Malika pulled down her thong slightly, just enough to expose her pussy and the silver ring that adorned it before turning back to the customer.

“You like Mali’s pussy?  Mali’s pussy so horny for you mister.” she said in a terrible asian accent before pulling them back up and raising her hands up to her massive breasts and squeezing them together while leaning forward.

She turned around and bent over slightly and wiggled her ass in the customers general direction, the programming in full control as she fought with every ounce of strength she had.

Six months ago she had just been finished up her last semester and graduating business school with honours.  Everything had been going great even if she had lost her mother years before.  She had never known her father, her mother had never spoken of him and refused to divulge any details any time she brought him up.  But she was fine with being a loner, she’d focused on school and kept to herself, now she was ready to take on the rest of the world.

Then, out of nowhere a lawyer had contacted her claiming to represent the estate of her late father.

After a few hours of, well, delicately breaking the news to her that her father had been the owner of several strip clubs and that her mother had worked in one of them, he presented the will to her.  Beyond a few minor items, he had left everything to her as he had no other living relatives.

After the meeting, the lawyer brought her to one of the clubs and introduced Thomas, the manager that had been running the clubs since her father’s death.

He’d provided all the details and financial statements and she had been very blunt with him.  The clubs were on there last legs, made hardly any money and needed major repairs.  The only good thing about them was that her father had been smart and when the clubs had been in their hayday, purchased the land they stood on.

She’d told Thomas to start closing down the clubs, that she’d been putting the land up for sale and there was nothing that would change her mind.

Of course, closing down a business didn’t happen over night and so she spent the next several weeks overseeing the work.

One day, Thomas came in to her office with another man and introduced him as a potential investor.  She’d rolled her eyes as Thomas had closed the door, she couldn’t fault him for trying to save his job after all.  But beyond the simple financial aspects, she had no intention of letting the sleazy clubs stay open and degrade women any longer than absolutely necessary to maximize her own profit on the deal.

She’d strongly, but politely, declined his offer.  He smiled and stood up, extending his hand saying he understood.  She extended her own and shook his, but as she did a sharp prick pierced the skin of her hand and she recoiled.

She half heard him apologizing, saying something about an antique ring as she stared at the blood running down her palm before she felt her legs give out from beneath her and she fell back in to her chair.

The sound of the man’s briefcase slamming down on to her desk and the two sharp clacks of the locks springing open barely made it through the fog that was coming over her and the last thing she remembered before the blackness engulfed her was seeing a scalpel and a small white device being pulled out of the briefcase.

She didn’t know how long she had been out, but when she came around she was still in her office, sitting in her chair, but there was a dull pain in her neck.  She reached up to massage it but instead found a bandage there.

Thomas as sitting in the chair across the desk, smiling.

“What?  How dare you…” she started to say, her face twisted in anger as she started to rise from the chair.

“Calm down Malika, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Malika’s anger flared even more, but for some reason her body relax and returned to her seat.

“Of course Thomas, sorry I rose my voice.” she said, or her body did as the words in her mind were filled with anger and spite.

“Not a problem.  Now I’m sure you have some questions, let me see if I can answer a few of them for you.  First, the device that’s implanted in your neck is why you’re not jumping across the desk and trying to strangle me.  It sits between your brain and your body and any time you try and do something, well against it’s programming, it blocks the signals your mind sends out to control your body and replaces them it’s own.”

She tried to will her body over the desk once more, but it refused to move.

“Second, no, it can’t control your mind.  But really, if it controls your body, does it really need to?”

If she had been able to control her body, she would have sat there with her mouth open, gaping at what he was saying.  She couldn’t deny whatever it was had her at his complete mercy, but was it really possible?

“Third, yes it’s possible but clearly highly illegal.  But in this business you get to meet all kinds of people with very different opinions about what is and isn’t legal.

Now, it’s going to take a little while for the device to learn all the, unique, aspects of you so let’s start slow.  Stand up and follow me, don’t say anything until I tell you to.”

Thomas stood up at the same time as she did and she followed his out of the office and in to the club.

He’d been right, the device walked her body around the club, but it didn’t “feel” right to her, like she had an injury or something that was making her walk funny.

No one seemed to notice and soon they were outside the club, in his car, driving off.

He’d taken her back to his place and for the next few days given her order after order.  Every once in a while he’d leave her alone for an hour or so with only a minimal “stay here” command.  During those times she’d walked around and tried everything she could think of to escape, but to no avail.

Looking back, she realized she should have done nothing at all, that during these times was when the device was learning how she moved and by the time she left Thomas’ house, the device guided her along in a perfect copy of her normal walk.

When they entered the club again and entered her office, her body sat behind her desk and Thomas placed several papers in front of her to sign.  Internally she refused, but her hand picked up the pen and scribbled her signature across the forms without giving her enough time to even read them.

Next had been a call to the real estate agent, telling them she was taking the land off of the market.

Then a call to the lawyer to setup and appointment next week, she told the paralegal that she had changed her mind and was going to keep the clubs and need the lawyer to get the paperwork in order.

A month later it was done.  Thomas had her dutifully sitting in her office each day, signing whatever paperwork he placed in front of her.

One day, after signing another stack of papers, he was leaving and turned back towards her, “Hmmmm… you know it’s kind of a waste having you sit there all day long doing nothing.  Your young and pretty enough, why don’t you go into the back, find something to wear and work the floor for the rest of the day.”

She tried to grab the stapler from her desk and hurl it at him, but instead she stood up and headed back to the dressing rooms.

It was the first day she had worked at the club and she had been awful.  The device could make her move and say whatever it wanted, but it didn’t seem to be able to convince anyone that she was a good stripper.

After a few weeks of working the floor with little success Thomas had finally come up with a solution when he introduced her to Alice.

Alice was one of the most successful dancers at the club, a small asian woman like herself nearing retirement, Alice took her under her wing and showed her how to dance.  How to flirt and do her makeup, what to wear and how to tell what the customers wanted just by looking at them.

Of course she fought it every step of the way, but the device learned each lesson well and soon she had a lineup of customers waiting for her.

She had just come out of the VIP area one day when she saw Alice talking to Thomas.  Without another customer right then, she walked over to them.

“She’s stealing my customers!  I agreed to help her when you asked, but now she’s taking money away from me.”

“Yes, I can see how that would be a problem.  Look, you’ve done a great job with her, why don’t we make a deal.  I need a new manager over at the other club and you know the business better than anyone.  Take the managers job and I’ll throw in half of all the money Malika makes from dancing, how does that sound?”

“Really?  And what do you think about this Malika?”

Malika wanted to scream, but her body remained calm, a smile plastered across her face, “Anything Thomas says is good with me.”

“Hmmm… alright, but if I’m getting half of her money, I need to make sure she’s making the most she can.  She’ll do everything I tell her to.”

“Fine with me, Malika from now on do everything Alice tells you to about being a dancer.”

She had felt her head node as she agreed.

Malika had known Alice was ruthless, but once she had full control over Malika’s life as a stripper, even Malika was amazed at how ruthless she really was.

Alice had started crafting the new Malika immediately.  She’d sat down and created a new workout schedule for her, five days a week.  A new dancing schedule, seven days a week at all the peak times along with several double shifts so she could work during the day to meet with some special clients Alice had in mind.

The next day, Alice had picked her up and taken her to the salon, where they had died and curled her straight black hair in to a waterfall of brown and golden waves.  Then she was whisked in to the tanning bed for a short first session.

Next had been several shopping trips; new makeup, jewelry, clothes and shoes.

Then Alice had taken her to the tattoo and piercing shop, giving the the tattooist a piece of paper and instructing him where to do his work.  Even now, she didn’t know what the script said, it was in a language she didn’t recognize, but Alice seemed very happy with it.

Once the tattooist was done, she was taken in to the piercing side of the shop and Alice had them pierce her navel, tongue and clit.  The piecing lady had asked about Malika’s nipples, but Alice had chuckled a bit and said maybe next time.

Malika had returned to dancing a few days later after spending time at home with Alice.  Alice had spent the time instructing Malika on how to speak (poorly with broken accent), how to walk (swaying her hips and sticking out her small tits), how to act like a horny submissive slut for the customers.

It was humiliating but the device soaked it up and soon she was demonstrating her knew skill for Alice as she sat in Malika own living room.  She danced and grinded and against Alice until she was satisfied with the performance.

A week later, Malika was more popular than ever but even then Alice wasn’t done with her.

Alice had picked her up one morning and driven her to a doctors office, telling her it was time for her to get her first set of implants.  Malika had suspected it would happen eventually, after all Alice had a small set of implants herself and had talked many times about how much more money she had made after getting them.

The doctor had asked all kinds of questions that Alice had answered and Malika had nodded along with her.

“So how large are you going?”

“At least a D cup doctor.” Alice had responded.

“I think that’s doable, probably 600cc or so should do it.  Have you considered saline or silicon?”


“Alright we have great new tear dropped shaped silicon implants, very natural looking.”

“Oh no doctor, she wants very round ones, to sit high up on the chest.”

“Well, yes, that’s possible.  Many women from certain industries go for that look, they have to go over the muscle of course.  There are a couple options for how we do the implant, in the crease or through the areola.”

“Can you go through the armpit doctor?”

“Yes, though not many people go for that procedure these days, too obvious of a scare for most.”


Malika sat down on the customers lap and wrap her arm around his shoulders, pushing her tits in to his face and wiggling her ass.

“Oh, Mali think someone horny for her too!” she said as she ground her ass against his rising erection beneath his pants.

“You take Mali to VIP, Mali show you good time mister.”

Malika felt him nod, his face still buried between her tits and she hugged him hard for just a second before standing up and taking his hand, leading him back to the VIP area.

This one was a titty man, she could tell, Alice’s instruction about how to spot them were very thorough and he displayed all the traits.

Alice had also been very clear about how to treat them, they were regular material, coming back time and time again as long as they got to play with her titties.

Malika pushed him down in to the couch when the arrived in the VIP and sat down on his lap facing him, pulling his face in to her tits once more, “Mmmmm… Mail’s titties so happy to see you mister!”

She pulled back an slide down, pushing her tits in to his chest and then sliding down the rest of the way until she was on her knees between his legs.  She opened her eyes wide and formed her lips in to an O, then with a single finger touched the tip of his dick through his pants.

“Oh! Mali think he happy too!”

Reaching behind her, she undid her bra and tossed it to the side, then pressed her tits up to her customers crotch and slide up and down several times.

“Mmmm… Mali’s titties so horny for you!”

She moved back up and placed her nipple just in front of his face and gave it a flick, “Look, you make Mali’s nipple so hard!”

Before she could do anything else, he moved forward and started to suckle on her erect nipple, “Oh baby yes!  Suck Mali’s nipple!”

It was almost an hour later, Malika’s sore nipples still erect and being abused that she could tell he was close to being finished.

She pulled back and slide down once more between his legs, but this time her manicured fingers and long nails worked the zipper and button his pants and fished out his stiff shaft.

She placed it between her tits and started to stroke, “Yes baby, fuck Mali’s big fake tits!”

She didn’t have to wait long as he spurted his load all over her tits and chest.

“Oh, Mali make you cum baby!”

The customer quickly put his dick back in his pants and paid her, nearly running from the club, but she knew he’d be back.

Then, just as Alice had told her to, she’d get his number and he’d be another regular she could count on.

As she walked from the the VIP after cleanup herself up, she started to head for the change room but was stopped by one of the waitresses.

“Thomas wants to see you in the office.” the waitress said.

“Thank you.” she replied and changed course, going straight to what was technically still her office.  She didn’t get to see much of Thomas lately, but when he called her to the office it meant only one of two things, either more paperwork to sign or a mid-shift quickie.  She didn’t really look forward to either but either one was a break from working the floor.

She walked in to the office, her high heels clicking on the tile floor and closed the door behind her, “You want to see Mali Boss?”

“Yes I do.  Here, read this.” he said, pushing a stack of paper towards her.

Malika looked at the first page, it was pretty straight forward, a legal change of name for her to “Mali Princess”.  The second was a management contract for an agency.  The third was an adult film contract.

She looked up at Thomas, a confused look on her face, why had he told her to read them instead of just sign them?

“You know, you’ve pretty much reached your full potential here, Alice and I think it’s time to expand your opportunities.” he said and gestured to the paperwork.

“But of course that means your going to be… ah… out of our day to day influence.  So that means you need to choose to sign the paperwork yourself.”

Malika screamed at Thomas, or tried to, but she just blinked at him instead and then responded, “Mali do what you want Boss.”

“I know you will Mali, but Malika needs to make this choice.  Let me explain Malika, you see for the first month or so you were completely under the control of the device, but as it learned how you work, you learned how it worked as well.  By the time it ran out of power at the end of the first month you had learned exactly what was expected of you to exert control over you body and everything since then has all been your own mind.”

Malika couldn’t believe what she was hearing, the first month had been nothing but him taking control of the clubs.  That would have meant that the first time she danced at the club the device had already been out of power.  Everything that Alice had done to her had been her own mind complying with her.

“Nnnnn…. Nnnnn…” she tried to get the words she wanted to say out but her mind was spinning out of control and it refused to form her lips in to the words.

“I know, it’s a lot to take in, but I’m told there’s no point fighting it at this point.  The mind is an amazing thing, it can do just about anything and in this case it’s trapped you in the body of a cheap asian stripper that only wants to do what her boss tells her to.”

The words pounded her mind as images for the last months flashed through her mind.  The days of kneeling in front of her clients, milking each of their cocks for all she was worth and then giving all her earnings to Thomas and Alice.

“Bbbbboo… Bbbbbooosssss?”

“Yes, that’s right, I’m your boss.  What are you?”

“Aaaassss…. asian…. sttrrrrr… stripperrrrrrr!” she stuttered out and as she did she felt like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“Mali cheap asain stripper Boss!” she said with ease as her mind cleared and she looked at Thomas with a smile.

“That’s good Mali, now you know what to do, right?”

Mali cocked her head to the side and tried to think what he wanted, then she had an epiphany and picked up the pen and started to sign the paperwork.

As she finished, Thomas took the paperwork from her and filed it in his desk drawer and then walked around to the front of the desk in front of her.

She placed her hands on his chest and looked up at him, “Boss, you want Mali to suck cock now?  Mali do good job, Mali suck cock like pro!”

“Of course you do, you are a pro now after all.”

“Thanks Boss, Mali not disappoint, you see, Mali make you cum lots!” she said as she dropped down to her knees and started to fish Thomas’ dick from his pants.

She wrapped her lips around him and sucked him all the way in, letting him move in and out of her throat at his own pace until she felt his cum it the back of her mouth.

Mali felt her own orgasm crest at the same time as she looked up at her boss and knew she would do anything to make him happy.