Mia looked in the mirror and frowned, everything looked grey and grab.  It wasn’t like it had always been that way, she clearly remembered the bright colours of her dress, the smooth tones of her makeup and the colourful bedding she’d picked out.

But over the last few weeks, all those wonderful colours had faded away until all she saw was shades of grey.

She turned back to her wardrobe and flicked through the professional attire she wore every day, but nothing seemed to look any different and so she resigned herself to another miserable day.

Mia walked through the mall looking for new clothing in her favorite store, but just like the endless hours over the last week she’d spent, nothing popped.  Nothing was anything but grey.

Finally, she walked out of the store and in to the next one until a small flash of colour caught he eye.  It wasn’t where she was expecting to see it, near the back in the lingerie section, but buried under the drab grey day to day wear was a single box with a bra half sticking out of it, the dark black lace partially covering the bright red/pink of the undergarment.

She let her fingers run over the vibrant colour and a tingle ran up her arm, down her spine and nestled in to her pussy.  Involuntarily she let out a small moan and hugged the box to her body.  Looking around to make sure no one saw her, she quickly went to the cashier and then straight home.

Mia looked in the mirror, the colour of the lingerie stood in stark contrast to the grey of the world.  Her vision was filled with it as she swayed her hips side to side, the colour against her breasts caused her nipples to stand erect, the colour just above her vigiana caused it to buzz with excitement.

She let her hands roam over her body and then stepped back and sat on the bed, never taking her eyes off of the mirror as she leaned back and slipped her fingers underneath her panties.

They stroked her outer lips and then slipped inside of her, moving deep and then sliding back out.  In and out they went, over and over as her hips moved in time with them.  She watched the colour on her panties rise and fall in the mirror as her breathing grew ragged and she felt herself grow more and more aroused.

But releases would not come and so she laid back and let her fingers slide out from under her panties and up to her lips.  She licked her sweat taste from them and eventually fell asleep, exhausted.

Mia couldn’t see the colour of her lingerie, but she could *feel* it under her boring grey clothing and that sent a tickle of pleasure throughout her body.

She’d worn them each day this week since she’d bought them and things had, well not been better, but at least not been any worse.

She walked in to the salon and waited for her appointment, picking up a magazine and flicking through the pages, until she was called.

When she heard her names she walked back in to her stylist’s area and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Sheila, what have you done to your hair?” Mia asked, she’d never really paid much attention to Sheila’s hair before, but today it shone like the sun and warmed every inch of Mia’s skin.

“My hair?  Nothing, just my normal platinum blonde, why?”

“I… I love it!” Mia responded, taking a strand of her own long black hair between her fingers and staring at it, “I wish mine was as nice as yours.”

“You… you want to dye your hair?  But you always say you hate how you look as a blonde…”

“I… I know, but I want to do it!” Mia said, as the words passed over her lips her whole body shook with excitement.

“Well ok, it’s going to take a while, but have a seat.”

Mia walked towards her apartment door after a long day at the mall.  After she’d spent several hours having her hair dyed, she’d also had a complete makeover and had them do her makeup as well.  Afterwards she’d gone shopping and found all kinds of things that were so much better than anything she had.

She especially like the tight red dress she was wearing at the moment, it came to just below her bum and just above her nipples but it matched her bright red 6″ heels perfectly!

She heard a door down the hall open and saw Russel step out of his apartment.  He was a little older than she was but always presented himself well, wearing a suit and tie, but like almost everything else she saw, he was grey and boring.  He’d hit on her once, but he wasn’t quite her type so she’d declined in no uncertain terms.

“Hi Mia.” he called as he closed the door to his apartment.

“Hiya Russel!” she smiled and wave to him.  

He turned towards her and she caught sight of his tie for the first time, it was the same tie he always wore, but today for some reason it was filled with swirling colours.

She gasped and dropped the bag she was carrying as the colours flowed over his entire suit, then up his neck and across his face, it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen and it was walking right towards her.

“You’re looking… sexy… today Mia.  How are you feeling?” he asked as he stopped just in front of her.

She reached out with her fingertips and touched the swirling colours of his tie and her whole body came alive with pleasure, a small orgasm nearly taking her to her knees.

“*giggle*” was all that she managed to get out as a response.

“Mmmm… yea, you’re ready aren’t you?” he said with a grin.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards his apartment, “You know, you held out longer than most.  I guess you made up for it though by going all the way in just one day.”

He led her in to his apartment and closed the door behind them, she couldn’t take it any longer and leaned in and kissed him.  It was like kissing a rainbow, wet and colourful and perfect.

She slide down his body and quickly undid his belt and pants, releasing the treasure she knew was there.  Her painted lips wrapped around him and an explosion of colour burst forth in her mind, radiating outward to every part of her body.

She felt him grab her long platinum blonde hair on each side and take control of her motion, she let it happen eagerly as his tip reached the back of her mouth and then pushed down her throat.

She managed to look up at him as he stroked back out and in.  In and out, in and out, each time the pinwheel of colours spinning in her head brought her closer and closer to her goal.

He stiffened and she tasted his hot seed hit the back of her mouth, she swallowed greedily as the colours in her mind did what she didn’t think was possible and become even more vibrant as her body spasmed with an intense orgasm and the colours consumed what was left of the old Mia.