Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Lana walked down the stairs and out in to the bright sunlight of the small airport, she’d had to make an emergency landing on the way across the country when a warning light had come on.

She’d called ahead and arranged for a mechanic to meet them at the hanger and as her root touched the concrete of the hanger, she saw a jeep pull up.

“You Jim?” she called out?

“Yep, that’s me.  You said you had a warning light on engine number 2?”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll get right on it.” he replied and pulled the jeep around to the other side of the plane.

She walked back up the steps and turned towards the passenger in the back, “I’m sorry for the delay, but the mechanic is here and I’m sure we’ll get back in the air shortly sir.”

A chill ran down her spine as the darkened interior suddenly glowed with two piercing red embers where the mans eyes should have been.

Lana froze in place and a strange feeling washed over her, then she felt her clothing start to change.  Her flight uniform’s pants started to pull up her legs, her basic white shirt seemed to fade and disappear, her dark jacket wrapped around her and melted together in the front.  Then it’s fabric changed, becoming sheer and shiny.

She felt her legs being pushed up as her simple flat shoes opened up and became open toed stilettos.

Then her whole body came alive and tingled as she felt her skin tighten, years drop away and her hair run down her back.

Finally, her mind danced with pleasure as he pushed in to it.

Lana leaned back against the fuselage of the plane as she laid out on the wing, soaking up the mid day sun.

The warmth being absorbed by her dark uniform and radiating throughout her body.

“Excuse me, miss?” Jim the mechanic called out.

Lana turned and looked down at him, “Uhm, yea?” she replied.

“I’ve got your problem all fixed up, want to come down and take a look?”

“Like, sure!” she called back and slide down the wing and on to the concrete floor.  Her heel’s echoed throughout the hanger as she walked around and she swung her hips side to side.

For his part, Jim’s mouth hung opened as she approached him and then threaded her arm through his.

“Like lead on.”

Jim managed to regain some composure and took her over to the other side where the maintenance door for the engine was still open.

“Uh… you see… it was… just… uh… the sensor… here.” he managed to stutter out and point to a part on the engine.

“That’s amazing!  You’re so smart!” she replied, jumping up and down and rubbing against Jim’s body.

“Like, I’ve got another engine that totally needs look at too!” Lana said as she spun in front of him and pulled up her uniform.

“I bet you, like, have the perfect tool to make it purr like a kitten…” she said as she reached out and started unbuckle Jim’s belt.

Lana felt his strong, greasy hands grab her ass and pull her in close to him.  She just manged to get his belt undo and look up to meet his lips with her own, his tongue with her own.

She felt him lift her up from the floor and walk the few paces over to the jeep and set her down on it’s tailgate, just in time for her to finish unbuttoning his pants and for them to hit the floor.

Jim’s hands reached up and pulled her tits out from the front of her uniform, leaving black grease marks over them as he did.  His head leaned down and took one of her nipples between his lips, for her part she leaned her head back and let out a low moan of pleasure as he sucked on it.

He pushed her back down on to the bed of the jeep and then pulled her ass right up to the edge of the tailgate, spreading her legs wide he pushed himself deep in to her and she let out a small scream of pleasure as his one hand grabbed a tit and the other her face.

She rocked hard against him, “Yes! Yes! Use that tool to fix me good!”

Jim obliged and hammered her pussy hard and fast until he exploded inside of her.