Kelly laid out on the sun cot and let the warmth of the Caribbean sun permeate every pour of her body.  It was cold and snowy back home and she need this vacation more than she’d realized.

She didn’t think she could afford it, but when the company she worked for unexpectedly gave out Christmas bonus’, she knew just what to do with it.  Searching the discount vacation sites, she’d found a new resort that was just going to be opening when she started her vacation and were offering deep discounts to their first guests.

She’d submitted her order right away and after a quick questionnaire, that was part of the deal, she was booked.

Now, her she was lying in the sun, not a care in the world.  She’d tossed in her old swimsuit, an old blue one piece that covered her up and not much else in to a suitcase and headed out.

She kind of thought that was a mistake now, looking around the pool, there were a lot of women wearing skimpy swimsuits and a few that were even topless.  Suddenly a shadow cross over her and she look up at one of the staff.

“Excuse me miss, I noticed you didn’t have any sunscreen, would you like some complementary lotion?”

“Oh, yes, please!”  she took the bottle that was offered and slathered some one.  If felt good, it relaxed her even more as she laid back and let her cares float away on the island breeze, the speaker behind her playing a catchy little tune.

Kelly looked down at her old swimsuit and frowned, it really wasn’t in style and hardly fit to wear if she was honest.  So, instead of going straight to the pool, she made a detour to the hotel shop and found something more appropriate, a basic black two piece.

She headed back to the pool and found a cot and applied some more of the sunscreen from the day before.  She still had a bit left once she was done, she’d have to remember to drop by the store again when she headed back to the room.

After a nice afternoon in the sun, Kelly stood up from the cot and packed up her things before heading back to the room, including the full bottle of sunscreen.  She didn’t pay it any attention, the pool attendant must have dropped by and replaced it and so she let the thought drift away from her mind and headed in to find some dinner.

On the third day Kelley was absolutely in love with he resort, she’d found her cot once more and spread out on her back, letting the sun do it’s best to defeat the sunscreen.  As the music played she drifted off and had an amazing dream.

She was by the pool, her black swimsuit warm from the sun, her body soaking up the sun, when a mysterious man walked up and smiled down at her.  She smiled back up at him and he then reached down and grabbed the sunscreen, squirting some out on to his hands.

Then his hands found her breasts, the sunscreen soaking in to the swimsuit, turning it transparent.  She moaned as he massaged her tits, but she gasped when his lotion soaked fingers found her pussy.  She mewed with need as his fingers work the sunscreen in to the bikini bottoms and she orgasmed when they slipped under them in in to her.

When she woke, she headed back to her room, in the elevator, the mirrors reflected her now transparent bikini, her nipples, pussy and bush clearly visible through them.

She smiled as a wave of pleasure rushed over her as the memory of the man rubbing the lotion in to her tits and pussy came back to her.  By the time she arrived at her room, she was having trouble keeping her fingers from her pussy and wasted not time in collapsing on to the bed in to a needful pile of lush and pleasure.

Kelly relaxed on the cot, her top long since gone, her pussy visible to anyone who walked by, the music playing behind her head.  She was have dreams, no fantasies, no she wasn’t sure what they were other than pleasurable, of men walking over to her and groping her body.

All the while, she lay there, motionless as they squeezed her tits, patted her pussy, pushed their fingers in to her mouth.  Motionless except for the occasional shiver as another orgasm washed over her.

Kelly lay naked on the cot as the shadow of the man came over her, she did not move, did not smile, she simply waited.

A moment later she felt the man get on to the cot with her, then lower himself on top of her.  His lips pushed up against hers and then his tongue pushed between them.  His hand grabbed one of her tits and squeezed as she remained motionless.

Then she felt his cock push up against her pussy, pause for just a moment, and then continue on it to her.

He was the first to fuck her that day, but wasn’t the last.  Once her shift was over, she silently stood and headed back to her room.  It was her last day at the resort and she had pack before heading home.

Kelley walked to the front desk, “Hello, I’m room 469, I’m checking out.” she said.

“Oh yes mam.  I have a note here from the hotel manager, he’d like to see you before you go.  A final questionnaire about our resort, you understand.”

“Of course.”

“Great, his office is just over there.” the receptionist said and pointed at a door.

She entered his office and smiled, “I just want to say I love your hotel.” she beamed.

“I’ve very glad to hear that.  I’ve just got a quick questionnaire for you to fill out before you leave.”

“Of course.”

She took the proffered paper and started with the first question.

“Are you completely satisfied with your stay?”  Well, duh, yes she though as she marked the paper.

“Would you come back again?”  Another easy yes.

“Would you work for the resort?”  Sure, why not.

“Would you obey your superiors?”  She scrunched her forehead at the strange question for only a moment before checking off yes once more.

“Would you do anything for the resort?”  Another yes.

“Is the resort the most important thing in your life?”  The yes’s were coming easier and easier now.

“Do you belong to the resort?”  Yes she checked as an orgasm washed over her.

Memories of the last few days crashed back, her body on display for everyone to see.  The men using her as she laid there, the orgasms from being used.

She was nothing more than a piece of property, own and used by the resort for whatever purpose they saw fit.

Her whole body shook as the biggest orgasm yet rocked her at the realization.

When she recovered, she looked at the manager and smiled, “How may I serve the resort Sir.”