Tammie looked over at Bill and stroked her hair absentmindedly, there was just something about him that made her weak in the knees but she could never quite put her finger on it.

She’d been skeptical at first, yet another new dating site seemed like the last thing she’d do to find the man of her dreams, but several of her friends had sworn by it.  And unlike the other sites she’d tried, “The Perfect Match” was invite only and catered to an exclusive clientele.

Well at least it had claimed to, once she’d signed up and started looking through the profiles she’d quickly figured out what kind of clients they focused on.  Old, out of shape men who only seemed to be looking for one of three things; a trophy wife, a mistress or a quick one night stand.

And they weren’t even shy about it, most of the profiles started out with the requirements right at the top of them.  She’d browsed through them for a while, giving the site the benefit of the doubt as her friends had been so gushy about it.  But after a couple of hours browsing profiles while relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine, she was just about to give up.

Then, she’d received a message, which seemed strange as she hadn’t made her profile public yet, but it turned out to be from the VIP services group.

“Hi, I’m Cindi, your personal VIP concierge!  I see you haven’t made your profile public yet, but from what you filled in I’ve been searching a few of our other members profiles and think I’ve got a great match for you.  Click here to see his profile.”

Tammie looked at Cindi’s profile picture and chuckled a bit, she was sure the stereotypical blonde in the picture would fit many of the men’s expectations on this site.

‘Why not give it one last shot?’ she thought as she hovered over the link and clicked it.

The website went all white for just a moment and then flickered for a few seconds and Tammie’s eyes defocused as she drew in a sharp breath.  Then Bill’s profile appeared and his picture caught her attention and sent a shiver down her spine straight to her pussy which moistened slightly.

It had been the same each time she’d seen the picture and had intensified the first time she’d actually met him in person.

She scanned down his profile, 52 years old, balding (which was being generous), average body type (again being generous to say the least), 5’6″ tall.  Then she got to his description.

“Looking for a Trophy wife who knows her place is standing beside me quietly enjoying being a perfect doll.  Must be eager to please in the bedroom and know that her pleasure comes from my pleasure.”

She read it again, her fingers slipping under her housecoat and fondling her slick pussy lips.

She read it again, her fingers pushing deep in to her pussy.

She read it again, her orgasm washing over her as she imagined Bill’s cock deep inside of her.

When she came down again, she picked up her tablet again and smiled.  She was so lucky to have found the site, Bill was the man of her dreams from what she could tell.

She’d e-mailed him immediately, giving him all of her contact information and asking when would be a good time for him to go out.

He’d responded quickly and told her the next night he’d pick her up at 7.  She confirmed back right away and told him how much she was looking forward to it.

The next day, when the doorbell had rung at 6:45, Tammie was ready and waiting.  She opened the door and smiled at him standing there, her knees started to buckle as her pussy twitched and Bill caught her.  He pulled her in to him and she let out a soft moan followed bit a little “Thank you.” as she regained her balance.

Dinner had gone well, she had listened to everything he said but never responded unless he asked her a direct question.  She’d been so happy when he’d ordered dinner for her and answered all the questions the waiter had as well.

When he’d driven straight back to his place without asking she knew he planned of fucking her and her pussy could hardly wait.

She’d cum so many times that night and the nights that followed she could no longer imagine a time when she didn’t worship his cock.

Now, sitting across from him, gently stroking her hair, her thoughts drifted to sliding off of her stool and getting between his legs to wrap her plump lips around him.

But instead, she focused on what he was saying, “You know Jim just had his trophy wife’s tits done.”

She nodded and smiled in response, her tits were a little small.  She’d tried to squeeze them together so Bill could slide between them several times but there just wasn’t enough there to get the job done properly.  She had been so disappointed when he couldn’t finish off between them and had to instead slide between her lips and fuck her face until he came down her throat.

“He gave me the plastic surgeon he used.”  Bill said, typing on his phone and then she felt her own phone buzz.

“You’ve got an appointment this afternoon, I’ve sent you the details.  You know what to do?”

She dropped her hands in to her lap and sat up straight, pushing her tits out as much as possible.

“Yes sir, I should get big fake tits so you can fuck them properly.”  she responded quietly so no one else could hear.

“That’s right.  And tell him none of those ‘natural’ looking ones either.  Big round silicon spheres.  They should stick out so everyone knows your just a perfect plastic doll.”

A small orgasm washed over her as Bill stood up.  She managed to stand up herself before he’d reached the patio door and she hurried to catch up.  She pulled out her phone and checked the details.  It was across town and in two hours, she was going to have to hurry to give Bill his after lunch blow job if she was going to make it on time.

She took Bill’s hand and trailed just slightly behind him as they headed to his car, her thoughts once more drifting but this time to the appointment with the doctor.  She could hardly wait to get the surgery, maybe then she’d be Bill’s “Perfect Match”, just like he was for her.