Tina pulled her hair back as the lights flickered in her glasses, highlighting the text that she couldn’t consciously see but had been scrolling in front of her eyes for the last several weeks.

She’d gone to the optometrist for a new prescription, but he’d been unable to fulfill her frames at the time and had instead given her pair of “loaner” frames for her to use.

She let her hair fall down as she reached down and cupped her pert breasts and gave her nipple a little squeeze.  A sudden image of her optometrist filled her vision as the pleasure coursed throughout her body.

That had been happening quite a bit since her appointment, she’d never thought of him that way before, but he had filled her thoughts quite a bit recently.  

And her dreams too.  And not just any dreams, dreams that left her bed wet with sweat and her own juices as she had screaming orgasms.

She walked in to the bathroom and started to apply her makeup and get ready, she was picking up her new glasses in a few hours and she wanted to make a good impression when she arrived.

Tina walked in to the optometrists office and was greeted by the broad smile of the girl behind the desk.  Tina smiled back, funny she thought, as last time she’d been here she’d frowned as the ditsy blonde had somehow offended her by simply existing.  Now though, Tina had a warm feeling towards the girl.

“Hi Tina, go right in the Doc’s expecting you!”

“Thanks Stacey.”

Tina walked in and closed the door behind her as the optometrist stood up and smiled at her.

“Hello Tina.” he said.

“Hi…” she searched her mind for his name, but drew a blank, “… Doc.” she managed to get out as a confused look crossed her face.

“Good news, I have your prescription all done.”  he said as he walked over and picked up her glasses and then walked over to her.

He reached up and took the loaners from her face and suddenly everything went fuzzy, and not just her vision, her mind seemed to fuzz out as well.  Everything seemed so wrong without her glasses on, but it was only a moment before she felt the Doctor place her new glasses on her head and everything came back in to focus once more.

“How’s that?”

“Oh… thank you so much Doc, I can see so much clearer now!”

“Yes, it’s amazing what a good prescription can do.  Here, this prescription might help too.”  he said as he picked up a pad of paper and wrote something on it and then ripped it from the pad and handed it to her.

She took it from him and read it, “Suck my cock before you leave.”, an image of her lips around the doctors cock filled her vision for just a split second in her new glasses just before she dropped to her knees.

“Thank you Doc, yes I think that will help quite a lot.”  she said as she worked his pants with her fingers until the dropped around his ankles.  Then she proceeded to fill the Doctors prescription to the letter.