The German’s second attempt at broadening the usefulness of their bimbo’s tried to focus on more close quarters combat tactics. These units were trained primarily as guards and for escort missions.  Well, escort missions for protection of key assets and not the kind of escort missions they had traditional been used for.

This was successful to a degree, with less young men around the bimbo’s could stay focused on their tasks for short periods of time, however in the end things did not work out.

As seen here, while the bimbo can be dressed as a soldier, their true nature is always apparent to even the most oblivious man.  Within hours of starting a mission, it would deteriorate in to an orgy with the bimbo being used by either the other guards or the asset, leaving the asset open to attack.

There were three confirmed losses of assets in the trials, and while there is no way to confirm it, the consensus is that the assets were quite happy with the service they received from the bimbo’s, even if they were not satisfied with the ending.