Sandra sat in the waiting room, the light beside the door still dark like her mood.  It had started several months ago when she’d gotten the promotion, VP of Marketing and her already hectic life had become almost unlivable.

The demands on her time, the totally useless underlings, the demanding CEO all conspired to make her life miserable.  She’d confided in a close friend a few days ago and to her surprise, Nancy had admitted she had been going to see a therapist for a while and he had helped her.

Sandra couldn’t believe her perfect friend had anything to see a therapist about, but Nancey had been adamant that he was the best and she gave Sandra his card.

A few days later, Sandra had called the number and setup an appointment.  Now she sat waiting, something she hated to do but seemed to have little choice at the moment.

Finally the light came on and she stood up and twisted the knob of the door and entered the office.

Sandra waited in the outside office like she had many times over the last several weeks, Nancey had been so right about the Therapist, he’d helped her work through her issues and she had been even more productive at work than ever before.

The light came on and a shiver ran down her spine as she parted her lips slightly and gasped as the pleasure found her pussy.

She opened the door and entered the office, the Therapist sitting behind his desk, he only nodded to the couch and she knew exactly what to do.

Undoing the belt of the overcoat, she let it drop to the floor as the nipples on her bare breasts hardened with the slightly cool air in the office.  She walked over to the leather chair and knelt on to the cushion and leaned forward, then pushed her ass up and out.

She heard him writing something on the pad she had noticed as she entered and she started to turn her head to see what he was doing, but before she did she remembered what she was supposed to do.  She was supposed to wait, for as long as it took, until he came over to her.

She played with her lower lip with her fingers, trying to find some way out, but in the end she turned back to the chair and placed her head down on the leather.

She tired to focus but the longer she waited the more her body tingled, the more her pussy pulsed, the more she felt like she would explode.

Finally she heard him put down his pen and stand up, without thinking about it she started to rock back and forth in the chair, wiggling her ass as he took step after step towards her.

She let out a gasp when his hand squeezed her ass, a moan as his fingers ran over her pussy.

He pushed her thong to the side and pushed the therapy tool up to her pussy and she pushed back on to it.  She rocked back and forth, each stroke sending her higher and higher.  She grunted and groaned, screamed out in pleasure as the tool worked it’s magic on her.

She was so close to cumming, she needed to cum so badly she increased the pace herself hoping to push herself over the edge.

But she knew it wouldn’t happen, not yet.  She cried out in frustration as she felt him grab her hips and push her off of the tool, then he pushed her down slightly and she felt the tool bounce on her lower back and then a warmth splash on to her skin.

She cried out as the orgasm crashed over her and her whole body shook with pleasure.

It hadn’t been that she had been waiting for him to come over to her, no, she had been waiting for him to cum all over her.