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Tegan rocked her drum kit at the audition right up until the rest of the band stopped playing.

She’d been through enough auditions to recognize when she was about to get the “Thanks for coming out.” speech.

The three guys turned to her and had a mix of smiles and frowns on their face, “Hey, great playing Tegan, thanks for coming out to audition!” the lead singer said with false enthusiasm.

“No problem, guys, it was great playing with you.” she replied, making a better effort than the signer had to cover her true feelings.

To be honest, they were pretty terrible and she probably would have turned them down anyway, but it was always worse when bad music ans turned her down.

She wiped her brow and grabbed her sticks before starting to tear down her drum kit and left yet another band that was intimidated by her skill.

It turned out that male rock and roll ego’s had a hard time playing second to a female drum player and so she packed up and left.

She’d gain a small amount of Internet fame a few years ago with a video she’d posted doing some covers, but she wasn’t a song writer and she’d yet find a band to play with and she was starting to get discouraged that she ever would.

When she got to her car, she picked up her phone to check her e-mail and messages, but to her surprise found a voice mail waiting for her.

“Hi this is David from The Management Company, we’d like to have a meeting with you to discuss you joining our family.  Give me a call back and we can schedule a time that works for you.”

Tegan looked across the desk at David, he was a typical music exec but he was the first to show any interest in her so she was happy to take his “meeting”.  He did look kind of familiar, thought she couldn’t quite figure out from where.

“So Tegan, we’ve seen you video’s and I sat in on one of your auditions a few weeks ago and I’m very impressed.  There’s not many drummers that could hold a candle to you.”

“Thanks.  I’ve worked hard to get this good.”

“Clearly, it’s a shame you haven’t found a band yet.  We might be able to help you with that.” he said, pushing a contract across the desk to her.

“This is a studio contract, with a group option if we find the right fit for you.”

“Option?  Yours or mine?”

“Yours of course, you don’t have to join a group you don’t want to.  The studio work will more than cover your day to day expenses and if we find the right group for you to join, well it’s much more lucrative then.”

Tegan picked up the contract and started flipping through it, “You don’t mind if I take some time to review this do you?”

“Of course not, take your time and let me know if you want any changes.”

Tegan nodded and slipped the contract in to her bag.

“In the mean time, why don’t I give you the nickel tour?” David said as he stood up.

“Sure, why not.” Tegan replied as they walked out of his office.

Tegan hadn’t asked for any changes before signing the contract, it was exactly what David had said it was.  A reasonable salary to work in the studio on other people’s music and an option to join one of the bands the company created from time to time.

It even gave her some free studio time as well that she could use for whatever she wanted, recording herself or reselling it to others.  All in all it was a good deal and it had taken a huge weight off her shoulders.

Now she was sitting in the studio, a set of headphones over her ears, getting ready for her first recording session.  Just as the music started to play, some kind of weird feedback reverberated in her headphones and she dropped her sticks and pulled them off quickly.

“What was that?” she asked Mike, the producer in the booth.

“Some kind of feedback, hang on a sec, let me see what it was.”

It turned out Mike need more than “a sec” and they hadn’t managed to record anything the first day as he tried to fix the problem.

The second and third day hadn’t gone any better and it wasn’t until the fourth day that the feedback had gotten under control.  Though it was still there, she could work around it and keep in sync with the recording.

By the end of the day she had laid down several tracks and had a splitting headache to show for it.  Mike had promised to take care of the problem the next day but she didn’t have much faith in him at this point and resigned herself to another day of static tomorrow.

Tegan worked the drum set hard as she focused past the feedback and static coming over the headphones to keep in time.  Sweat poured off her forehead as she raised her arms again and let out a crescendo of beats.

She hit the symbol and then grabbed it to to finish up the song and looked up over the drum kit, David was standing beside Mike.

“Great session Tegan, take a break.” Mike said across the headphones.

“Thanks Mike.” she replied, set the headphones to the side, grabbed her bag and walked to the restroom.  She fished through her bag until she found the aspirin, downed several and closed her eyes, letting herself bask in the silence.

She opened her eyes a few moments later and looked in to the mirror, her hair was matted to her head and there were sweat stains on her pink t-shirt.

‘Pink?’ she through to herself, it wasn’t really her colour, why had she worn it this morning?

David frowned at Mike, “So what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know, it’s not working on her, or at least not much.  I couldn’t get it attuned to her for days and even now I thinks she’s lying to me about it and just working through the feedback.  If it wasn’t causing me so much grief I’d be impressed with the sheer ability it must be taking still play perfectly.”

“We need here to fill out the band, figure out what’s wrong or do I need to bring in someone else?” David said.

“No, no.  I can do it.  I’ve got this.”

“Alright, but I’d better see results by the end of next week.”

“You will, you will.”  Mike said, holding up his hands and waving them around fruitlessly.

“So Tegan, what can I do for you?” David asked as he sat behind his desk, he was nervous as it had been almost a week since he’d dropped by the studio and then out of the blue she had asked for a meeting.

She was seated across from him, wearing a baggy grey t-shirt and jeans and almost no makeup.  It wasn’t a good sign, after this much time she should have been well on her way to being ready to join the group.

“Well David, I have to admit, when I figured out what you were up to my first reaction was that I was going to rip your balls off.” she said with a smile on her face and a chill ran down his spine.

They’d never had someone figure it out, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t prepared, he slowly slide his hand over to the tranquilizer piston strapped beneath his desk.

“But don’t worry, that passed quickly enough.  My second through of course was to call the cops, but since I’m hear telling you about it I obviously didn’d do that either.”

David cocked an eyebrow in curiosity and stopped reaching for the pistol.

“So what did you do?” he asked.

“I had a good long think about it, then I spent some time in the control room figuring out all the details.  Then I scheduled this meeting, after making sure to have some insurance in place of course.”

“Of course.” David replied and sat back in his chair, suddenly feeling much more comfortable sensing the negotiation was about to start.

“It didn’t take me long to find the other three ‘members’ of the group; Terra, Lillian and Susan I believe their names are?  Anyway, the control console had all of their scripts in it and I kind of like where you were going with it, well except for the drummer’s role of course.”

“Obviously.  So you have a different idea for the drummer then?”

“Yes, I’m thinking she should be at the core of the group, you know, the one in charge.  All the other would follow her lead and make sure the drummer got all the fame and fortune she deserved.  Don’t you think that would be better?”

“Hmm… an intriguing idea, but of course the drummer would still have to play her part for the band to work.  She couldn’t be a lone wolf in a group of sheep.  I’m sure you understand?”

“Yes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing so to speak.  I think that would still work.  Of course, there would have to be some renegotiation of the drummers contact… to properly recognized her new roll in the group.”

“Yes, I’m sure that can be arranged.” David replied and stood up, extending his hand towards Tegan.

Tegan stood up and with a wary smile shook his hand.

Tegan sat in the center of her drum kit in the practice studio, her tight pink bikini top covered little of her skin but that worked out well as it kept her cooler anyway.

She looked over the drum kit at her three bandmates; Terra was dressed up as a pink barbie doll but had her jet black guitar strapped around her shoulder, Susan was wrapped in her cat suit and similarly had her base guitar over her shoulder and finally Lillian was standing behind her keyboards, her pink hair and punk rock outfit seeming to clash with each other.

Tegan smacked her sticks together and called out, “One! Two! Three! Four!”, before dropping them hard on to the drums in front of her.  The others quickly joined in as the belted out “Falling to my knees” one more time.

It was a cheesy song, but it had a strong musical base and the others, while looking as ridicules as she did, could all play better than any other group she had auditioned for.

They finished up the set list they had laid out and Susan and Terra placed their guitars in to their stands.

“Ok girls, over here for a band meeting.” Tegan called out turning her seat around.  Her three bandmates wiggled their way behind the drum kit and stood before her.

“That was so amazing!” Terra said.

“Just awesome.” Susan let out in a low purr.

“F’ing great!” Lillian said.

“It was, but now it’s time to show your band leader just how great it was.” Tegan said as she pulled her breasts free of her bikini and spread her legs, pulled her bikini away from her pussy.

All three of her bandmates dropped to their knees and took turns showing her how much they loved being in her band.

Tegan wasn’t sure if she’d liked women licking her pussy before signing her contract with the company, but she did know she had always wanted to be the leader of a band so if it came with some fringe benefits, all the better.