A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Alice walked carefully in the towering high heels, she still wasn’t used to them but the law was the law and so she had to wear them.

So much had changed in the last few years, that terrible election had brought a misogynist narcissist to power and soon new laws were being passed that had set the country back decades.

The Makeup Act of 2017 had been taken as a joke until it passed, but once it started to be enforced, no woman dared show herself in public without taking the time to apply the proper amount of makeup.

The Proper Attire for Women Act of 2018 had been fought hard, but once passed every women’s pants suits in the country had disappeared.  Stores were filled with skirts, tight tops and other skimpy attire that the act allowed.

The Functional Footwear for Women act had passed just last month and she was still not used to the heels.

She stepped to the side of street and bent over a bit, putting her hands on her knees to try and steady herself a bit.  That’s when she heard the sound of dress shoes approaching her.

She looked up and saw the man, a wide smile on his face coming straight towards her.  She realized too late that in her attempt at finding relief from the shoes she’d pushed her bum out in the approved tight skirt she was wearing.

She almost stood up, but luckily remembered her obligations under the Preventing Sexual Harassment Act of 2018 and instead kept still.  He walked right up behind her and pressed his hand on to her ass and squeezed.

She’d unintentionally presented herself in a sexually enticing manner to a member of the opposite sex and so to avoid incurring charge of sexual harassment under the Act, she had to ensure to follow through with the enticement.

His hand felt strong and firm and without thinking, she let out a soft moan from the pleasure.

“You like that you little minx?” he said.

‘Damit!’ she thought, she’d done it again, but this time it wasn’t just an Act of “presentation”, but instead an “auditory affirmation”.

“Yes.” she replied, knowing to lie about it had severer penalties under the Act.

He reached out and placed his hand on her neck, pulling her backwards against him and she felt his hard dick pushed up against her ass.

‘Shit!’ she thought, ‘Physical confirmation of arousal.’, that meant she had no choice now.

She turned around and meet his gaze, she could see the hunger in them, “So, my place is just around the corner, if you’d like to…”

“No, right here’s fine.” he replied and she held back a grimace.  She knew the Act was quite clear, she’d enticed him in public, so he was well within his rights to demand satisfaction in public as well.

She carefully lowered herself down in front of him, unzipped his pants and fished his hard dick out from them.  She wrapped her lips around it and sucked in all the way in to her mouth.

As she worked up and down his shaft, she could see a few people stopping to watch, luckily she knew the law and once engaged in preventing the sexual harassment of someone she wasn’t responsible for the onlookers.  If she had been she’d would have been in the street all day giving blowjobs.

No, she was one of the lucky ones that knew her responsibilities as a citizen, unlike those that didn’t.

Her one friend hadn’t know her duties under the Act and was now serving out a three year sentence in one of the state run brothels.  The last picture she’d seen of the mousy brunette looked nothing like her friend.  She was sure the platinum hair and large breast implants helped her work off her sentence, but the vacant look in her eyes told Alice everything she needed to know, avoid the penalties of the Act at all costs.

She felt the man’s dick stiffen and sucked as hard as she could, his cum flowing down her throat as she wobbled and lost her balance on her heels.  She fell backwards and his dick popped out of her mouth, spraying cum all over her face and chest, getting on her top and hair.

She looked down at the mess and then up at the man, he had his phone out and was taking a picture.  Proof under the Act that she’d adhered to its requirements.

“What’s your address honey, I’ll send it too you.” he said.

She sighed and gave him her e-mail address, then managed to get up just as he was walking away.  Another failed attempt to get in to work, that meant she hadn’t been in the office in over a week and even with the allowance under the Act, that was going to impact her billable hours.  She’d been so close to making partner last year, but now she’d be lucky if they kept her on as an associate.

She walked back to her apartment and cleaned up, as she wiped the cum from her face it took some of her makeup off as well and she sat down on her stool to re-apply it.

She had to get back in to the office and find some way to stop the upcoming Enhancing Women’s Job Opportunities Act at all costs but just didn’t know how she was going to do it if she never made it into work.