The park was lovely at this time of year and I often can out and enjoyed a relaxing morning sitting on a bench as the bustle of the world moved around me.

Even after thousands of years, the beauty of nature was a welcome respite and today looked to be a glorious sunny day to enjoy it.

Relaxing in a secluded area usually meant I had the time to myself, but today was interrupted by a jogger, who was apparently as surprised to see me as she stumbled as she came down the stairs and nearly fell head first on to the path.

I stood up and offered her assistance, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, fine, I’ve just never seen anyone back here this early in the morning.” she replied as she took my hand and looked up at me as she regained her feet.

It was her eyes that caught my attention, they were penetrating and seemed to look right in to me.

With a slight laugh I replied, “That makes two of us!”

She brushed off her light jacked and shorts before returning a smile, “Well, I should be going.”

Just as she started off, I called out, “Wait, I want to show you something…”

She paused and turned around, looking at what I was pulling out from my pocket, a small green gem.

I held it out and she chocked her head to the side just before it levitated from my hand.

“What the…” she managed to get out before the spinning gem capture all of her focus.

I focused my thoughts through the gem and she started to change.  Her jacket split open, revealing her sports bra which quickly changed colour and shape as her breasts expanded outward.  Her lips puffed up and her skin softened just slightly.

As the changes completed the gem stopped spinning and fell back in to the palm of my hand, I placed it back in to my pocket for safe keeping as she blinked several times until her eyes focused on me once more.

A smile crossed her lips as her hands came up her body and over her breasts as she took a step towards me.  By the time she arrived at my feet, she had knelt down on the steps and looked up at me with those same penetrating eyes.  Only now there was something more behind them, lust.

She quickly worked my pants and pulled them down, freeing me from their confines and she wrapped her lips around my hardening shaft.  She stroked up and down, taking me deep in to her mouth until she was sure I was rigid.  Then she unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground as she wrapped her breasts around my shaft and squeezed them around it.

She opened her lips and moaned lightly as she worked my between her breasts, but always kept her eyes locked on to mine.

When my cum spurt forth on to her chin and chest I watched her orgasm rock her.  Her eyes opening wide as it washed over her and then finally closing as her lust had been satisfied.

I pulled my pants back up and walked away.  The effects of the gem would wear off soon enough and all she would remember was a pleasant run through the park.  Perhaps she’d run this way again and smile as she jogged past the bench, or maybe I’d drop by again some time for some more time with nature.