Ivy scribbled a note on the pad and managed to poke her boob once more.  The shiver of pleasure that ran through her caused an excited gasp to echo through her bosses office.

She closed her eyes and tried to regain her composure, though it was difficult with the tight latex causing nearly every inch of her body to feel like it was being caressed.

She opened her eyes again and took her glasses off before closing them again and thinking back to just a few months ago.  She’d joined the firm as a junior partner and was having great success.  She’d made friends quickly in the office and things had settled in quickly enough, though she had been surprised when she’d befriended the receptionist.

She’d have normally considered her beneath her as a friend, but Stephanie had turned out to be working her way through law school and Ivy had felt a kind of kinship with her right away.

One day, they’d been going out to lunch and Ivy had stopped by the reception desk to meet Stephanie, but Stephanie had to freshen up and so Ivy had sat down in the chair behind the reception desk to wait for her to return.

That’s when he’d walked in, he’d been dismissive and aloof and just assumed she was the receptionist.  If she was honest, she should have let it go, but she berated him and put him in his place.

Or at least she thought she had until he’d leaned over at whispered softly, “2000”.

She’d blinked and then Stephanie was back, telling the man to go right in.

Ivy didn’t give it much thought and the next day Dave, her boss, called her in for a meeting.  They had a new case and he wanted her to take care of it.  He opened a folder and spread out a series of pictures, all of women in various states of dress getting spanked.

She squirmed in her seat and tried to listen as Dave provided her the details, but something was wrong.  No not wrong, just distracting, eventually he stopped talk and dismissed her.  She scooped up the file and hurried back to her desk.

She spent the rest of the day trying not to look at the folder and managed to hold off until she arrived home.  Once there, she poured over the images, the heat between her legs growing until her fingers finally found her soft wet pussy.  When they couldn’t satisfy her, she dug in to her nightstand drawer and found her trusty vibrator.

Half an hour later her frustration continued.  Finally when it was clear it wasn’t working, she decide to take a cold shower and try and cool off, but as she entered the bathroom, her eyes were drawn to the counter.  Sitting there was her hair brush and she froze in place, unable to walk past it, she reached out and her fingers brushed up against it’s handle and a wave of pleasure washed over her.

She grabbed the brush and headed back to her bed, laying down face first, she raised her ass in the air and swung the brush down on to her ass.  The pain and pleasure combined and she nearly came.

Stroke after stroke landed and she was lost in the pleasure until she finally feel asleep.

The next day had been a disaster, she’d gone to work, but had been unable to sit and eventually went home early.  That had been a mistake as the brush was waiting for her on her bed.

The next day her ass was even more red and sore, but this time she managed to bear it and sit at her desk.

After a few more days though, she was only more frustrated than every, her orgasm continued to elude her no matter how many times she swatted her own ass.

It was near the end of the week when Dave had scheduled a meeting with her for an update on the case.  It was a simple enough case of wrongful dismissal, the images they’d found on his personal phone had no bearing on his employment, but still, she had found little time to actually work on the case.

She entered Dave’s office and started to give him and update when a number popped in to her head, 2000, along with an image of Dave spanking her.

She almost came right then and there, it was closer than she’d been in a week and it through her train of thought off.

“Is there some thing wrong Ivy?”  Dave had asked.

“Well, Dave… I… I was thinking I might have to do some… research… on this one and thought you might be able to help.” she managed to get out without making eye contact with him.

“Oh, what kind of research?”

She reached in to her purse and pulled out her hair brush, “Well… I was thinking… it might be good to get to know how these women felt…”

“I see.”  He said and pushed his chair back and patted his lap.

Ivy walked over and handed him the brush, then, pulling her pants down, bent over his lap.

Dave grabbed and handful of her ass and squeeze, it felt like nothing she’d experienced before, but she managed to almost scold him anyway.

“Please Dave… the… the brush.”

“Of course Ivy.” he replied and raised the brush in the air, bringing it down hard on her ass.

She cried out, not in pain, but pleasure as the orgasm crashed over her body, before she could recover, the second blow landed and she orgasmed again.

Her pussy gushed as she cried out in pleasure as each orgasm washed over her with each blow, finally, after ten hard smacks with the brush, Dave stopped.

Ivy laid across his lap as he massaged her ass and she basked in the afterglow of ten orgasms.  Finally she had recovered enough to retrieve the brush from Dave, his smiling face retreating from view as she scurried out of his office and back to her own.

That weekend had been the worst, no matter how many times she smacked her own ass, another orgasm would not come.  Even imaging Dave delivery the blows, while getting her closer, could not do the trick.

By the time Monday came, she went straight in to the office to find Dave, only to be disappointed when he wasn’t in his office.  She’d gone to Stephanie and asked when he would be coming back and the news had been far worse than she expected.  Dave was on vacation for a week.

If the weekend had been bad, but the time the next Monday had come around she was in desperate need.  She had gone in early and waited in Dave’s office, not willing to risk missing him for another minute.

When he entered, he smiled and greeted her warmly, then kissed her on the lips.

She’d pulled back, “Dave… that’s not…”

“Oh come on now Ivy, you can’t tell me your not happy to see me.  But of course, if you’d rather just go back to your office until I schedule a meeting with you later in the week…”

“No!  No… that’s not when I meant at all.  It’s just… well…” she replied, holding the brush in front of her and tilting her head down.

“Oh… I see.” he replied, taking the brush from her and walking over to his chair, taking his seat.

Ivy followed along and started to pull her pants down, but Dave raised his hand.

“Ivy, before, well… you know.  I was thinking that you obviously enjoyed our last meeting *quite* a bit, it would only be fair if I enjoyed it just as much, don’t you think?”

“Wha… What do you mean Dave?”

Dave smiled and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and letting his hardening shaft spring up.

“Well, I have needs too you know.”

“Dave… that’s… that’s… no.”

“Well, of course if you don’t want to I guess I won’t need this.” he replied, taking the brush in his hand and slapping his other hand with it.

Ivy shivered in need at the sound of the brush hitting flesh and she dropped to her knees, moving forward and taking Dave in to her mouth.

Just as she felt him stiffen and the first drops of cum enter her mouth he grabbed her head and held her in place as he leaned forward and reached down, smacking her ass with the brush.

The orgasms rocked her as the cum ran down her throat and then she was bend over his lap once more as orgasm after orgasm crested as her ass reddened more and more.

After that she was at his mercy, unable to deny any request he might make.

The first had been her wardrobe, gone were the pants suits and sensible shoes, replaced with skirts and high heels.

Then it was her hair and make up and then it was the work itself.  Instead of working on important cases she found herself doing more and more menial tasks around the office.  Bringing him coffee, filing his paperwork, managing his schedule.

Eventually he’d called her in to his office, she entered tottering on her 6″ stiletto’s, barely able to take anything but minced steps with her tight knee length skirt and her small breasts pushing against the fabric of the tight white blouse.

“Yes Sir?” she asked, having started calling him Sir, at his request, after a particularly pleasurable session with the brush.

“Ah, Ivy.  As you know Stephanie is heading back to school next week so I’m demoting you to full time receptionist.”

“But… I… Sir…” she stammered

“Unless of course you’d rather… not?” he asked questioningly as he pulled the leather strap from the top draw of his desk that he’d been using on her ass lately.

“Sir!  I mean, yes Sir!  Of course Sir!” she hurried over to him, pulling her skirt down and bending over his lap.  As each blow landed, as each orgasm crested, a small voice in the back of her mind whispered to her.  1000, 1001, 1002…

She’d spent nearly a month sitting in the chair behind the receptions desk, her desk, when Dave had announced the work from home program for the senior partners.  Dave would be working from home, only coming in to the office when needed, just like the other senior parters and each of them would be taking their assistants with them.

She’d started the next week and Dave had started to make additional changes right away.  The kneed length skirts had been replaced with mini skirts, the white blouses replaced with midriff bearing tube tops and something she’d never worn before, a choker.

It wasn’t long before he called her in one day and told her about the doctors appointment.

“But… Dave… I… can’t get bre… breas… a boob job.”  she had wined.  She’d tried to say breasts out loud, even if she could say it in her head, Dave had told her to stop using big words and use more common language.

A few swats on the ass with the hair brush had driving that thought from her though and by the time the fifth one came down on her ass she was begging him to let her get implants.  Or as she had heard her own voice echo through the room “I want big fake titties Sir!” over and over again as the brush had landed on her ass time and time again.

That week or so of recovery had been the first time in months she hadn’t been bent over Dave’s knees and when she’d been finally given a clean bill of health, she had to admit that the feeling of her new breasts swaying as the brush landed on her ass was well worthy the few days of agony.

Like today though, every once in a while she forgot she had them and found herself bumping in to something, or poking them with something like the pen she held in her hand.

Dave had changed her clothing again after her surgery and now she mostly wore latex, today she was wearing one of her favorite dresses, even if it was harder to get up high enough for Dave to properly spank her.

She raised the pen to her lips and gently sucked on it as her mind drifted to the though of the hair brush in Dave’s hand, coming down on her ass.

“Ivy!” Dave said as he walked in to the home office.

“Sir!” she replied, springing up straight and pulling the pen from between her lips.

“What have I told you about day dreaming in the office?  Do you want me to fire you?”

“No Sir!  Pleas Sir, I won’t happen again!”

“I think I’m going to have to reinforce that a bit.”  He said and walked over to the desk, opening a drawn and pulling several items out.

She recognized them of course and opened her mouth while placing her hands behind her back.

Dave pushed the ball gag between her lips and secured it around the back of her head before turning her around by the shoulders and binding her arms together behind her.

Then he maneuvered her to the side of the desk and pushed her face first down on to it before pulling up the latex skirt around her hips.

He stood behind her and pushed up against her sphincter, slowly inching his way in to her tight rear end.

“You are my submissive *slap* slutty *slap* secretary *slap*” the orgasms washed over her as he pushed deep in to her and alternately slapped each of her ass cheeks.

“When you are working *slap* you do not *slap* get distracted *slap*”  The numbers in the back of her mind started to grow louder, 1991, 1992, 1993.

“The only though in that empty *slap* pretty *slap* head *slap* of yours is how to serve *slap* me *slap* best *slap*” 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.

As the last blow landed on her ass she felt his hot cum enter her bowels and a biggest orgasm yet rock her body.  She twitched and spasmed as it raced up her spin and slammed in to her head, Dave’s words bouncing around as it burned away everything else.

Dave watched Ivy spasm and twitch on his desk, there wasn’t much left of the old junior partner and if he’d counted correctly, there would be even less now.  He looked down at Ivy, saliva escaping from around the ball gag and pooling on the desk, her juices flowing down her thighs and his cum running out of her ass.

He’d known the client had been dangerous since the first day he’d met him, but back then he’d been desperate to get clients and taking him on had been the only choice he’d had to save the firm.

And he had been very good for the firm, bring in new clients and always paying his bills on time.

Of course there were costs, Ivy had been on track to be a senior partner at some point too, but all things considered, if this is the price he had to pay, well, he could live with it.

He raised the hair brush in the air and landed it on Ivy’s ass once more, a moan escaped from around the gag, but her body didn’t react like it had, he could tell there was no orgasm from the blow.

He smiled, he had counted right after all, good.

He tossed the brush on the desk beside her head, in her vision and walked to the bathroom.  He’d let her lay there for a while and then come back and see exactly how much was left.  It would be too bad if there wasn’t enough left there to keep her, but there was always others who would have use for a empty headed bimbo that would do anything she was asked, and with the man’s recommendation, his firm represented several of them.