Lisa watched the raven haired woman flirt between tables all night, acquiring a free drink or shot and then moving on.  It wasn’t the first night she’d been here and the staff had told her she never bought her own drinks.

From her booth near the back of the pool hall she could see everything that was happening; the college kids getting drunk and trying to impress the girls, the young parents out on a date night away from the kids, the older couple reliving their youth.

The thought of owning a pool hall had never really crossed her mind even after all the time she’d spent in them over the years, it wasn’t until recently that the idea appealed to her.  And the woman floating between the tables without a care in the world was why she’d decided to buy one.

She’d only owned it for a few weeks and was still working through all the ins and outs of ownership, but tonight confirmed she’d make a sound investment.

She slipped out from behind the table and casually walked over to the woman, who was more than a little tipsy by this point, “Hi, I’m Lisa, the owner.” she said as she extended her hand.

“Oh, hi!  I’m Sarah.” the happy drunk replied a she shook Lisa’s hand.

“Why don’t I buy you a drink, you seem to be running low.”

“Sure, that sounds great!” Sarah replied as Lisa lead her towards the booth at the back of the room.

Lisa flagged the bartender and he nodded back at her acknowledging the drink order.

Lisa slide in beside Sarah and started some small talk until the drinks arrived, Sarah quickly grabbed hers and took a large gulp even before Lisa could motion to make a toast.

“A toast, to new friends.” Lisa said and raised her glass.

“Of course!” Sarah replied and took another drink after clinking their glasses together.

Lisa smiled and moved her right hand across her body and found Sarah’s inner thigh, a quick prick with her ring startled Sarah but she quickly watched the drug take effect.

“So why do you come here Sarah?”

“To escape from my boring job…” she replied, have dazed from the drug, half from the alcohol.

“And what do you do?”

“Store clerk at the mall.”

“That’s not a very good job is it?”


“No, I think you can do better than that.  You’re going to come work for me.”


“You’ve going to be a loyal, obedient employee, eager to do as she’s told, aren’t you?”


“Eager to do anything for work, to please the customers, to please me.”

“Yesssss!” came her response as Lisa’s fingers had worked their way in to her pussy.

Sarah waited in the back room, her tight latex dress hugged her body and showed it off.

Lisa walked in a moment later, a man beside her, “As you can see, the VIP room is still being renovated, but the table is in place, along with Sarah of course.”

“Of course.” the man responded, drinking in her shinny form with his eyes.

“Sarah, this is Mr. Donaldson, a very important customer, make sure to take good care of him.”

“Oh, of course Miss.” Sarah responded, nodding her head.

Sarah picked up her pool cue and leaned up against the table, “So Mr. Donaldson, what would you like to play?”

He stepped in close to her and intertwined his fingers with the hair at the back of her head, then pulled her forward and kissed her full on the mouth.

Sarah slipped her tongue in to his mouth and probed it, she knew this game and was an expert at it.