“Hey, are you sure there’s a recall on these jeans?”

“Oh absolutely Jenni, you need to take them off right away!”

Her wide, trusting, eyes looked up at me and she unzipped them the rest of the way before pulling them down and sliding out of them.

I’d only just met her a few minutes ago downstairs in the lobby of the hotel, she been wearing those skin tight jeans and a tight white top and was clearly the most beautiful woman in the hotel.

I on the other hand, was the exact opposite.  We’ll ok, not the exact opposite, I wasn’t the ugliest man in the hotel by any means, but I certainly wasn’t in her league.  And I wasn’t really in her age group either.  Ok, not even close to that as while I might look like I’m in my forties, I’ve wandered the earth for hundreds of years.

I’d walked up to her and smiled, “Hi! It’s so good to see you again!” I’d said throwing my arms out to my sides and she’d looked confused for a moment and then smiled.

“You too!” she responded and came in for the hug.

We’d never met before of course, but while you might be thinking that my age is the most interesting thing about me, you’d be wrong.  The most interesting thing about me is that people have a tendency to believe whatever I tell them.

It does have limits of course, I couldn’t just have walked up to Jenni and said “You want to drop to your knees and blow me in the middle of the lobby.” or “You hate that guys so much you should grab the security guard’s gun and shoot him.”

No, I have to ease them in to it a bit first.  In Jenni’s case I started out with a classic, the old friend gambit.

“So tell me what you’ve been up to?  Still got that boring old name?”

“Jennifer?  Of course, that’s my name, what else would it be?”

“Oh, well, I mean when we last talked you were thinking of changing it.  You know to something more fun like Jenni, with the ‘i’ with a heart over it.”

“Oh, yea, I guess so, I just never got around to it.”

“Well you don’t mind if I call you Jenni do I, since we’re such old friends.”

“Oh, no, of course not!”

From there it had been easy enough to get her back to my room where we could get a little more comfortable.

“So, tell me, is that one of those recalled shirts?”


“Yea, you know, the ones that have been on the news letting everyone know to take them off immediately.”

“Well, I don’t know I…”

“Oh Jenni, just like always, totally oblivious to the world.  Not a thought in the pretty head of yours but how to look pretty is there?”

“Well, I mean, so what?”

“Well, you’d better take it off just in case.”

And so here we were, Jenni, half naked on my bed about to get completely so.

“Hey, is that underwear from China?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Oh they’ve had quite the outbreak of that nasty S1-UT virus.”

“S1-UT?  What’s that?”

“It’s a new strain of the flu that really messes with your libido.”


“Oh yea, I mean someone infected with it just basically jumps the closest guys she can find and beds him.  Of course it passes pretty quickly, just a couple of hours, but the lasting effects are more subtle.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, any guys she sleeps with while infected will always be extremely attractive to her.  She won’t be able to say no to pretty much anything he asks.  In extreme cases she’ll even consider herself his property, his to do with as he so pleases.”

“That’s terrible, I’d better take these off right away to be safe!” she replied and I smiled as she unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor and then did the same with her panties.

“Oh my, I…” I said in my best mock concerned voice.

“What, what is it?”

“Your nipples…”

“What about them?”

“They’re hard, a sure sign your infected by the S1-UT virus.”

“Oh no, what’s going to happen now?”

“Well, you’re probably already getting really horny.”

“Yes, god yes I am!”

“And I bet your thinking I am looking like a pretty good choice to satisfy that burning need.

“Mmmmm… yea…” she said and her eyes went from wide to narrow as her hunger started to consume her.

“I mean, you’re probably going to get down on your hands and knees and crawler over here and give me a blowjob, just to get your fill of cum.”

I watched her drop down on all fours and start to crawl over as she licked her lips.  When she arrived her fingers worked my belt and pants until they hit the floor and her lips found my hard shaft.

“I have to be honest Jenni, I’ve never seen such an extreme case of S1-UT, I bet by the time you suck all the cum from my balls, swallowing every last drop, your going to be nothing more than my personal fuck doll.  Not a thought left in that pretty little head of yours but how to bring pleasure to your owner.”

She worked me in and out of her mouth, increasing the pace, eager to receive my load as I spoke to her.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her all the way down as I came in to her throat.  For her part, I could hear her muffled squeals of pleasure as her whole body jerked and spasmed as her own orgasm flowed through her body.

I pulled out and left her lying on the bed, her eyes glazed over and a smile on her lips as I went in to the bathroom to clean up.

She’d be a good distraction for the week, maybe even longer.  But when I got tired of her, and I always did get tired of them, I’m sure I wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to take ownership of an eager fuck doll like Jenni.