Alice relaxed on the lumpy bed of the hotel room, her laptop displaying the results from the first day at the trade show.  Her hips were curled in to a frown as she removed her glasses from her nose and sighed.

The knock at the door startled her and she jerked slightly before sliding the laptop to the side and standing up, smoothing out a few wrinkles in her business suit and making sure her short black hair was presentable, before walking over to the door and opening it.

“Oh, hi Robert, come on in.” she said to the VP of sales, technically her boss but everyone knew she was the brains of the sales department.  She’d been there for twenty years and Robert had only joined a few years ago.

“Thanks Alice, did you see the numbers?” he said, handing her a coffee.

“Yes, they don’t look very good, perhaps the second day will generate more interest.” she replied in her normal cold tone as she opened the lid of the coffee and found it was her usual.

“Yea, I was talking to one of the the companies VP of Sales and they’ve got hundreds of leads.  I think we need to do something different.”

“Oh?  What did you have in mind?” Alice replied, taking a sip of the hot beverage, it tasted better than she had expected and took another, larger sip.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed the bevy of blondes walking the booths?”

She nodded without taking her lips from the cup, ‘God, he wasn’t going to suggest booth babes was he?’ she thought as she took a larger gulp from the cup.

“The other VP told me they had one too, for really special customers they arranged private meetings for them.”

Alice almost spit out the last of the coffee that she’d just taken from the cup but it tasted so good she managed to keep it in.  As it flowed down her throat she felt her entire body start to tingle.

“I don’t think we can compete with all those blondes, but maybe something a little more exotic…” Robert said as Alice looked in to the mirror behind him.  Her tingling had intensified and she felt an unfamiliar tickle of hair on her shoulders and the reflection in the mirror show her the source.

She watched her hair grow out and down her back until it almost reached her ass.  Under her suit she could feel her body shifting, tightening and the reflection showed years of work fading away in to perfect youthful skin.

“Rob…bert!” she managed to get out just as her pussy exploded in pleasure, she stumbled back against the bed and sat down to steady herself.

She felt Roberts hand touch her cheek and then caress her jaw line before finally tilting her head up so she was looking right in to his eyes.  He leaned down as her body felt like it was on fire with need and whispered in to her ear.

“That’s right Alice, let it happen.  Just focus on being the perfect sales tool for the company.  Doing whatever it takes to make the client happy.  Obeying your superiors every command.”

Alice felt the words penetrate her mind as a gasp escaped her lips.  She fell backwards on to the bed and arched her back as the orgasm crested, letting out a cry of pleasure.

“So Jim, as you know we’re updating out company image…” Robert said as Alice watched him enter the room with the older man beside him.

She leaned up against the window and pushed her hip out, resting her hand on it as she posed in her lingerie.

Jim stopped walking as soon as he entered the room, “Oh, yes.  Jim, I’m sure you remember Alice?” Robert said.

“A…Alice?” Jim managed to get out.

“Oh hello sir!” Alice responded and stood up straight, pushing her breasts out before walking seductively over to him.

Jim managed to drag his eyes from her body and look at Robert, “Alice… who managed to get me to pay more than you were asking during out last negotiations?”

“Yep.” Robert responded.

“Alice… who charged me a 30 day late fee for being one day over on my account?”


Jim’s lips curled in to a wicked smile and turned back to Alice, “Alice… who fucked me so many ways over the years I lost count?”, he said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in to him, then slide his hands down and squeezed her ass hard.

Alice parted her lips slightly and closed her eyes before let out a low moan, “Mmmmmm… yes baby.”

“Well, why don’t I leave the two of you alone to negotiate for a bit, I’m sure Alice will be more than willing to fulfill all of your requirements.”

Jim didn’t respond, he had his tongue half way down Alice’s throat and for her part Alice was dry humping Jim, so Robert left the room knowing the second day of the trade show was going much better than the first had.