Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Kacey pulled the over sized case from the overhead bin and looked around, finding the most likely culprit, “Excuse me sir, is this yours?”


“I’m afraid I’m going to have to have it checked, it’s too big to fit in the overhead bin.  Is there anything you need out of it?”

“But that’s my carry on, you can’t check it!”

“I’m sorry sir, it’s just too big, but it’s a complementary service and you can pick it up with the rest of your luggage at your destination.”

The man gave a gruff sigh and turned away, ignoring her.  She pulled the case behind her and made her way back up through the cabin to first class, which seemed unusually empty with a single passenger.  She the handed the bag over to one of the tarmac workers and, with a final check of the cabin, closed the aircrafts door.

Takeoff went smoothly and soon they were safely in the air.  Kacey unbuckled her safety belt and quickly got to her work, the first thing on her list was to close off the “privacy” screen between first class and coach and then went to check on her passenger, as she approached, a chill crawled up her spine and she turned, walked through the center seats without disturbing him.

The first hour of the flight was uneventful, she and the other attendants managed to do the service and get settled in for the flight.  After a bit, she headed back to the coach section and opened the overhead bin that contained her personal carry on.  As she leaned in, a sudden shiver ran up her spine.

She looked over her shoulder towards first class and saw the passenger looking right at her, a red glow emanating from his eyes.

The chill reached her brain and burst forth throughout her body, she steadied herself with a hand on the back of the seat as she felt her uniform start to change.  The material smoothed out and retracted, her heels pushed her upward and she lost her balance and found herself kneeling on the arm of the seat.

She felt her body tighten and expand at the same time as she reached up and held on as the changes started to subside.

Still looking at the man in first class, the chill receded from her body and she felt relief that whatever it was was over.  Just as she was about to step down, the chill collapsed in to her mind and instead of disappearing, sent spikes of pleasure through her brain.  Her mouth opened as a silent orgasm rocked her body.

KC steadied herself on her heels, never letting her eyes leave the glowing red stare of the man in first class.  Her pussy was wet as she carefully placed one foot in front of the other and moved slowly but deliberately towards him.

She closed the privacy curtain behind her as her hips swung from side to side and her boobs bounced up and down with only a little extra effort on her part.

She stood in front of him, her lips parted as he looked down.  She followed his gaze as she sank to her knees, unwrapping his cock from the impossibly dark pants he wore, her lips engulfed it.

KC’s head bobbed up and down on the center of her world as the hum of the aircraft coursed through her body, soon she felt his hands grip her head and pull her up and off of his shaft.

She let his hands guide her up on to his lap and she hiked her skirt up around her waist as she lowered herself down on to him.  She felt his eyes focus on her large breasts and she quickly pulled them out as she rode him.

He squeezed them and pulled at her nipples as she felt her orgasm building, it was close but there was something holding it back.

She rocked her hips, leaned in and moaned as he twister her nipples, “Please…” she said in a small quite voice that dripped with her need.

She felt his cock stiffen inside of her and he pulled her up and off of him.  Setting her down, she quickly got back on her knees and used both of her hands to work him until the first spray of cum hit her face.

Before the second stream came from him, KC’s orgasm was rocking her body.

KC spent the rest of the flight between his legs, making sure he was warm, comfortable and all his needs were taken care of.