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Lillian pushed her glasses up her nose as she flipped the pages of the sheet music in front of her.  The electronic keyboard wasn’t what she was used to as a classically trained pianist, but getting jobs that used grand piano’s were few are far between.

No, she had to settle for these studio musician gigs to pay the bills and they usually had these electronic keyboards instead of something better.

Today she was filling in for a friend for some wannabe pop group, the music was simple and repetitive but she didn’t mind really, it paid well and she needed the money.

She’d noticed someone enter the recording booth a few minutes ago and while she was curious as to who it was, her professionalism didn’t let her get sidetracked and she stuck to her job.

She finished up the score that was in front of her and she heard Tom’s voice come over her headphones, “Hey Lillian, that’s great, why don’t you join us in the booth for a few minutes.”

“Sure Tom, be right there.”

She picked up her music bag and walked out of the studio and in to the booth, there she finally got a better look at the man that had come in.  He looked to be in his thirties, well dressed.  An executive of some kind if she had to make a guess.

“Lillian, this is David.” Tom said, waving his hand towards the man in the suit.

“A pleasure to meat you David.” she said and extended her hand.

“Likewise.” he replied taking it in a firm but comfortable grip that she returned easily.

“Tom gave me a call when he heard your playing, I hope you don’t mind.”  David said.

“Not at all, what did you think?”

“Very nice, you have a great command of the keyboard.  My only question is why are you wasting your talent as a studio musician?”

“Well, it’s a cut throat business as I’m sure you know and I just haven’t gotten the right break yet.” she replied.

“Perhaps I can help with that.” he said, taking a card from his pocket and extending it to her.

She took it and read it, “The Management Company?”

“Yes, we specialize in finding talent and promoting it.  If your interested, I think you’d make a great addition to the family.”

“Sounds interesting, let’s grab a coffee and you can give me all the details.” she said, tucking the card in her bag.

Lillian had signed the contract just the last week but she was already in the studio doing a session.  The contract was primarily to do work on other albums, but it did guarantee her a stead income and they’d produce an album of her own original music as well.

There was another clause in the contract about the possibility of becoming a part of a band, but she had final say on that so if she didn’t think it would be a good fit she could always turn it down.

The first couple of days in the studio they had had a lot of technical problems with her headphones.  Some kind of feedback and Tom had spent most of the day getting rid of it, but eventually he’d succeeded.  Now things were moving smoothly.

She’d been playing a selection of songs, and well, there was no other way to say it than to call them what they were, elevator music.  But it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and it did let her experiment around a bit to see if she could bring something new to them.

Tom had been making suggestions as well and she found working with him was very comfortable.

Next week they were scheduled to do some original music for one of the groups signed to the company and she was looking forward to the change of pace.

“All ready to get started Lillian?” Tom asked over the headphones.

“Ye… umm…” she started to respond but something didn’t quite feel right.

She’d been working with Tom for the last three weeks on different projects and she’d never been happier.  Tom was easy to work with and while the music wasn’t that challenging, it was up beat and she had to admit it had been growing on her.

The studio keyboard had been growing on her as well.  She’d never liked the electronic keyboards before but the last few weeks of using the one in the studio had really opened up her mind about them and she found herself almost missing it when she got home at night.

“Something the matter Lillian?” Tom’s voice broke her out of reprieve.

“Yea, just hang on a second.” she said as a voice in the back of her mind whispered to her.  She took off her headphones and turned around unbuttoning her baggy one piece dress and letting it fall to the floor.

She turned back to the keyboard, placed her headphones back on and sat down, naked in front of it.

“That’s better.” she said to no one in particular and started to play the music in front of her.

Lillian sat in front of the keyboard and madly worked the keys, the heavy rhythm of the music playing in her headphones driving her fingers to keep up.

If she’d still been wearing her glasses they would have flown off her face so it was a good thing she’d picked up contacts a few weeks ago when she’d been out shopping at the mall.

A small break in the rhythm let her lift her hand and brush a stray strand of pink hair from her face, getting it back to the keys just in time to start the next stanza.

Tom was in the booth with two other people, David, her manager and a blonde woman she didn’t know but figured was part of the band David had told her about.  Today she was auditioning to join a new group David was putting together and she was desperate to make a good impression.

She’d been with the David for over two months now and she owned him so much.  He’d changed her life in so many ways and all for the better.

So when he’d said he thought she’d fit this new group he was forming perfectly, she wanted to do everything she could to live up to his expectations.

Tom had been a great help too, he’d worked with her for the last week on all the songs the new group would be playing; “Barbie loves her man”, “Sexy in my heels”, “Strutting on stage”, “Falling to my knees” and “In need of a man”.

They were such powerful songs that spoke to the very core of herself.  Well the core that she hadn’t known about until a few weeks after she’d signed her contract at least.

Working with Tom had shown her so much she had missed focusing only on classical piano.  She had learned to broaden her musical views so much, though she had kept her focus on one thing, Tom’s dick.  She’d found it some much more comfortable to work in the studio naked that she’d suggested the same thing to Tom a few weeks ago and once he’d dropped his pants, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

It was only a matter of days before she couldn’t help herself and when they were on break she’d knelt down between his legs as he was working on a mix and wrapper her lips around him.

After that, whenever Tom had some mixing to do, she’d find her way in to the booth and make sure he was as relaxed as he could be.

Of course she’d been grateful to Tom, but there was no way she could thank David for all he’d done.  All she could do for him was make sure he knew exactly how comfortable she was working for him and so she’d laid down across his desk and begged him to slide his hard dick in to her soft, moist pussy that he fit so perfectly in to.

She finished the song and looked up at the booth again, “That’s perfect Lillian, just wait right there.”

“Ok Tom.” she happily replied.

She watched the two men speak for a moment and then the blonde walk from the booth, only to appear a moment later through the door of the studio.

She strutted up to Lillian, her heels clicking against the floor with each step until she was right in front of her.

“Hi, I’m Terra, I’m so nervous to meet you, your so good!” the blonde said.

“I’m Lillian and I know just how to make you feel more comfortable.” she replied as she turned around on her bench, slipped down to her knees and stuck her head under Terra’s pink skirt, her tongue finding the bare pussy of her new bandmate.