Tracey tried to clear her head, what had happened?

She looked down at her tits pushed together in the gawdy bra and then noticed the bright pick hair that adorned her head.

Turning around she saw the large metal cabinet behind her, at the top of it was a word, but she couldn’t read it.

And not because it was unclear or too small of print, no she realized she just couldn’t read, period.

She nearly panicked but held it together long enough to take stock of the rest of her.  She’d never seen the small miniskirt that she was wearing before and the bright pink platform shoes were new too.  Come to think of it, did she have a belly button piercing before?

She shook her head but there seemed to be nothing to rattle around it in to clear the cob webs and so she walked around to the front of the machine.  A brightly lite control panel was on it, along with a handle for the door.  Something was flashing on the panel but she couldn’t read it either.

“Ah, all done are you?” a voice asked from across the room, she looked up to see a man she didn’t recognize.

“What’s going on?  Where am I?  Why do I look so different?”

“Haha, oh I love this moment, just enough brains left to know something is wrong, but not enough to figure it out.”

“Hey… like… I’m not stupid… or something!”

“Well of course you are stupid… or something!  I mean the Bimbo-Bambo-Whamo is guaranteed to lower IQ by at least half along with the… other changes.”

“Bimbo… bam… what?”

“See, there it is settling in now.”

Oh god, what was happening.  If her head had been empty the last time she shook it, this time it was filled with fireworks and cotton candy!

She opened her eyes once more and looked at the guy across the room and something else happened, a sudden urge came over her, it moistened her pussy and glassed over her eyes.

“Like… horny…” she managed to say before her right foot took the first step towards him.

“Yes, that’s right, a horny bimbo.  Though looking at you I might need to send you through once more.”

Tracey wasn’t listening to what he was saying, instead she placed her hands on his chest and took a deep breath of his masculine scent before her knees grew week and she slide down him on to her knees.

Her fingers deftly worked his fly and un-buttoned his pants, dropping them to the floor and releasing what she was looking for.  Taking him in to her mouth she moved up and down his shaft until she tasted his cum, which she eagerly swallowed.

“Not bad, but you just need a bit more up top.  Come on, get up.” he said and she obeyed.

He put his hand on her ass and guided her over to the machine once more, gently pushing her in to it and then closing the door.  A few quick taps on the control pad and then the entire machine came to life, the pink glow engulfing her and her mind went blank once more.