Jessica woke up, her head hurt and the world seemed to be spinning around her.  She grabbed the sides of her head and tried to stop it but only time seemed to help and a few minutes later some semblance of normalcy returned.

She managed to sit up and swing her legs over the side of the bed and then looked around the room, it was small and spartan and she didn’t recognize it.  She tried to think back, she had been on vacation, on the beach when a man had approached her and her friend.

The last thing she remembered was a sudden flash of light and then waking up here.

“Cassie?” she called out but only the echo from the walls replied.

Suddenly she realized there was something around her neck, she reached up and touched the wide metal band, her fingers searching for a clasp or latch but finding none.

She jumped up and almost toppled over, she looked down and while she was still wearing her bathing suit, she was also wearing a ridiculous pair of high heels.

She sat back down and reach out to remove the shoes but her fingers stop as she tried to undo the buckles that held them on.  A barely noticeable shiver ran up her neck, but as she struggled it grew more and more intense until finally she pulled her hands away from the shoes and it disappeared.

Jessica tried to panic, but the tickles returned and she found herself unable to.

With no other choice, she stood back up and walked to the door, she reached to the handle and like the buckles on her shoes, found her fingers unable to work it.

After a futile few minutes, she turned from the door and walked around the room.  It had a small dresser with a mirror on top of it.  The top of the dresser was filled with cosmetics of all kinds.  She picked up a bottle of lip glass and tried to hurl it across the room, but her arm would not swing, her hand would not release, instead she stood there with her hand out clasping the bottle.

Then, the door opened and a man in a white lab coat walked it.  She tried once more to throw the bottle, this time at his head, but it ended in the same result.

He tapped his tablet that he held in his left hand and then looked up at her, “Yes, standard responses.  No surprise there.  Ok, let’s get started, what’s your name?”

Jessica wanted to yell at him to fuck off, but instead her mouth betrayed her, “Jessica Winters, sir.” she answered in a docile tone.

“Good response, proper tone and correct identifier.  Very good Jessica.”

“Thank you sir.” she responded but there was something else as well, a small wave of pleasure tickled her brain as she did so.

“Alright Jessica, I’m sure you have a few questions so let me answer the obvious ones right up front.  Yes you’ve been ‘kidnapped’.  Yes the collar around your neck is why you don’t have control of your body.  Yes your friend is fine, she didn’t quite meet our standards so she’s happily on her way back home as we speak.  Yes, that does mean it’s been three days since we picked you up on the beach.”

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she tried to scream, to run, to do anything but her body maddeningly staid still.

“Let me think, anything else?  Hummm… oh I know.  No, no one is going to come looking for you.  Your friends and relatives believe you’ve been whisked away by a rich suitor.  Your friend, let me see… Cassie?… even remembers meeting him and has been beaming about how lucky you are to anyone who will listen.  Your social network feeds have been filled with happy posts and pictures, well fake pictures, but they’ll fool even the best.  In a few weeks you’ll let everyone know you’re moving to his home country to get married but that you won’t have access to the internet so you’re going to close all your accounts.”

Jessica fought even harder but still nothing happened.

“Now, follow me, your new owner is waiting.”

“Yes sir.”

Jessica walked a few paces behind the man in the lab coat as the walked out of the room and then the building.  She felt the cool ocean air on her face as they left the building and she knew they must still be on the island.  He lead her through the facility until they came upon a pool, then they went to the far side of it where there was a private cabana with a man relaxing in a coat.

“Mr. Williams, may I present Jessica Winters.”

Jessica looked at the man and her body pushed her chest out and smiled, “Hello Mr. Williams.  It is a *pleasure* to meet you.”

The man smiled a wicked grin, “I believe the pleasure is going to be all mine Jessica.”

“Well, I will leave you too it Mr. Williams.  Let me know if there are any additional tweaks required.”

Mr. Williams nodded and the other man left, leaving her standing as if on display.

“Take off the bikini.”  Mr. Williams commanded and Jessica’s hands moved on their own, sliding each of the straps down her arms in turn, but she found to her amazement she could still cover her nipples and privates as she did so.

“Very nice, I do like the ‘false’ modesty they built in, but let’s drop those hands now.”

Jessica’s hands fell to her sides, exposing her nipples and pussy in all their glory.

“Tell me Jessica, do you like a hard cock sliding between those two big tits of yours?”

Jessica screamed a string of vulgarities at him, or tried to, but instead her sultry response was “Mmmm… yes.  I love it when a man fucks my titties.”

“That’s what I thought, come on over her and let’s see you in action.”

Jessica’s body walked over, her hips swinging from side to side as her body did it’s best to counter the motion by swaying her breasts in the opposite direction.

Mr. Williams stood up and opened his housecoat, letting it fall to his feet before sitting back down on the lounger with his legs spread.

Jessica’s body knelt down and squeezed his hardening shaft between her breasts and started to move her body up and down as her hands pushed them together.

Her head turned up wards, her lips parted and a moan escaped them as she looked in to his eyes.  She could see lust there and a different tingle came from the collar as pleasure coursed from her breasts and her pussy started to moisten.

“Oh, they’ve done a good job on that.”  He said as he reached down and press his thumb against her lower lip.  Her body responded by wrapping her lips around it and suck it in as her body continued to use her breasts to stroke him.

He let her body continue for several minutes, then, using his thumb and placing his fingers under her chin, guided her up until she was standing in front of him.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her in the rest of the way and pushed her down on to his cock, a gasp and moan escaped her lips and a wave of pleasure washed over her.

Her hips started to rock, moving him in and out of her, as he grabbed one of her breasts and brought it to his mouth.  He wrapped his lips around it and sucked hard, taking the nipple between his teeth holding it tight as he pulled back.

“Mmmmm… yes baby, abuse that nipple as I ride your big hard cock!” her voice called out.

She knew it should be painful, but all that was coming from her body was pleasure.  Wave after wave of pleasure and it was driving her over the edge.  Her body wanted to cum so badly but for some reason didn’t seem to be able to.

She felt him release her nipple from between his teeth and it spring back towards her, “Aaaahhh!  Yes!”

He clasped her other nipple with his teeth and pulled back, her body, or may it was her, she could no longer tell, sped up the rocking of her hips and pushed him deeper and deeper in to her.

He released her nipple and she could feel her orgasm so close, “Do you want to cum Jessica?”

“Yes!  Yes!  God yes!” she cried out, half mad from the pleasure.

“All you have to do is tell me what I am and I’ll let you cum.” he said.

“Let… me… cum…” she responded, half out of confusion, half out of need.

“Yes, you can only cum when I let you now.  And all you have to do is tell me what I am.”

Jessica bit her lower lip and tried to ram his cock deeper in to her, desperate to cross the line and cum.

“Please… please…” she whimpered.

“Tell me…” he said, taking one of her nipples between his thumb and finger and pulling it towards him.

“what I…” he said, doing the same with the other nippled.

“am.” he finished with a hard twist of her nipples, sending pleasure coursing through her body.

“My owner!” she cried out as the orgasm crashed over her, her body spasming on his cock.

Before it ended she felt his hands grab her hips and lift her off of him, letting her body fall to the ground.  Then a moment later she felt his hot seed splash across her tits and face and an even more powerful orgasm consumed her.