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Laura looked in to the mirror and heard her own words echo in a memory at the question Kevin had asked, “The client is always right.”

It was the second rule and Kevin had made sure she had known it before sending her out to meet with her first client.

That was when she’d finally figured out what a “client liaison” was.  She went to client meetings and returned to Kevin with the payments from the clients.

Of course what happened between the start of the meeting and when she left was what the payments were for and the clients seemed to be quite satisfied with the results.

She didn’t always have the same clients, some would be repeats, others she would see only once.  But after a while a certain pattern had settled in, in particular one client seemed to be having more and more meetings with her.

It had all come down to a meeting they had had a few weeks ago, just as she was leaving, he’d made an off hand comment to her, “You’d look better as a bleached blonde.” he’d said.

As she’d walked out, rule number two had popped in to her head and the very next day she’d gone to the salon and gotten her hair bleached platinum blonde.

The next time he saw her, he’d been ecstatic with the change and increased the number of meetings they were having.

It was in one of those “extra” meetings he’d mentioned how much better her lips would look around his cock with some filler in them.  She’d arrange for that over the next couple of days.

Laura looked down and pushed her small tits up until her reflection had some small semblance of cleavage.  She was getting ready for her client meeting today and his words were still rattling around her brain, “God, you’d look amazing with a big set of fake tits on you.”

She let her breasts drop and she walked back out to the bedroom, flopping down on the bed with her laptop.  She scrolled down the list of local plastic surgeons and clicked through to several of their sites before selecting three and booking consultations with them.

She was going to look amazing with a big set of take tits, she knew it was true because the client was always right.