She stared in the mirror, the reflection she saw looked nothing like her, or at least nothing like she used to be.

She heard the water falling on the tiled shower walls as it sprayed off of his body and could feel the warmth of the steam that cascaded over the top of the glass door that separated her from him.

She hated it, both the separation and the fact that she felt that way.  He’d done something to her months ago as their relationship was ending.  She’d been cheating on his for a few months, but had kept up with him as his money was really the only reason she’d started dating him in the first place and as long as he didn’t know about her indiscretions, she could keep using him.

She had thought everything had been going along fine, they’d just finished a bout of unfulfilling sex, well for her at least, he seemed very satisfied with himself at the time.  Then she’d rolled over and put her back to him to get some sleep, that’s when she felt him stir and the prick of a needle on her ass cheek.

It was the last thing she remembered until waking up sometime later in the same bed.  At first she through it had been a dream, but when she picked up her phone and realized it was three days later, she nearly panicked.

She jumped out of bed and got dressed, she ran downstairs and headed for the door when suddenly she stopped in her tracks.  Her hand hovered just over the handle of the door and refused to go any farther.

She tried as hard as she could, but nothing happened.

“Confused?” he said from behind her.  She’d been in such a hurry to get out of the house that she hadn’t noticed him standing in the hallway.

She turned towards him, anger clearly on her face, “You bastard!” she called out and started towards him.

“Stop.” was all he said and her body froze mid stride.

“What the fuck have you done!” she screamed.

“Silence.” he said and her voice disappeared.

He walked around her, once then twice before continuing.

“Well I guess you have some questions, let me answer some of them for you.  First, yes I know about your flings and the fact you were only using me for my money.  The money was fine as I was only using you for you body, we had an understanding and I thought we were both fine with it.

But obviously not so I’ve had to renegotiate our deal and I thought it best if you weren’t involved in the proceedings.”

He placed on hand on her firm ass and squeezed it, a sudden wave of pleasure washed over her and her lips parted as a moan tried to escape them but only silence could be heard.

“Now then, as you can tell, the new deal involves complete obedience to my every command.  In return you get, well, this…” he said as he reached around and pushed the lingerie she had put on to the side and slipped a finger in to her pussy.

Her mind raced as to why she had put on linger instead of the simple jeans and a t-shirt she had wanted to but the sudden orgasm that rocked her pushed that thought out of her mind and instead her whole body shook at the immense pleasure.

And that’s how it had been since, any sexual pleasure he gave her resulted in a massive orgasm.

Of course he had started making changes soon afterwards.  Her natural brunette hair had been bleached, her tastefully done makeup replaced with heavy bright colours, a trip to the plastic surgeon had bolted on the massive tits that reflected back at her in the mirror and the last few pounds of fat had melted away with her new workout schedule.

The snap as the shower shut off brought her back to the moment and she heard him step out of the shower and walk over to her, his smiling face reflected in the mirror as his hands grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed.

She hated the pleasure as it coursed through her, just like she had hating waiting for it to come standing in front of the sink all that time.  Just like she hated that her body swiveled at the waist until her face was right up against the mirror, exposing her pussy to him.

She hated everything about it, right up until she felt the tip of his cock push in to her pussy.  That she loved more than anything in the world as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her as he slammed himself in to her over and over again.

She cried out in pure pleasure for more, harder, faster, anything to keep him in her, she couldn’t tell what she was saying and she didn’t care.

Her words devolved in to guttural moans and cries as she felt him cum inside of her and her body explode in orgasm as it shook her to her very core.

When she recovered, he was gone from the bathroom and she cleaned herself, she hated every moment of her life except for those brief times when he fucked her.  For those, she’d gladly put up with the rest.