loi looked out over the rocky terrain and breathed in the fresh air, happy to once more be on her native land.  She could feel the power flowing up from the ground in to her, replenishing her strength and dexterity.  She gripped her wooden totem tightly and she let the power of the and wash over her.

She would need all of both of them for her next task, freeing her sisters from the villainous Dr. Taylor.

She strode across the land towards the sacred cave and made her way slowly back to the ceremonial chamber, laying out all the things she would need for the incantation.

When she was ready, she removed all of her clothing other than the few feathers that symbolised her link with the spirits of the sky and sat down, cross legged at the center of the chamber.

She closed her eyes and focused on drawing all of the spiritual energy of the land from beneath her in and then pushed her spirit from her body, soaring in to the sky.  She turned to the east and whisked away towards Dr. Taylor’s mansion on the other side of the country.

Ioi floated through the front door of the mansion, her spirit form immaterial to the stone and wood of the mansion.  When she’d left, it had been bright and sunny, but the time difference meant it was nighttime here and that made her job easier as there were fewer people around.

She scouted the main floor and the upper ones but found nothing of interest, so she head down.  From the building plans filed with the city she knew there were several sub levels to the mansion and she suspected there were probably a few extra that Dr. Taylor had failed to get a permit for as well.

Getting through the first basement level, which was filled with mostly household items, she dropped down another level and found herself in a corridor that had a series of doors on each side.

She stuck her head in to each one, finding some empty and a few with former heroines performing lewd acts on camera.  She passed by each one until she arrived at the end of the hallway and she passed through the door in to Dr. Taylor’s lab.

He was seated at a bench, working on something with his back to her, this was her chance and she floated across the room towards him.  She could slip in to his body and march him right out of his stronghold and in to the waiting hands of the league.

As she floated over the center of the room a sudden flash of light filled her vision and she stopped suddenly, she looked down at the glowing symbols on the floor and ceiling, but Dr. Taylor seemed to not notice.

She decided to move quickly and made a dash for him, running head long in some kind of energy wall that she smacked her face against.  She careened backwards and bounced off a second wall behind her.

Dr. Taylor continued his work as she explored the cylindrical energy field that held her in place.  She tried to go through the floor and ceiling but found they too contained her.

Finally, she called out to Dr. Taylor, but he continued his work, oblivious to her spirit form.

He worked for a while longer, then stood and walked straight through her and the trap she was in, leaving the room and shutting the lights off as he did.

All that was left was the low hum and a few blinking lights of the devices littered throughout his lab.

It was several hours later when the door opened and Dr. Taylor returned, but this time someone followed him in to the lab.

Ioi immediately recognized her, Mystic Maiden, or as Dr. Taylor had renamed her, Missy Mai.  Surely this trap was her doing.

She watched Mystic Maiden sit down on a chair and then a few moments later, her spirit form emerged from her body and float over towards the energy field.

“Hi ya, Ioi!” Missy said in a far too happy voice, “It’s sooooo good to see you again!”

“Mystic, get a hold of yourself and free me, we can take Dr. Taylor out together!”

“Don’t be silly Ioi, Dr. Taylor is the best!”

“Dammit, how the hell did he get to you!”

“Oh I totally did it to myself Ioi, just like your going to.”


“Well, I’ve got to go, talk to you soon.”

“No, wait.  What did you mean?” Ioi called out as she watched her friend float back in to her body and then stand up.

“Hey Doc!  Yep, it’s Ioi, but don’t worry, I’ve got it totally under control.” Ioi heard Mystic Maiden say as she walked back out of the room with Dr. Taylor.

Ioi sat in the dark room, it was hard to keep track of time but she suspected it had been at least a day since she’d been trapped.  No one had come back in since Dr. Taylor and Mystic Maiden had left, but she could feel here body across the country starting to weaken.

That’s when she’d known what Mystic had meant by doing it to herself.  Even with her body in such a sacred place, she couldn’t stay in spirit form forever, her body need food and water, the power of the land would only sustain it for so long, eventually she’d have to make a deal to get out of this trap.

She’d tried everything else she knew of to try and break it but Mystic Maiden was the strongest mage she knew of and while her powers were drawn from the spirits, Mystic’s were drawn from the gods themselves.

She floated in the center of her cage and waited for what seemed like hours, but eventually Mystic’s spirit form floated down from above and hovered just outside of her confinement.

“So, are you ready yet?” she asked.

Ioi gave a grimace as a response, “I’ll take that as a yes then.” Mystic Maiden said.

“Now,” Mystic Maiden said as she waved her hand through the air and words formed as it passed through, “this is the deal, all you have to do is agree to it.”

Ioi read the words and spit at Mystic Maiden, “Never.” she said.

“Well, by the looks of your spirit body, never is going to be another day, maybe two at most.  I’ll let you think it over some more, I’ll be back.” Mystic Maiden said and floated up through the ceiling, leaving the glowing words floating in the air.

Ioi read the words on the first line again, “You agree to be the property of Dr. Taylor.”

The second line was no better, “You commit your mind, body and spirit to his faithful service.”

The rest was more of the same, the deal would make her nothing more than any of the other heroines he’d captured.

If she was in her body, she’d have agreed to it immediately, recanting it as soon as the energy wall was down and taking her chances with fighting it out.

But in her spirit body, that wasn’t possible.  First, she could feel her body weakening more and more and she would still have to get all the way back to it.  Second, a deal made between two spirits was binding, the would be no recanting after the fact unless Dr. Taylor broke the deal.  And Dr. Taylor had no conditions to break in the deal that illuminated the room.

Mystic Maiden floated once more in to the room with a smile across her face, “Hi Ioi, how’s the body holding up?”

“You know full well the answer to that.” she replied.

“Yea, I guess I kind of do.  Your spirit is getting really weak now, I think this is going to be your last chance.”

Ioi broke down, “Please Mystic, let me go I won’t come after him again, just don’t make me say those words.”

“Oh, come on Ioi, it will be so much fun having another magic user at the club!  I can teach you all of the cool new tricks I’ve learned!”

Ioi let out a sigh, her friend was no longer there and so there was no way to reach her.  She only had one choice left.

“Alright… I, Ioi, agree to be the property of Dr. Taylor.  I commit my mind, body and spirit to his faithful service…” she felt the words of power course through her spirit body, reshaping it as it did so until she spoke the last ones and the energy wall came crashing down.

Ioi gasped for breath as her spirit returned to her body and she toppled over.  Gasping and chocking she rolled over to the water she had brought and took several sips over her parched lips before finally getting herself upright once more.

She stretched out her stiff body and then found one of the snacks she had brought along.  In a few minutes she felt strong enough to leave the cave and entered in to the bright sunlight.

She let the sun warm her naked body as she drew strength from her surroundings gripping her totem tightly until she heard a noise from behind her, she turned to see Lady Justice standing there, beaming a wide smile at her.

“Like, hi Ioi!” she called out.

Ioi smiled, “Hiya LJ!  Are you here to take me to Dr. Taylor?”


Ioi giggled and ran over and hugged LJ, she couldn’t wait to get back to Dr. Taylor mansion so Missy Mai could show her all her new tricks!