Judy checked herself in the mirror one last time, everything had to be perfect for her date tonight with Tony.  She’d been waiting so long for him to break up with his girlfriend and now she finally had her chance.

She’d found the perfect dress at the mall after spending hours at the salon getting her hair done and now she had just finished applying the perfect amount of makeup.

She’d know Tom for years, they’d been friends in high school but she’d been too shy back then to ask him out.  But pining away for years had a way of pushing you along and when Kaitlin had dumped him last week, she’d found the courage to speak up and ask him out.

The breakup had been very one sided from what she had heard and Kaitlin had been spreading terrible rumours abut Tom since then.  Tell anyone who would listen about how perverted he was in the bedroom.  She knew Tom had a bit of a while side, but honestly, she didn’t believe what Kaitlin was saying could be true.

Judy smoothed a hair back in to place as she triple checked her reflection and just as she was about to turn away, something caught her eye in the upper corner of the mirror.  It was almost like a small ripple on a pond, but it didn’t flowed only to the edge of the mirror instead of out to the center.

She reached up to touch the mirror but couldn’t quite reach the corner so she got up on to the sink and laid a finger on the surface.  A tingle of excitement flowed down her finger and through her arm, right to her pussy and she let out a little gasp as she pulled her finger away.

As she did, the ripple re-appeared and she cocked her head slightly to the side in confusion, what could it be?

She pressed her finger to the mirror’s surface again and the same wave of pleasure came through, this time she left her finger on the mirror and the pleasure started to build slowly.

She finally managed to pull her finger away just before the pleasure became too great.  She pushed back slightly, not sure what was happening, but the memory of the pleasure was still fresh and she slowly extended her hand and laid it across the mirror.

She gasped as the intense pleasure washed over her, her pussy buzzing like her best vibrator had been pushed in deep and turned up to 11.

She leaned in close, staring at her own reflection and as the pleasure continued to rise her nose touched the mirror, followed by her lips and then her tongue as she closed her eyes and let it take her away.

Judy’s free hand wiggled it’s way to her pussy as her hips gently rocked back and forth, the pleasure continuing to build until she came hard.

Judy pulled back from the mirror and looked at herself as the ripples smoothed out, but there was something wrong.  She turned to look towards the door but all that was there was a pitch black emptiness.  Turning around she found the same thing all around her, the only thing she could see was the outline of the mirror.

In it, she saw herself smiling.  Then her reflection gave a wink and a wave and walked out of sight.

Judy strode confidently from the bathroom, her timid, weakness left behind.  Tom was going to be a lot of fun tonight, at least she hoped he would be.  She could still feel her other self’s feelings for him, so sappy and unimaginative.

No, if even half of Kaitlin’s rumors were true, he’d be a lot of fun, maybe even a keeper for a while until she found someone better.

Either way though, now that she was on this side, she was going to make sure that not another day was wasted hoping for something to happen, no she would be the one to make it happen.