“Freeze!” the words echoed though the empty street and off the walls of the buildings on the early Sunday morning.

I walked over to the frozen body, her firearm drawn, pointed directly at where I had stood just a moment ago.  I could see the tension in her finger, every so slightly squeezing the trigger as she took dead aim at my center mass.

“Military Police this time eh?  We I guess there is a base just around the corner so I shouldn’t be surprised I guess.  What’s the reward up to now?  Oh, you can answer.”

“3 million.” her lips twisted in to words she didn’t want to say, the ones she did unable to be formed.

“3, that’s not bad.  Getting there I guess.  They’ll probably raise it after today though.”

I watched her eyes dart around, panic clearly sinking in.  I snapped my fingers for effect and nearly all her clothes disappeared, only her boots, belt and hat remained.  I stepped back and stood right in her line of fire once more.

“No bad, I have to admit I like the hat.  But those tits are far too small.” I said, holding my hands up in front of me in fists, then opening them slowly.

I mean, it wasn’t necessary, but I have to admit a bit of a flare for the dramatic and so making it seem like her tits were growing because I was opening my hands just looked so damn cool.

By the time I had fully opened my hands here tits were large enough that they pushed her arm to the side and made holding her weapon much harder.

“That’s better.  Now what about that hair…” I said and waved my hand, her hair suddenly unraveled from the right bun it was in and fell around her neck.

“Oh, a real blonde, but a bit short don’t you think?”  Once more I waved my hands in the air, starting from a high position and moving downward while making slight waves in the air.  In ‘response’ her hair flowed down over her shoulders on to the top of her tits, waves forming in it as it lightened to a almost white bleached blonde colour.

“Now then, let’s turn that frown up side down shall we?”  I drew a smile in the air with my two index fingers as her dark, simple makeup was washed away, replaced with bright heavy colours.  To top it off, her lips puffed out and were covered in a bright pink gloss.

“And how about a new uniform?”  I clapped my hands together and clothing formed around her body.  The tight whit top that barely covered her tits, the tiny pink skirt that didn’t hide her bare pussy and around the smallest part of her waist her utility belt hung with new accessories.

Gone from her hands was the pistol, replaced by a dildo, the plain handcuff replaced by a set of pink and leopard print ones.

“And one last thing…” I said, once more snapping my fingers and I watched her eyes roll back in to her head for a moment as it titled backwards.  Then it fell forward before she blinked several times and righted herself.

She smiled and let her arms fall to her side, sliding the dildo in to it’s holster on her hip.

“Like, hi!”

“Well hello there.  And who might you be?”

“*giggle* I’m Trixi!  I’m totally with the Mandatory Prostitution Squad!”

“Oh, that sounds very interesting.  Tell me, what does the squad do?”

“We, like, patrol the streets and totally find guys that want to fuck us for money!  *giggle* Do you want to fuck me for money mister?”

“Well I don’t know, what’s it cost?”

“Oh golly mister, like 5 bucks for a blowjob, 10 to do my pussy and… well… 2 buck to fuck my add.” she replied, looking to the side as she finished.

“Only 2 for your ass, why is that?”

“Gosh, like so many guys have done it already it’s not very tight any more!  Like, most guys just say it’s totally lame now.”

“Well in that case, why don’t you start with a blowjob and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

“*giggle* Like awesome mister!” she replied and bounced over to me, knelt down and unzipped my pants to get at her work.

She sucked and gurgled and took my cock deep in to her throat until I was ready to cum and I grabbed the back of her head, pushing her all the way down on my shaft.

She through her hands out to the side, wiggled her ass and kicked at the ground as my cum ran down her throat and her orgasm exploded throughout her body.

When I pulled her off of my, she collapsed backwards and lay sprawled out on the ground, a wide grin on her face and spittle running down her chin.

I put my cock away and pulled out some money from my pocket, peeling off five singles I tossed then down on top of her and started walking down the street once more.  Being the most wanted man in the country had a lot of drawbacks, police always chasing after you, people reporting you even if all you wanted was a nice cup of coffee, and the bounty hunters, don’t get me started on the bounty hunters.

But one perk that never got old was the constant stream of new raw material to work with.  I guess that’s why I had the FBI director put me on the list in the first place, it always puts a smile on my face to think of all those law enforcement agents chasing after me without a clue as to why I was on the list i the first place.  And the directory would never tell, simply giving a pat “That’s a national security matter, strictly need to know.” answer each time.

Maybe I should take a walk over the the base and see if I can get some more members for the Mandatory Prostitution Squad.  I might be able to get that bounty up to 5 million with dozen or so MP’s roaming the streets.  After all, the bounty was the easiest way to keep score.