Debbie walked through the party and frowned, she had expected more from a Halloween party, but most of the guys seemed to be just dressed up in whatever they could find in their closet.

There was one exception though and he was walking over to right then.  He was dressed in a glittery set of tails and a top hat as well.  She’d spent hours getting her hair perfect and squeezed in to the right corset to pull off the classic bombshell look and he’d obviously spent some time on his costume as well.

He walked up and smiled, “Hi, I like your gloves, they really set off the rest of your costume.”

“Thanks, I like your top hat as well.”

He smiled and plucked his hat from his head and spun it around between his hands, “You mean this?”, he said but before she could answer he’d reached out and delicately placed it on her head.

She started to open her mouth to berate him for messing up her hair, but her lips only parted half way before her body suddenly relax and no longer seemed to obey her commands.

Debbie stood in front of the background, the twin lights shining from each side, one throwing a soft blue, the other a harsh red as she stood perfectly still and stared straight ahead at the camera.

It had been a quick ride in his car to his studio and it had already been mostly setup and ready when they arrived.  He’d only had to add a few color filters to the lights until he’d declare it ready.

Then he’d instructed her on where to stand and how to pose and her body had followed along without question.

With her hand so close to the hat she’d tried in vain to remove it, but even so she continued to fight it as hard as she could, and then the flash had gone off and her mind was filled with sparkles.

“That’s right, give me a sexy look.” he said as the flash went off again and again.

“Good, now put that glove between your lips and bit the end of the finger like your going to pull it off.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“How pull it half way off.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“And all the way off, and tilt your head back and close your eyes.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“How let it drop to the floor and suck on your ungloved finger as you rub yourself with the other glove.”

Flash, flash, flash.

She could feel her body getting more and more aroused even as she fought it with every ounce of her will.

“That’s good, now slide down the backdrop and spread your legs, keep playing with yourself.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now crawl over here, make sure to keep eye contact with the camera.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Her body moved slowly but surely across the floor until she was at his feet, looking up in to his eyes.  He opened his robe as the flash went off again and she found her lips wrapped around his hardening shaft.

An explosion of pleasure rocked her as her head bobbed up and down, the flash continuing to fill her mind with pretty sparkles as she felt his cum run down her throat.

Debbie stood in the parking lot beside her car and blinked, she didn’t remember leaving the party or coming to her car, but here she was.

She shook her head to clear out the cob webs and then reached in to her purse to get her keys.  She opened the car door and noticed the tip of the index finger of her glove had too holes in it, like someone had bitten right through it.

“Damn it.” she said aloud, before pulled them off and tossing them in to the back seat.  As she pulled them from her hands, a strange wave of pleasure washed over her and she steadied herself against the car for a moment before sitting down and driving away.