Justine struggled against her bonds as the wizard chanted his incantations and drew the mystic symbols of power in the air with his hands.

“Mmmmghh…” she tried to call out through the gag to no avail.

She looked over at the other side of the circle, the metal body cast stood there, propped up on a stand as thin filaments of magic jumped from the wizard to it, the back across the circle to her.

She was desperate to interrupt the spell but she was at a lost as to how she might do it, bound tightly to the chair as she was.

Finally, the chanting stopped and she looked over to the wizard, who had stopped moving after closing the spell book on the stand in front of him.

She was too late, she felt one final jump of magic from the body cast to her and then, her racing heart started to slow.

Her body felt limp as she watched the wizard walk over to her chair and start to remove the bonds, there was no need for them now.

Once they had been removed, she stood up lazily and tried to focus, she had to resist.  She couldn’t give in to… it.

She started to turn towards the cast and caught her self just in time, closing her eyes tightly.

“Yes, that’s right, feel it pulling on your very soul.” the wizard said.

“Ng… ng… no.” she managed to get out between gritted teeth.

“That’s alright we have all the time in the world now.  I’ll be back shortly.” he said as he turned and walked from the chamber.

She tried to turn and follow him, but even with the restrains that had held her lying on the floor, she could not take one step away from the cast.

She was bound to it now and would never be any farther from it that she had been when the binding had taken place.  It was powerful magic, magic that no one could resist, especially not a lowly thief like her.

It was the punishment the council had declare for her when she’d been caught trying to steal a scroll from the Keep’s library.  They didn’t take kindly to such trespasses and so her punishment had to be more public.

She heard the door open and opened her eyes to take a look, too late realizing her mistake as she had not turned her head.  The cast filled her vision and her mouth dropped open as a small gasp escaped her.

It was beautiful, she raised a hand and stretch out towards it, it looked so nice to touch.

Just as she was about to take a step forward, she curled her fingers and pulled them back, no, it was the binding talking.  It wanted her to come closer she had to resist.

“Oh, so close.” the wizard said re-entering the room, “But at least you’ve seen it now.  One step at a time as they say.”

He walked over to the cast, pulling the chair she had been bound in before along with him.  He set a glass of water down on the chair.

“Thirsty?  Just pick up the water and drink as much as you like.”

She liked her lips, “Ne… ne… never.”

“As you say.” he replied, walking back over to his books and pulling one down to read.

She licked her lips, they were dry and she was thirsty.  The water was just a few steps away, if she could maybe reach out and take it without getting any closer…

Before she realized it, her right foot too a step forward and her arm reach out again.  She tried to stop but it was too late, her fingers reached for the glass, only to detour at the last moment and come to rest against the cold steam of the cast.

A bolt of pleasure coursed through her body and she moaned loudly from it, drawing the attention of the wizard.

“Ah, the good old water trick, always does them in”

She whimpered at the realization as she tried to remove her hand from the cast but simply could not.  Knowing she had made the mistake, she decided to at least get the water and reach down with her other hand and brought the glass to her lips.

The cold water was refreshing and she placed the glass back on the chair.  Letting her guard down for just a moment as she enjoyed the refreshment of the water, she didn’t notice her other hand making contact with the cast until the second wave of pleasure hit her.

When she recovered, the wizard was beside her, “Won’t be needing this any more.” he said as he removed the chair, but she paid no attention to him.

Now, so close to the cast, both hands on it, she could almost hear it calling to her.  She walked around it, trying to keep her distance as best she could but the cold metal of the cast against her hands sent thrilling jolts of pleasure through her body as they slide against it’s surface.

She stopped at the back of it and placed her hands on each of it’s “hips”, a sudden image flashed in her mind of herself standing inside of it.  It was followed but more pleasure.

She whimpered some more before kneeling down and looking up in to the cavity of the cast, she could just try it out, just for a moment, that wouldn’t be so bad?

She fought it, tried to deny it, but soon found herself sliding up in to it.  Her head came out of the top and as the rest of her body pressed up against the metal she threw her head aback and let out a cry of pleasure.

She came back to her senses and managed keep her back tilted back, trying desperately to fight against the desire to simply lean her head forwards in to the what she was sure was pure bliss.

“A fighter to the end, good, those are always the best.”  the wizard said as she fought, “But enough is enough, let’s get on with this.”

She felt his hand come down hard on her ass, the feeling was like nothing she’d experienced before, not pain but pleasure.  It burst forth from her ass cheek and washed over her body.  She let out a gasp and tilted her head forward, the cast filling her vision and before she could stop herself, she felt it’s cold metal against her face.

The orgasms seemed to go on forever as they burned away much of what had been Justine and the metal of the cast bonded with her flesh.

In front of the Keep’s library stood the latest guard, it’s vacant eyes fixed firmly forward through the metal mask of it’s armour.  It would spend much of it’s considerably long existence in this position, only moving when a threat emerged or one of the wizards required it’s services in their private quarters.