Chuck looked across the table at the two consultants, they had dropped in without an appointment and pushed they way into the office and seemed far too full of themselves for his taste.  Both seemed competent and intelligent and talked a good game during their presentation, but why would two such “successful” (by their own admission) branding consultants be doing cold calls?

And really, he wasn’t looking to rebrand the company, since he’d taken over the CEO position things had been going very well.  The annual golf tournament was legendary and all the clients were loyal.  Word of mouth was all the “branding” he needed at this point.

“Look Chuck, we can do wonders for bottom line, just hire us for a week and we’ll come up with a whole new brand image for you that will have clients beating down the door.”

“A week you say?  Ok, I’ll give you a week, but you’re going to have to work here in the office.”

“Well… we usually work remotely, but ok, a week.” Tabitha said and stood up to shake his hand.

Chuck stood up as well and checked out the young woman, her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in to a pony tail and while her tailored suit tried to hit it, he could tell she had a tight body beneath it.

Her partner, Jessica, was a bit younger and had jet black hair, but even the straight pants couldn’t hide the massive ass under them.

“Good, I’ll have the IT department setup an office for the two of you to share.”

Tabitha couldn’t believe they didn’t have WiFi and her notebook didn’t have a Ethernet port so she’d had to use the computer the company had provided.  At least it seemed to be a newer model and did everything she needed.

“Jessica, what have you found so far?”

“Not too much, their marketing is non-existent, in fact the only thing they seem to spend any marketing money on is some stupid yearly golf tournament!”

“See, what did I tell you?  These small companies are easy pickings for us.  Use one of the boilerplate campaigns we took from our old compnay, add a bit of our own flare and wham!  Big pay check!”

“I know, it’s going to be like taking candy from a baby.”

Tabitha looked back at the monitor and continued working.

Tabitha sat in front of Chuck, her head hung low, “So what your telling me is that after a week, you’ve got nothing to show for it?”

“I… I… I’m sorry… we need more time… I promise it will be worth it!” she stuttered out.

She wasn’t sure where the week had gone, she was sure they’d been working hard, but this morning when she went to review the presentation with Jessica, only a blank slide deck stared back at her.

Both of them had tried to remember what had happened, but in the end she’d just resigned herself for asking for more time.

“Look, we have the annual golf tournament next weekend, I’ll give you till then to come up with something.”

“Thank you Chuck, we won’t disappoint you!”

Tabitha stood up and smoothed out her short skirt before turning on her heels and heading back to the office.  Jessica was waiting, her hair pulled in to two pig tails and her white shirt straining against her breasts.

“So, like, what did Chuck say?” Jessica asked.

“He was so mad, but I got us another week, until the golf tournament next weekend.”

“That’s great!  I’m sure we can come up with something by then.”

“Me too Jessica, me too.”

“Look I told you, you have till the golf tournament, if you don’t have something by then your out.”

Tabitha sucked on the end of her pencil and pouted, “Ok… ok, we’ll have something for you by then.”

“You know what, why don’t you present it to me on the golf course before we tee off, that will give you the most time to figure something out.”

“Thanks Chuck, we won’t disappoint you.”

Tabitha scurried back to their office and let out a sigh.  It was Thursday and that only left one day till they had to present the rebranidng campaign to Chuck.

“Jessica, I think we’re in really trouble here.”

“Like, I’ve got another idea!”

Tabitha shook her head, Jessica had been less than useless over the last week, her suggestions had been horrible and inappropriate to say the least.

“No Jessica, just no.”

“Awe, come on Tabi, trust me!”

Tabitha flinched at Jessica’s mangling of her name, she had started to call her Tabi at the beginning of the week and no matter what she had done had not been able to get her to stop.

Jessica walked over and gave her a big hug, “Like, you haven’t had any idea’s all week.  I’ve got one I’m totally sure will work!”

“Ok… ok… let’s hear it.”

“Nope, like come with me!” Jessica grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the office and out of the building.

Chuck pulled up to the cart containing the two brand consultants and smiled.  Gone were the stuffy suits and professional attire, in their place the women were dressed in tartan skirts and tight white tops that he could easily see their hard nipples through.

“Hi Chuck!” Tabitha called out from behind the steering wheel.

“Hiya Chuck!” Jessica said and giggled.

“I presume you have your presentation ready?”

“Of course!  Jessi if you would?”

“Sure Tabi!” the brunette said and stood up, bent over and pushed her ass out.

“Our official rebranding recommendation is the use of Tartan skirts at your annual golf tournament.  As you can see, they ride up easily and show off Jessi’s perfect ass.” Tabi said as she reached out and placed her hand on Jessi’s ass cheek.

“Mmmm… Yea!” Jessie let out a moan and wiggled her ass.

“As you can see, this little wonder’s bottom line is ready to take on any new clients that you get!”

“Ahhhhh…” Jessie moaned as Tabi slide her fingers between her ass cheeks and pushed them gently in to her pussy.

“Yes, that’s a very convincing presentation, but I can see Jessi will be contributing to the bottom line, but what about you?”

“Oh, of course sir, let me show you!” Tabi said and stood up from behind the wheel and walked over to Chuck’s cart.

She spread her legs and bent over at her waist and then worked her fingers to open his pants and find his dick.  She took it between her lips and started to suck.

Jessie stepped down from the side of the card and stood behind Tabi and raised her top, exposing her large tits.

“Like, Tabi’s got a tiny ass, but she can totally use her mouth better than anyone I’ve ever met!”

Chuck had to agree, Tabitha had used her mouth to talk her way in to the company, but Tabi was going to be using her mouth to stay there.