Kelly looked around and blink, where was she?

The room was small, three walls along with the floor and ceiling were painted a cool grey.  The fourth wall directly in front of her opened up to a hallway that ran in both directions.

She turned her head and noticed the thick collar around her neck.  She raised her hand sup and felt around it, but found no obvious latch or buckle.  She looked down at the tight fitting leather outfit she was wearing and ran her hands down it to the gold metal belt strapped around her waist.

She took a step forward in the unfamiliar high heels that were on her feet and the sound echoed off the walls.  She carefully looked down the hallway, to her right it went for a little ways and then came to an end.  It looked like there were half a dozen more room like the one she was in, though each one seemed to be a different colour.

To the left it was similar, but at the end was a single door.

She stepped forward in to the hallway and started towards to the door.  The room next too her was a light pink colour and in the middle stood a woman in pink latex, her fluffy blonde hair billowing from her head.

The next room was even darker than the one she had been in, inside stood a woman (or at least she assumed it was a woman) completely encased in black latex.

The final room was a light blue and contained a woman sitting on a stool, her legs were encased in some kind of artificial tail, making her in to a mermaid.

She didn’t try and disturb any of them, instead focusing on the door, she pushed on it slightly and it opened, letting through a clean white light.

Kelly stepped through the door and in to a well lit room, it was modern and well furnished.  There was a door to her left and an opening to the one side of the bed where she could hear water running and a bit of steam coming out of it.

She moved slowly towards the door until she heard the water stop and then decided to make a run for it.  Her heels echoed throughout the room and she managed to get her hand on the doorknob when she heard a voice call out.

“Well, aren’t you an active one?”

Ignoring the question, she started to twist the knob until she felt a small jolt come from the collar, enter the base of her neck and run up in to her head.

Suddenly her back straightened, her hands fell to her side and she slowly turned around.

In the doorway to the shower she saw an older man, past his prime, overweight and balding a towel wrapped around his waist.  In his hand was a small black fob, that looked like it was for a high end car.

He set the fob on the nightstand and smiled.  His hand pulled at the end of the towel and it fell to the floor.

“Now then my dear, don’t you have something to do?”

Kelly felt her lips curl up in to a smile, her eyes narrow and her foot take the first step towards him.  She fought with all her will but her body was no longer in her control as it strutted across the room, wiggling her hips side to side.

Her arms warped around the mans shoulders and her lips found his, followed by her tongue.

She wanted to throw up but instead she felt her nipples harden and her pussy grow wet against her will as he grabbed her ass and squeezed it through the leather of her dress.

Soon she was naked except for the collar.  She was on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass in the air as he pounded her pussy.  Her lips continued to betray her like the rest of her body, calling out encouragement to him as he fucked her.

The final betrayal came as she felt him cum in her pussy and her body pushed back hard in to him, shaking as her own orgasm overcame her.

By the time she managed to come to again, she was alone in the room, the man no longer to be found.

She tried to take a moment to recover, but she found she still no longer had control over her body and it rose from the bed and entered the shower.  Soon she was clean, dry and redressed.

Kelly’s body walked back through the door, down the hallway and in to the cool grey room, standing in the middle of it perfectly still.

She fought as hard as she could as she felt another small tingle come from the collar and this time blackness engulfed her.