“Sooooo… let me get this straight, you can change reality with that thing?” Crissy asked at the man who had come up to her outside of the supermarket holding a small black device in his hand.

“Well, yes.  Yes I can.” he replied.

“I don’t believe it.” she stated.

“Oh that’s ok, it doesn’t matter if you believe it, it’s true none the less.”

“Whatever, I’ve got to get going.” she said and tried to take a step forward but her feet seemed stuck to the ground below her.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Oh, well I couldn’t have you walking off as I made changes could I?”

“Changes, what changes?”

“Well, for example, were your boobs that big when you entered the market?”

She looked down at her large boobs, squished together by her bra.

“Uh… I… I’m not sure?”

“Of course you are, just think about it for a moment.” he said and pressed a button.

“Oh!  Of course my tities have always been this big!  That doesn’t prove anything!”

“And the tight top and short shorts?” he asked as he pressed the button again.

“Well duh… of course, I always dress like a slut to show off my tits and ass!”

“And the long blonde hair?” he asked while pressing the button again.

“Like, oh my gawd, I’ve totally dyed my hair forever! *giggle*”

“Of course, how silly of me.  Well since this thing doesn’t work, I guess that means you’ve always been my horny little bimbo that just can’t get enough of my cock, right?”

“*giggle* Like totally baby!”

He stepped towards her and wrapped her arm around her waist.  Crissy melted in to him and rubbed her big tits up against him.

“So, like, when we get to your car, can I totally suck your cock?”

“Well, only if you swallow every last drop.”

“Eeeeeeeee…” she squealed in delight, “Of course baby, I’d like, never let a drop go to waste! *giggle*”