The cold war bimbo programs often struggled training their bimbos for even the simplest of tasks.  

For example, this Soviet model had been given the command to “Take a bath.”

At first, the scientist were pleased, the bimbo moved quickly to the bath room and pushed the curtain to the side.

But their happiness quickly subsided when the bimbo tried to pick the tub up.  Failing to do that, it stepped in to the tub and tried to lift it off the ground from the inside.

Then as a final attempt, sat down in the tub and tried to lift it in the position seen above.

To call it a complete failure would be unfair of course, the bimbo did successfully find the bathroom and identify the tub what it was supposed to “take”, but in the end this particular model had to be limited to the simplest of tasks.

Fortunately, even a failed bimbo can understand “Lay on your back” and this one spend the rest of it’s operational life doing so.