles.  Freed of it’s confines, it bounced up and down and her eyes tracked it until she was sure and then she wrapped her lips around it.

It filled her mouth as she slide down it’s length and then it pushed in to her throat, the years of practice had removed her gag reflect years ago and she was an expert at sucking cock.

The small voice in the back of her mind screamed ‘NO!’ but the pleasure coming from her head bobbing up and down drowned it out.

She worked him up and down just like she had so many times before, she was his favorite and she loved being used by him.

She felt him stiffen even more and then felt the collar being tugged backwards, she pulled up off of him, his head slipping from between her lips with a pop and she looked up in to his eyes like she had so many times before.  Her latex covered hands wrapped around his hard cock and stroked it up and down.

“Pleas Sir, give Agent Black everything she deserves!” she called out as she felt his hot cum spray across her tits and face.

Her own orgasm trigged as soon as the first drop touched her skin and the mind numbing pleasure burned away the last of the little voice that remained.