“Uhmmmm… like Candi… what am I doing…” Sandi said, confusion coming across her face as she steadied herself by placing her hand on her younger sisters shoulder.

“Getting your photo take of course, silly!” her sister smiled as the flash of the camera went off again.

Sandi blinked several times and then felt Candi wraper her arm around her waist and pull her in, her tit pushing slighly in to her sisters as the flash went off again.

“But… like… I’m an execu.. excuti…” she managed to get out before a wave of pleasure pulsed from the contact of her sisters tit.

“Oh Sandi, are you having another blonde moment?”

“I… I… I’m not… blonde moment?”

“Oh you’re definitely having a blonde moment again, come with me!” Candi said and grabbed her hand, pulling her along behind her.

For her part, Sandi tried to keep up, but found it getting harder and harder, both because of the haze across her mind and the heels she wasn’t sure she was used to.

Candi didn’t slow down though and soon they were back stage, Candi turned towards her and smiled.

“Now, what seems to be the problem?” Candi asked.

“I… I’m supposed to be… somewhere else.” Sandi replied slowly, thinking hard about it.

“God sis, your such a ditz, where else would you be with a set of tits like these?” Candi asked and reached out and grabbed her tits, squeezing them firmly.

“Oooohhhhh…” Sandi moaned as her sister continued to play with her tits.

“And what would Mark say if you weren’t here?”

“M… Mark?”

“Yes, you know our manager.  It’s like you get dumber every day sis, I can’t believe they ever called you the smart one!”

“Manager?  But… I’m… I mean… I was… a manager?”

“Duh, yea, before you got fired!”


“Yea, you know that’s what they do when they catch you with one of your staffs cocks in your mouth!  And in your office none the less!”

“Mmmm… cock…” Sandi said, licking her lips slowly.

“You were so down on your luck you came and lived with me for a while, that’s when Mark suggested you do some modeling with me!”

“Model… with you… but you’re… smart… too…”

“Oh god no.  Well, maybe long ago, but Mark showed me how much better it was to be pretty!”

“Girls, what are you doing back here?” a male voice came and snapped Sandi out of her pleasurable lull.

“Hiya Mark!” Candi replied and beamed at Mark.

“Mark?” Sandi managed to get out.

“Sandi’s just having another blonde moment and I’m helping her out.”

“Awe, that’s so nice of you Candi.  I’ve got this now, why don’t you head out to the floor and find someone to entertain for a while.”

“Sure thing Mark, see ya soon Sandi.” Candi said and skipped off to the crowd to mingle.

“So Sandi, feeling a little confused?”

“Yea… what’s going on…”

“That’s ok Sandi, think back… back to when your sister was running the promptions company.  When I was just another employee and she was the boss.”

Sandi’s memory clearly slightly and she could see her sister, her dark brown hair pulled back in to a bun, wearing a business suit and managing the company she had built from scratch.

“That’s right, remember how pissed off you were when she decided to sell the company to me and instead become one of the models?”

Sandi remembered the fight, or at least what passed for a fight as Candi hadn’t fought back at all and just listened to Sandi lay in to her.

“Remember how down on your luck you were after getting caught giving a blowjob in the office.  It wasn’t like you could help yourself, you’d been getting hornier and hornier for a while by then and you could hardly contain yourself.”

Sandi closed her eyes and tilted her head back a bit as the memory came back to her.  

Rick?  Yes Rick was his name.  Rick’s cock pushing deep in to her throat as she knelt before him in her own office.  She’d denied herself for almost two days by the time he’d come in for their weekly review meeting and by the time he closed the door behind him she knew she wouldn’t last through the entire meeting.

“And then you came to live with your sister.  By that time she’d gotten her implants and was very popular at the events I was booking her for.  You tried to get another job, but no one wanted to hire someone who had been fired for sexual harassment and so I suggested you do a few events with Candi.”

Sandi remember doing the first show, she felt so inadequate next to her sister, but everyone had been nice and she had needed the money.

By the third show she’d been so self conscious about it she’d asked Mark for help with what she could do better.  He’d been a lot of help, taking her to the same salon her sister when to and picking out a new hair style for her.  Taking her to the same surgeon had used and picking the size of implants she should have.  Setting her workout schedule and giving her tips on how to flirt with the men at the events.

Candi felt Mark’s hands squeeze her tits and a small orgasm rushed through her.

“That’s right, but you remember the best thing don’t you?”

“B… best… thing?”

“You remember, that silly little game I installed on your phone just before your sister told you about the sale?  That game that you played for hours on end and how good it made you feel?”

“…oh god… yes!” she called out in a soft voice as the sounds and colours of the game flashed through her mind.

“How good it felt each time you finished a level and little bit more of your mind drained out of your head and in to your tits and pussy?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried as Mark gave a final squeeze of her tits and a large orgasm rocked her.

“Mark… Like, what am I totally doing backstage?”

“Oh hi Sandi, you were just having a blonde moment I’m afraid.”

“*giggle* Oh my god, I’m sorry Mark!  Like thanks for totally helping me with that!” she beamed and wiggled her tits side to side as he still held them firmly.

“Not a problem Sandi.  Why don’t you go join Candi out on the floor.”

“Like, totally Mark!” Sandi said and headed back out.

Mark watched Sandi sashay out from backstage and mingle in the crowd on the other side of the room from her sister.  The two of them had become incredibly popular at these kinds of events over just the last few months they’d been working together and that wasn’t even counting the “extras” they offered to the VIP guests at the after party.

Of course there was more and more demand for them and he was going to have to expand soon, but fortunately Candi had just told him earlier that day that their youngest sister, Barbra, was coming to LA to try her luck at acting.

Candi had already sent her the link to the game and he was sure by the time she arrived, she’d be half way ready to join her sisters as his latest promo girl.