Cassandra stretched out and limbered up for her workout in her new secret space.  Like many heroes, she found it hard to find somewhere to relax and let go, but recently she’d fought a second rate villain, The Mandelbrot, here.  Afterwards the place was a disaster, wreckage from the battle littered the floor and holes were in every wall.

She’d ‘arranged’ to purchase the property afterwards, as Chairwoman of the Board at Davis Construction, the largest contractor in the state, it was a minor purchase and no one noticed a few renovations she ordered for it.

Now, while it didn’t look like much, it was the perfect place for her to kick back and not worry about the outside world.

She walked over to one of the various weight machines she had brought in and leaned back and started to lift.  It was only 800 pounds, so she managed it easily.  Instead she worked on repetitions and soon even she started to build a sweet.

As she pushed out another rep, she looked up at the ceiling, it didn’t appear to have been damaged during the fight, but there was something wrong with it, she tried harder to work out what it was but it always seemed to be just out of reach.

It had been three weeks since she’d first stepped in to her new space and she had to admit it gave her a chill each time she did.  A smile crossed her face as she walked over to her favorite machine, she laid back and started to push the weights up and down.  As she did, her eyes became unfocused as she stared at the ceiling.

Each time she pushed the weights up she felt a pleasant tingle throughout her body, but especially in her pussy.  As she lowered the weights back down to her chin, her mind emptied a little bit more.

She continued, up and down, up and down, until the tingle had become a buzz.  The buzz a sensation, the sensation a desire and finally the desire a need.

She pushed up one last time as the need overcame her and an orgasm crash down on her as the weights hit the rack and she spasmed in pleasure.

She laid there for a few minutes, her arms hanging limply at her sides until she finally managed to sit up.  She stretched her arms and just as she was finishing she saw him standing across the room, The Mandlebrot.

Cassandra’s face hardened and she was just about to jump in to action when his voiced echoed throughout the room, “Freeze.”

Suddenly she couldn’t move, frozen in place by a single word.

She watched him walk over towards her, then around her, a wide smile on his face.

“I imagine you have a couple of questions?  Let me guess, the first one is how am I here, aren’t I in prison?”

She had to admit, it was the first question she would have asked if her mouth would have formed the words.

“Funny thing that, seems all charges were dropped after I ‘explained’ that it was all a big misunderstanding.  I gave them all the paperwork they needed, along with my special graphics, and just like that I was a free man.

But when I came back to my ‘secret’ lair, low and behold it had been sold out from under me.  I was surprised to find out that Davis Construction would be interested in it until I did a bit more digging and found the Chairwoman had personally arranged for the purchase.

It didn’t take long to put the pieces together after that and by the time I came back, there you were, working out all by yourself.  You’d even found my masterpiece in the ceiling.

I never thought anyone would be entrapped by it, I mean after all it’s huge and you have to stare at it for hours, but that wasn’t a problem for you was it?

Now let me guess your second question too, what does my masterpiece do?”

She fought hard to move, to punch the smug smile right off his face, but her body remained frozen in place.

She’d say she had fallen in to his trap, but by his own admission it wasn’t something he’d planned.  No she’d gotten unlucky and now she was in trouble.  Her second question might have been how to get out of this mess, but knowing what he’d done might be the first step.

“Well, it’s buried deep in to your mind and, well, inserted itself between what you think of as ‘you’ and the ‘real’ you.  The real you is made up of all your core beliefs and motivations.  What you think of as ‘you’ is everything that comes out of that core.

So for example, your belief in justice is in the core which drives the thought that you are a hero.

My masterpiece let’s me ‘intercept’ those core ideas that make the ‘real’ you and substitute them with others that will then drive who you think you are.

There are a few other little things in my masterpiece as well of course, like the freeze command I used.”

It sounded insane, but she couldn’t argue something was going on.

“Now then, let’s make some changes.  Justice is only what someone can get for themselves, no one else can provide it.”

Cassandra’s mind swirled and re-arraigned itself, her desire to see justice done evaporated, replaced with an indifferent knowledge that she could not help anyone achieve it.

“Self determination is not important, obedience to me is a priority above all else.”

Cassandra felt her free will drain from her mind, but it wasn’t important to her, she let it go without much of a fight.  The Mandelbrot was telling her things and that was far more important than simple self determination.

“You are just the sum of your body parts, your mind is only there to move them in a pleasing fashion.”

Cassandra’s mind continued to reshape as he spoke.

“Your purpose in life it to use your body to bring me please.”

Cassandra could not longer hold on, her mind a swirling mess as The Mandelbrot’s masterpiece continued to rework it.


Cassandra lowered her arm and looked up at The Mandelbrot, “Get naked.  On your knees.”

She pulled her workout gloves off, then her top and finally her shorts and then dropped to her knees in front of him.

“What are you?”

“I am lips, tits, ass and pussy.”

“And what is in the mind behind those piecing eyes?”

“Motion, how can this body move to please you.”

“And why me?”

“This body’s purpose is to bring you pleasure, it obeys you.”

“Very good.  Use those lips to pleasure me.”

Cassandra opened her mouth and took The Mandelbrot’s cock into her, her body worked it up and down as her grabbed her head and fucked her mouth.

Soon his cum was flowing down her throat and her own orgasm washed over her.

Deep in her mind, the ‘real’ Cassandra screamed at her debasement at the feet of her foe, but the Mandelbrot’s masterpiece insulated the ‘real’ her and all that came from her lips as a passionate moan of pleasure at having been used by her owner.