Cassidy looked in the mirror, her best friend and room mate standing behind her, a total contrast to her dower appearance.

“Oh my god Cassidy, stop mopping around and do something about it!”  Angie said, flicking a long strand of blonde hair over her ear as she did.

Cassidy reached up and touch a strand of her own brown hair and her frown deepened even more.

“I don’t know…” she started but Angie was having none of it.

“You’ve been mopping around like a puppy caught in the rain for months after Mark, he’s made three passes at me, let me help you!  That’s what friends are for.”

“He’s asked you out?” Cassidy asked, her heart sinking further.

“Duh… of course.  I’d have said yes too if Tom wasn’t such a stud.”

Cassidy pictured Tom, slightly overweight, quite a bit older than Angie and the last think she thought of as a stud, but Angie was totally smitten with him and had been going on and on about him since they’d hooked up a few months ago.  Come to think of it, that was about when Angie had started wearing more makeup and gotten her hair dyed.

“Well… maybe…” she started to waffle, but Angie just charged ahead.

“Good,” Angie said and dove in to her purse, pulling out a lipstick, “we’ll start with this.”

Angie grabbed Cassidy’s chin and tilted her head back a bit and started applying the lipstick.  Cassidy felt the smooth, thick colour coating her lips and a little tingle came from them.

“Ohhh… that… feels…”

“Nice, right?  I know, these are the best cosmetics!  Tom hooked me up with them.”

Cassidy tried to reply but the tingling had spread from her lips to all over her face and all she could manage was a little moan.

“Now you just relax and let me help you.  Trust me, I know what Mark wants.”

Cassidy felt the tingling spread through the rest of her body as Angie’s words floated in to her head and all the tension in her body left her.  She did trust her friend after all, she knew what Mark wanted and was going to help her.

Angie walked out of the bathroom and returned a few minutes later with a bag and a chair.  She placed the chair by the counter and the bag on the toilet seat.  She opened the bag and pulled out several bottles.

“Ok, first things first, get undressed and wet your hair.”

Cassidy was slow to respond, fighting through the pleasant fog that had rolled in to her mind, but slowly she removed her clothing and then walked over to the shower and turned on the water, letting it run over her head, soaking her hair.

“Perfect, now sit down in the chair.”

Cassidy squeezed some of the water from her head and then took a seat while Angie popped the top from one of the bottles and squirted some of it’s contents in to her glove covered hand.

Angie started to rub it in to her hair and the strong smell of chemicals filled the room and she took in a deep breath.

“That’s right, take it in, take it all in.  This is going to wash away that boring brown hair, that boring dull life and replace it with such a bright happy colour!”

Cassidy felt the words sink in, was her life really boring?  It must be, Angie had said it was and she trusted her.

She felt the chemicals sinking in to her scalp as Angie continued to talk.

“Guys like Mark want bright, happy, bubbly girls.  Girls that giggle at their dumb jokes, girls that hang on their every want and desire.  Girls that look like dolls on the outside and are just as empty on the inside, just waiting for a man to fill them up.”

Cassidy felt her mind slipping away from her, her friends words pushing out all of the old ideas and forcing their way deep down in to the very essence of who she was.

“There… perfect.  Now we’ll just let that set for a few minutes.”  Angie said, taking a step back and removing the plastic gloves from her hands.

Angie dug in to the bag once more and pulled out another pair of gloves, slipping them on once more, she grabbed another bottle and squeezed out another liquid in to her hands.

“You know what else guys like Mark want in a girl?” she asked and Cassidy was just able to shake her head slowly.

“They like girls with big tits!” Angie replied as she walked around in front of her and extended her hands on to her bare chest, rubbing the goop in to her small breasts.

Cassidy felt a sudden warmth spread over her chest which was followed by a tightness.  Then a wave of pleasure burst forth from her breasts and she titled her head back as an orgasm washed over her.

She recovered a few minutes later and found Angie was applying makeup to her face, she started to move but Angie placed a single finger on her forehead and said, “Just stay still, I’ll be done in a minute.” and Angie did so.

True to her word, Angie finished a few minutes later, “There we go, all done!  Stand up and let’s take a look at you.”

Cassidy stood up and turned to the mirror, just like before Angie was standing just behind her, but this time they almost looked like twins.  Her long blonde hair, her pink lips, her perfect makeup all matched Angie’s to a T.

“See,” Angie said, a smile on her lips as she placed a hand on her shoulder, “just a perfect doll for Mark.”

Cassidy blink and shuttered at the thought.  She looked down a her chest and noticed the necklace, she hadn’t been wearing it before.  She brought her hand up and touched it.


“Oh that?  Just a little something for the new you.  I was thinking a new name might be in order, you know something more fun than Cassidy.  How about… Bunny?”  Angie said, leaning in to her ear and saying the name dripping with sex in her voice.

“Bunny?  Bunny.  Bunny!”  She responded and another wave of pleasure crashed over her.

“So Mark, I hear you’ve been single for a while now?”  Tom asked.

“Well, yea I guess.”  Mark responded, he really wasn’t sure why he’d agreed to come over to Tom’s place for dinner, on Valentines day of all days, but here he was.

Well, that wasn’t really true, he’d agreed because Angie had asked and he’d been trying to get into her pants for months now.

“I hope you don’t mind, Angie invited one of her friends over… ask kind of a blind date.”  Mark cocked an eyebrow, that was unexpected, but as long as it wasn’t that woman Cassidy she always hung around with he’d give her a chance.

A moment later two blonde bombshells walked in to the room.  He recognized Angie right away, but the other one he’d never seen before.

“Like hi Mark!”  Angie said and walked arm in arm with the other blonde over to him.  He stood up out of his chair and smiled.

“This is my friend Bunny.”

“A pleasure to meet you Bunny, I’m Mark.” he said and took her hand.

“*giggle* Hiya Mark *giggle*” Bunny replied, taking a strand of her long blonde hair in a finger and twirling it around.

“Tom, could you give me a hand in the kitchen for a minute?”

“Sure Angie.”  Tom replied and walked from the living room with his arm wrapped around Angie’s waist, his hand resting firmly on her ass.

“So, Bunny, that’s an interesting name.”

“*giggle* Thanks, it’s like the best name because I totally like to… uhm… you know… bounce up and down and stuff… *giggle*”

“I’m sure you do, I like your… necklace… too.” Mark said, his eyes firmly planted on her tits that were trying to escape the tightly fitted dress she was poured in to.

“Oh my god, thank you!  It was totally a gift from Angie!”  Bunny said and took it between her thumb and finger, pulling it forward, tilting her head back so he could get a better look at it.  It didn’t hurt that it also gave him a better look down her cleavage as well.

Mark leaned in a bit and reached up to touch it, his fingers coming in contact with Bunny’s as he did so.  She wrapped her’s around his hand and pushed it down on to her exposed chest and let out a moan.

“Oh my, like you have totally amazing hands!”  Bunny said and pushed his hand down towards her tits.

Mark didn’t need any more encouragement and slide his hand under her dress, squeezing her tit and finding her erect nipple waiting for his fingers to tweak.

Bunny didn’t either and quickly dropped to her knees, her fingers working Mark’s zipper and belt with expert efficiency until his hardening shaft was exposed and her lips wrapped around it.

Bunny worked his in and out of her mouth until she felt him stiffen and tasted his cum hit the back of her throat, she swallowed each and every drop as her own orgasm crashed over her.

Tom could hear the slurping of Cassidy’s mouth working Mark’s cock from the other room and smiled.

“Sounds like you won’t have to worry about Mark hitting on you any more Angie.” he said as he landed a slap on her raised ass.

“Thank you Sir!” she replied as she tried pushed her ass up even farther from her position on all fours on the kitchen floor.

Tom’s cock was buried in her pussy and desperately trying to get him even deeper.

“You did a good job with her, do you have any other friends who could use some help?  I could use a maid or something…”

“Yes Sir!  I’ve got a girlfriend that’s very cute!  Oh god, fuck me harder Sir!”

Tom slapped her ass again, “Good girl, now what do you say before I finish?”

“Thank you Sir for fucking your slut.  I am not worthy of the attention you give me and I will do everything I can to be better.  Turning you down was the worst mistake of my life and every… ahhh… stroke of your cock is an opportunity to make up for it!”

Tom landed another slap on her ass and then pumped her hard as she repeated her mantra until he came and filled her pussy with his cum.  Her back arched and her body quivered as her orgasm slammed in to her.

She lay on the floor afterwards, a smile across her face as she looked up at Tom.  She was so lucky that he was her perfect Valentine and by the sounds of Mark’s grunts from the other room it seemed like Bunny had found her perfect Valentine as well.