Daisy ran her thumbs down her coverall straps, between them and the plaid work shirt she was wearing.  She looked up and closed her eyes, letting the warm midday California sun warm her face.

“Moooo!”  the cow in front to her called out and she snapped back to the milking she was supposed to be doing.  She pulled a teat and a stream of milk flowed in to the bucket.

She sighed a happy sigh and smiled, she loved working on the farm even if she really didn’t need to.  Well, maybe because she didn’t need to if she was honest.

She’d been a successfully model and retired last year and started this local dairy co-op to try and get back to nature.  It had been going well and she was completely satisfied.  Well, completely except for the lack the man of her dreams.

She had yet to find anyone that could see beyond her looks and right in to the heart of who she really was.

Her latest boyfriend was turning out to be no different than the others, but at least he worked on the farm too so they had some things in common.

A hand touched her shoulder and she looked up in to Rob’s face, “Hi gorgeous!” he said.

“Hey Rob, all done filling the feeding stations?”

“Yep, looks like your just about done with Betsy too.”

“Yea, I think so.”

“Great, let’s head down to the beach for a picnic!”  Rob said, holding out a honest to god picnic basket.

“Well, I should…”

“Come one, it’s a beautiful day and you have to eat, we won’t be long.”

“Ok, ok. I’ll go.” she said and smiled, Rob really did mean well.  She almost felt bad she was going to have to break up with him.

“Great, come on.”

Daisy sat on the blanket, the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand as she sipped some water.  Rob was talking about something but she really wasn’t paying any attention to him.  The small private beach was the perfect place to just let her mind wander out in to the ocean and she wouldn’t let Rob’s incessant talking ruin it.

Suddenly something felt strange and she turned towards Rob, or tried to, instead her body didn’t respond.

“Stand up.” she heard Rob say and her body did.

“Turn around.” and her body once more obeyed.

Once she was facing him she could see a small black remote control in his hand, pointing right at her.

Daisy wanted to panic, but her body wouldn’t let her, instead it stayed standing still.

“You will answer my questions honesty and succinctly.” he said and she felt a little tingle in her mind.

“Are you going to dump me?”

“Yes.” her lips responded without her consent.


“You focus too much on my physical beauty instead of who I really am.”

“And who are you really?”

“A woman who wants to make the world a better place.”

“That’s close, let’s try this.” he said and pressed a button on the remote, holding it down.

“You are a woman who wants to make the world a better place for me.” he said and let up the button.

Daisy’s mind suddenly warped as the words hit her.

“So, who are you really?”

“A woman who wants to make the world a better place for you.” she replied.

“So you wouldn’t mind making a few changes to make me happy, right?”

“Anything for you Rob.” she responded.

“Good.”  Rob said and pulled out a glossy magazine from the picnic basket, the cover was of her from her modeling days.  He placed it on the ground and pointed the remote at it, scanning down the page and he held a button.  Then he pointed it at her and pressed another button.

She felt he face and hair suddenly become warm and she felt makeup appear and two large hoop earrings.  She knew she now looked exactly like her photo on the magazine.

He pressed another button and her plaid shirt suddenly disappeared.  Then holding another button down, her chest grew warm and she watched her breasts grow.

He took a few step forward and put the remote in his back pocket, then using both hands squeezed her breasts together and took each nipple between his thumb and finger.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh!” she cried out, the pleasure rushing from her nipples throughout her whole body.  She’d never felt anything like it before.

“Do you like that?”


“It’s good that my cow likes her teats played with.”

“Cow?” she replied, half dazed from the pleasure coming from him playing with her teats.

He finally let go and reached up and buttoned her straps, the front of her overalls flopping down and then the entire pair crumpling around her feet.

“Yes, cow.  My own personal heifer to make my life easier and provide me with as much free milk as I want.” he said and grabbed her nipples again.

“Mooooooo!” came from her lips as her pussy spasmed.

“There we go, no down you go.” he said, pulling her teats down and she followed along on to all fours.

He walked around behind her and she heard his zipper being undone, followed by his pants hitting the sand, but her mind was preoccupied with her teats hanging down beneath her, their nipples just reaching the sand and sending waves of pleasure through her.

She felt his cock push up against her pussy, “MOOOOOO!” she cried as she rocked back on to him, the motion causing her nipples to rack across the sand.

Her teats rocked in time with his cock pushing deep in to her.  She tried to moan, to cry out in joy, but all that came out was one moo after another.

The sound of her own voice mooing, the sand rubbing against her nipples as her teats rocked back and forth, his cock slamming hard in to her, was all too much.  Her head jerked up, her back arched and she started to cum.  And cum and cum.  It didn’t stop, it couldn’t stop.

She mooed until her lungs will empty and then she felt his hot cum explode in to her and she gasped, pulling in air as she arched her back even more, her eyes rolled back in to her head and she let out a moo of pure bliss before collapsing on to the sand.

“God, your such a good cow Daisy, you’re going to make my world so much better when I get you back to the farm.” Rob said and gave her ass a smack.

“Moooo!” was all she managed to reply, a satisfied smile across her painted lips knowing Rob’s world was a better place with his cow in it.