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Susan worked the board as David sat beside her, “You know I’m done with that now David.  The answers no.”

“Look Susan, your the best base player I’ve heard and want you to join the company.”

She smiled inwardly as she stroked her hand over her light brown hair that was pulled back in to a pony tail.

She turned a nob and adjusted a slider before responding, “That’s all well and good, but I’m tired of the road and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.  I’m much happier here in the studio.”

David let out a sigh, “Then can I at least get you to work with one of my producers on some of my acts?  Your just as good in the booth as you are on base.”

“You pay my hourly rate and I’ll be there.”

“Great!” he said, taking a card out of his pocket and writing down an address on the back of it.

“When can you start?”

“I’m finished here at the end of the week, let’s say Monday.”

“Ok, perfect.”

Susan listened to the track they had recorded earlier that day again, there was something wrong with it but she hadn’t been able to figure out just what it was.

She’d needed to block out everything else so she’d plugged in a set of headphones to listen to it but had found a weird feedback coming from them.  Domenic, the producer she was working for had helped her track it down and after a few hours of mixing he’d left.

That left her by herself to figure out what was wrong with the track and she slipped the headphones back on and started it playing again.

It took her a few hours, but eventually she figured it out, the base track was wrong so she set up the studio and started playing the base part herself until she was satisfied.  It took longer than she would have liked, but eventually she got it right and so she went home to crashed for a few hours before coming back to the studio.

Susan looked over at Domenic, “Do you hear that?” she asked.

“Hear what?”

“I don’t know, there’s something in the background.” she said as she picked up the headphones and put them on, replaying the last few minutes of recording.

The last few weeks had been a harder time in the studio than she’d ever had before.  Nothing she did seemed to be able to quite get ride of what she was hearing in the background and she’d spent days with the headphones over her ears trying to pin it down.

They’d spent all that time recording the musicians in the studio and then each night she’d had to stay late because she wasn’t satisfied with what she heard.

The only thing that seemed to make it any better was if she played the base herself, which is exactly what ended up happing every night.  Though she had to admit it felt great to be playing again, better than she remembered in fact.

“I don’t know Susan, I don’t hear anything.” Domenic replied, but Susan didn’t hear him, she was lost in the recording being played over the headphones.

Susan stood up and stretched out her tall thin frame after the long day in front of the console, the headphone cord still connected to the board.

She looked around and saw Domenic had already left and she checked her watch, no wonder, it was after 7pm and the musicians had left hours ago.

She set a few controls before taking the headphones off and then looked down at the gym bag she had brought with her.

Reaching down, she unzipped it and pulled out the shiny cat suit that she had bought the other day.

She’d been working for over a month at the studio and this week she’d been working on a group that was doing some pretty heavy rock music.  She knew she’d be recording the base parts tonight a voice in the back of her mind had told her it would be better if she was dressed to match the part, so she’d found the perfect outfit to play in.

She undressed in the control room and then slide the one piece body suit on, doing the front zipper all the way up to her neck before walking out of the control booth and in to the studio.

Susan looked at her reflection in her pocket mirror and applied her lipstick carefully, she just knew it had to be perfect.  This was going to be the last week recording with the current group and she had to nail the track tonight.  A lustful smile crossed her lips as the word “nail” crossed her mind.

There was something else she wanted to nail, and his name was Domenic.  They’d been working together for weeks and at first, there had been nothing there.  But recently a little voice in her head had been telling her all kinds of naughty things she could do with him.  She wasn’t sure where it had come from, maybe from getting back into playing or maybe it was just something that had always been there and she never noticed.

Either way she’d been having a hard time container herself the last few days.  Today she’d even come into the control room in her cat suit instead of her usual drab clothing.

Of course that wasn’t the only difference today.  Instead of playing last night, she’d actually left work early to go to the hair salon.  When she’d left it, her hair was a perfect platinum blonde.

She was pretty sure Domenic had almost choked when he saw her this morning, but his only comment had been that she looked ready to rock.  And she was.

She looked down at her cleavage that was sticking out from between the cat suite and made sure it was perfectly placed, then she walked in to the studio and started playing, the headphones covering her ears as she kept time with the pre-recorded music.

Susan stood by the edge of the control console and leaned forward a bit so everyone in the control room could get a good look at her cleavage.

Domenic was just to her right, David was standing beside him and two women were there as well.

“So this is Terra and Lillian, the new band I was telling you about.” David said, pointing in turn to each of the women.  Terra was a vapid looking blonde, where as Lillian was a preppy looking pink haired girl.

“Hi.” Susan purred and Terra and Lillian returned their own cheerful hellos.

Susan had been working all week towards this meeting.  She’d stopped working in the control room and Domenic had agreed to help her record the demo tracks during the day.

She’d master all of them with Domenic’s help; “Barbie loves her man”, “Sexy in my heels”, “Strutting on stage”, “Falling to my knees” and “In need of a man”.

Of course she’d had to make sure Domenic got the full effect of her playing, so once they’d record a track, she’d headed back in to the control room, knelt down between his legs and wrapped her tits around his cock while he played back what she’d just laid down.

When she’d meet with David last week and he’d told her about the opportunity to work with the group she’d almost creamed her pants.  She was so eager to get up on stage, in front of a crowd, that she didn’t even read the contract he’d put in front of her before signing it.

Then she’d taken her signing bonus, laying face first on to his desk so he could push his cock all the way in to her pussy, right down to it’s base.

She’d begged him to push it in deeper, moaned a low guttural sound that reverberated throughout her body, pushed back against him as hard as she could until she felt his hot cum enter her and her own orgasm rocked her.

The first of the demo’s started playing and Susan slowly rocked her tits from side to side in time with the music.  Both Terra and Lillian swayed with her and she knew by their smiles that she had two new bandmates.