Melina wrapped her fur coat around herself as the cold wind of the the coming winter howled through the streets of the city.  Her heels clicked against the hard cement of the sidewalk as she approached her destination.

The tall, concrete and glass building stood between all of the rest and she paid little mind to it as she entered the lobby and made her way to the elevators.

A frown crossed her face as she saw her reflection in the mirrored elevator door, the wind had pushed her perfectly styled hair around and she worked to put it right again before the elevator arrived.

The doors opened just as she finished and she pressed her floor as the doors closed behind her, taking her to the therapist’s floor.

A few months ago she would have laughed at the idea of coming to a therapist, but it had been a hard breakup with her most recent boyfriend and she’d been experiencing migraines since the.  Her doctor had said it wasn’t physical and she’d gotten a glowing recommendation from one of her friends so she’d taken a chance.  Now she could hardly imagine life before her weekly visits.

She walked in to the waiting room and pressed the button, only to hear the immediate release of the door and so she walked right in.

Sitting in the large green chair, Melina unwrapped herself from her fur coat and let it drape over her shoulder, a slight migraine coming on as she rubbed her forehead.  A chill crossed her back as the warmth from her coat evaporated and her exposed skin meet the cooler air of the office as her bra was all that she had worn under it.  

She looked up to see the therapist walking around his desk, his naked body sent a wave of calmness through her as he walked over and stood in front of her.  Her perfectly made up lips parted as she inhaled his sent and her eyes closed as the most effective therapy tool she could imagine pushed between them.

Suddenly her migraine was gone, replaced with wave after wave of pleasure as the tool worked it’s way in and out of her mouth.  She opened her eyes and slide down off the chair on to here knees so she could look up at in to the face of the therapist as she worked the tool for all she was worth.

Finally, she felt the tools stiffen and she knew her session was almost complete.  With a final push, she took the tool all the way inside of her and was rewarded with the warm flow from it as her own orgasm overtook her and her eyes rolled back in to her head.