Kelly walked in to the optometrists office holding her broken glasses in her hand, “Hi, is the Doctor available?” she asked hoping she’d get lucky, she’d never been here before but having just moved in to the area had found him online.

“Sure, hang on a sec.” the woman behind the desk said as Kelly watched the blurry figure stand up and head in to the back office.  A moment later she came back out.

“Just have a seat, the Doc’s just finishing up with another client and then he’ll see you.”


A few minutes later another blurry person walked out of the office and the receptionist sent her in.

“How can I help you today?”  the doctor asked as she sat down.

“I’ve broken my glasses and need a replacement pair.”

“Of course, do you know your prescription?”

“No, sorry, I don’t.”  

“No problem, let’s find out.”

Kelly walked out of the office with a pair of thick black frames, they were not what she wanted but they’d have to do for the time being and were better than nothing.

She headed back to work and spent the rest of the day behind her desk filling in paperwork for the lawyer she worked for as a legal assistant while she saved up to pass the bar herself.

The Doctor had said her new glasses would arrive in a few weeks and he’d give her a call when they did.

Over those weeks she’d started to have strange idea’s pop in to her head at random times and her dreams at night had gotten more and more exotic.

When she’d finally gotten the call from the optometrist had arrived, she’d been eager to go to her appointment.

She walked in to the office, her short plaid skirt that she’d just bought the other day left the top of her white stockings visible.  Likewise her tight white top showed off the little cleavage her small breasts could muster.

“Go right in Kelly.”  the receptionist had said and she was now sitting in front of the doctor as he removed her glasses and the world spun around her.  Everything seemed so wrong without them on, but he quickly put on her new ones and she let out a sigh of relief.

“So how does everything look now Kelly?” he asked.

“Oh, so great, thanks Doc!”

“Good to hear, you know I think I have a couple more prescriptions that might help you out to.”  the doctor said as he wrote and tore off several slips of paper from a pad.

She read them one after the other.

“Apply at The Breast Bar In Town.”  Kelly new the place, it was a cheep bar that made it’s waitresses walk around in revealing plaid skirts and tight white tops.  An image of herself getting ready to come to her appointment flashed in her glasses as she had double checked her skirt and top before she headed out of her apartment.

“Get a big set of implants to fill out your top.”  She looked down at her feeble chest and frowned, why hadn’t she done something about them sooner?

“Follow your new managers instructions without question.”  Kelly knew her new boss would know exactly what to do, she’d have to make sure to follow everything he told her to do.

Kelly sat on the bar and pushed out her big fake tits as the two men entered the restaurant.  The first was her manager, Jimmy.  God he was so smart, he’d told her just how to act to get the most tips ever!

The second man sent her pussy to twitching and she pulled her legs together tightly to try and get it under control, “Hi Doc!” she called out across the room and waved at him.

“So no problems with the new staff Jim?”  the Doc asked as the two men walked towards her.

“Not at all Doc, perfect as always.  I assume this months installment was satisfactory?”

“Yes, very.  I see you arranged for her upgrades.”

“Oh yes, she was very eager to get them done, weren’t you Kelly?”

Kelly smiled and leaned forward, pushing her tits together, “You like them?  I *love* them!” she replied as she let out a little moan as she continued to massage them.

“Well, I’m sure you want to have a private conversation with your patient Doc, so I’ll leave the two of you alone for a bit.  We don’t open for another couple of hours, so no rush.”

“Thanks Jim.”

Kelly smiled as Jim walked away and hopped down from the counter as he left the room.  She took several steps forward in her sparkly heels until she was just in front of the Doc and she once more pushed her tits out and placed her hands behind her back, swinging her body from side to side.

“Doc, I never really got a chance to thank you for my awesome glasses…” she said, tilting her head down and slightly biting her lower lip.

The doctor smiled, “Well, I always enjoy examining another professionals work.” he replied as a flash of her bear breasts appeared in her glasses.

“Of course!” she nearly cried out as her hands shot up and unbuttoned her top and pulling it down around her hands behind her back once more.

The doctor reached out and squeezed one, then the other and a louder moan escaped her lips.  Then a gasp as he leaned down and took one of her erect nipples in to his mouth and gave it a light nibble.

“Oh god Doc!  Yes suck on my big fake tits!”

Kelly wriggled under the on slot of the doctors tongue and fingers as he moved from nipple to nipple.  Finally he pushed her back against the bar and the grabbed her ass and hiked her up on to it.

Pushing her down on to it, her tits stood up front her body and she propped them up with her hands as he climbed on to the bar and straddled her after removing his pants.

She watched his cock slide up her belly and then between her tits and a small orgasm crashed over her as it pushed through and touched the bottom of her chin.

When his cum splashed across her glasses her own orgasm crested and her whole body spasmed as she cried out in pure bliss.