Candice panicked and pushed herself back up against the wall beside the fireplace.

Where was she?  Why was she half naked?  How had her breasts gotten do big?  Why was she blonde?  Why did her body look like some kind of sex doll?

She shook her head and noticed the sun glasses she was wearing, “What the fu…” she started to say as she took them off but was interrupted.

“Oh, darn, wrong button.” she looked up and saw Keith sitting in a large, comfortable looking chair.

“Hang on, let me see here…” he continued as he fiddled with a small black remote in his hand.

Not waiting, Candice moved to attack, but as soon as she stood up she came crashing down from the towering heels she wasn’t use to.

“Darn it, fine.” he said and pointed the device at her and pressed something.

She tried to get up but found herself frozen in place.  She watched Keith stand up and walk over to the bookshelf and pull out a small white manual.

“Now, where was that…” he said as he flipped through it.

“Ah, there it is!” he called out and pointed the control at her once more, pressing a sequence of button.

Suddenly she felt her mind start to change and warp.

Where was she?  At her masters home of course!

Why was she half naked?  Because master did let her cover her tits or pussy!

How had her breasts gotten do big?  Master liked big fake tits so of course she had big fake tits!

Why was she blonde?  Master said blondes were more fun and she had to agree!

Why did her body look like some kind of sex doll?  Because she was masters sex doll of course!

Candy giggled and crawled over to masters chair, arriving just as he took it once more.

“There, that’s better isn’t it Candy?”

“Yes master, my Candy please lick your cane?”

“Of course Candy, but don’t forget your glasses.”

“Yes master!” she replied and crawled over to retrieve the sun glasses and put them on.  Then she crawled back to her master and took his cock between her lips and started to lick it up and down.

Keith looked down at Candy and put the remote on the table beside his chair and smiled.  He closed his eyes and leaned back as Candy work his shaft, he opened them again a few moments later at was greeted by the near life size poster above the fireplace.  The woman in the poster had long blonde hair, a tight body stuffed in to a swimsuit and was posed with her hips cocked to one side as she gave a fierce glare at the camera, which was hidden by a pair of gold rimmed sun glasses.

God he loved that poster, it had taken him so long to find those exact sun glasses and even longer to remold Candice’s body in to an exact replica of the model.

But it had been well worth it.

He felt Candy push down hard on to his dick and he twitched as she pulled back off of him.  He reached down and pulled her all the way off and on instinct she reached up and grabbed hold of his shaft, pumping it until his cum sprayed all over her face and glasses.

He reached over and pressed a button on the remote and watch Candy’s body twitch as her orgasm rocked her and she fell back on to the rug and giggled as he pressed the button again and again.